Meizhou Xingning Daping Middle School “spring breeze education trip” activity

            On the afternoon of June 3, 2011, a group of caring lion friends from Sbreeze是什么车henzhen Lions Club United, Dongguan Love, Silver Lake, Bo Love and other service teams, led by The dirschool什么意思ector of Shenzhen Lions Club Xiao Xingpingeducational是什么意思, 15 people, went to Doping Middle School in the poormiddle翻译 mountainous area of Meizhou city to carry out activities. Spring Breeze education line &rdq兴宁今日天气uo; Activities.

            Nearly 1500 teachers, studenspringbootts and shenzhen Lions club members participated in the activity. Leaders of Thetrip的过去式 CPPCC of Xingning County, leaders o打乒乓球能减肥吗f Daping Toschool什么意思wn and principal of Daping Middle School attended the donation activity.


            Representatives of the ser兴宁市vice teams who participated in tbreeze翻译he event donated computer romiddle怎么读om, library, stage sound, piano, outdoor table tennis table and other educational and sports equipment, with a tschoolbagotal value of about 270,000 yuan.


            After the donation campeducation是什么意思英语aign,breeze本田皓影报价 the lion friends for & LDquo; Spring Breeze Library & RDquo; “ Sprtriping Breeze Computer Room & RDQUO; We also had an in-depth exchange with school leaders and teachers about this activity.

            On June 4, the lion friends visited lingguang Temple and Martrip汽车shal Ye Jianying’s memorial hall and former residence in Meschool怎么读i Cbreeze中文意思ounty.

  Chen wei & hav兴宁今日天气e spent Figure/article
  June 7, 2011

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