Shenzhen Lions Club 2011-2012 Council, Committee and Service Team seminar successfully concluded

            From June 11th to 12th, 2011, the 2011-2012 Council, Committee and Service Team seminar of Lions Club shenzhen was held inservice怎么读 Naclubn ‘ao Hotel, Shenzhen. Huang Chunbin, shenzhen represcommittee怎么读entatclubman是什么牌子车ive of Lions Aservice翻译ssociation and lservicebioeader of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Fedecommittee和councilraclubtion, Zhcouncil是什么意思英语ang Guoyun, vice president of Lions Association of China, Zheng Delionsgang, director of深圳天气 Lions Club of Shenzhen 2011-2012, Xiao Xingping, direclionsgatetor of Lions Club of Shenzhen 2010-2011 and other leaders atservice的名词tended the ceremlions是什么意思ony. Nearly 300 members of the cteambitionouncil, committees, service team presidents,teamviewer secretaries and finance aclub怎么读ttended the seminar.

&nbspclub是什么意思;       &service是什么意思中文翻译nbslionsp; &nblions读音sp; On the morning of June 11, more than 60 counlions读音cil members and committee Chairmen of 2011-2012lionsgate attended the lion affairs seminar for council members andservice的名词 Committee Chairmen of 2011-2012. Mr. Zheng Degang, the incoming governteamworkor, announced深圳天气 the names of the members, chairmen and executive chairmen of the district Counciteams手机版l for 2011-2012, and notified theteamwork work plancommittee中文意思 for 2011-2012 (draft), including themes, ancouncil翻译nual outline and ten key tasks, etc. Mr. Su Zeran, the firteambitionst deputy Governor designate, introduced the responsibilities of district Council and committee icommittee造句n 201clubmed官网预订1-2012. Ms. Lin Ziyu, Finance Minister-designate, reported the 2011-2012 fina深圳ncial budget, collection of dues, explanation of feclub怎么读es for accommittee中文意思tivities of directors and committees, and update ofcommittee和council the financial system.service是什么故障灯 T深圳疫情he meeting approved the charge standard fteambitionor activities of directors and commclub怎么读ittees.


            In the two-day workshop, Zheng Degang incoming governors,club XiaoX深证指数ingPing, Su Zeran stand-in first deputy dilions怎么读rector and director of shenzhen branch lecturer, interpretation of the steamproubject matteservicemanr, non-governmental organizations, district annual event outline, the lion iteamos analysed etiquette, shenzhenlions怎么读 lions lcouncil翻译ions club orlionsganization, shenzhen project management issues such as did the seminar. Unlike the past, the workshop focused on case studies. First, the lions were divided into district council, committee, presidentlions怎么读, secretary and finance groups according to their positions in the club. The lions in eateamoch group deepened their understanding of their duties by analyzing and discussing carelions读音fulllions是什么意思y designed cases. Through case study and work plan making, lion friends not only haservice是什么意思中文翻译d a bet深圳市最新疫情ter understanding of the cooshenzhenperative relationship among the service teams in the region, but also had a clearer work goal for 2011-2012. The atmosphere of the seminar was brought to a climax by the enthusiastic coclub用英语怎么说ntribution of lion friends in the group discussion.

            Mr. Huang Chunbin, the chief representative of Lions club in Shenzhen and the leader of Shenzlions英语怎么说hen Disablcouncil读音ed Personscommittee和council‘ Federationteam, delivered a wonderful speteamsech at the seminar. H深圳大学e did this by quoting the famous sayteamviewering, “lions是什么意思 Whacouncilmant is happiness? Happinesclub是什么意思s is the intersection of pcouncil读音leteamproasure anserviceabled meaning. , pointing out that llions英语怎么读ions can be happy and meaningful to serve the soteams手机版ciety through lions clubs. Therefore, lions can also get happiness by participating in lions club activities. In hisshenzhen speech, hcommitteee spoketeambition highly of Leo friends’ contribution to society.
            Mr. Zhang Guojun, vice president of Lions Club in China, hservice可数吗as high hopes for the new district cteamworkouncil, committee and service team cadres of Lions Club in Shenzteamsheclubsn.committee中文意思 Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; That is, to increase membership; Reduce the category of service items and emservicephasize thteam什么意思e quality of activities; Taking is to pay attention to the brand effect, put forward the importance of establishing a深证指数 brand; In addition to the requirement of standardized operation, it is empha深圳天气sized that attention steammatehould be paid to safety and accident avoidance in the process of carrying out service activitcommittee怎么读ies.

            In his speech during the seminar, Mr.committee造句 Zheng Degang, director elect, made several comments on the theme of 2011-2012. Tree of Hope ” The definition of “ Community service is the root, slions是什么意思ystem construction is the trunk, member development is the branch, service activity is the lelion是什么意思中文翻译af, lion culture is the soul of tree ” Shenzhen Lions Club will continue in the new Lion Inheritance, disscouncilmaneminatiteam什么意思on, Co-construction and sharing & RDquo; I hope that the Shenzhen Lion Clubteammate will grow as a tree of hope and grow into深圳风险等级 a towering treecommittees.
  &nbservice的名词sp;         Through two days of training, lion club members not only understood their responsibilities, work goals and lion culture, but also gained happiness and friendship through discussion, communication and fellowship. The seminar was a grlions英语怎么读eat success. At the graduation ceremony, Mr.service是什么意思 Zcouncilorheng degang, the director-designate, thanked Mr. Su Zeran, the chairman of the conference, Mr. Yu Qian, the executive chairman, the Teachers’ Group of Lionscouncil Club shenzhen, and thcouncilmane Lions Cl深圳天气ub Office of Shenzhen for their suppteamproort anlionsd hard work.


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