"I do Practical things for the Masses" school supplies donation ceremony for disabled children and the Activity of lighting blue lights to help people move forward was held smoothly

On April 15, 2021, "I Do Practical Things for the Masses" donation ceremony of school Supplies for dceremonyisabled children and lighting of bceremony怎么读lue lights & NBSP; The actthings是什么意思ividonation是什么意思英语ty was successfully held on the 13th floor of shenzhen Comprehensivthingse Service Center for the Disabled. The activity donated 1,008 sets of educationathingsl learning tools and 40,000 children's masks to 11 munmassesicipal rehabilitation institutionspractical翻译, with a service cosschooldayst of 230,000 yuan.


The event, which is jointly organized bceremony用什么介词y disabled persons' federation of shenzhendonation动词, shenzhen lion lion's club in shenzhen 13th parpractical的反义词titionschool是什么意思, assistive committee jointly unddonationertake, shenzheceremony翻译n lions burson-marstdisabled造句eller, shajing, phothings是什么意思enix, taishan, starfire, hua yuan, with small, lily, cooperated with eight service such斗罗大陆4 as joint shenzhen charities, keda translation hair electronics (shenzhen) co.practical的反义词, LTD抖音极速版., joint support.

Dong Lanzhi, member of the Party group of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, Huang Fake, directomasses翻译r and Deputy Director of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation office, And Li Dongwepracticalityn, deputy researcher of Shsupplies怎么读enzhen Comprehensive Service Center for Disabled Persons attended the event. Shenzhen Lions Club 2020-2021 second Vice President Peng Daojian, Dthings英语发音怎么说eputy Supedisabled怎么读rvisor Tan Fei, Secretary General Lai Zhuoni, Chief Financial Officer Nie Xiangdong, Deputy Secretary General Fang Shilei, Chairman Wei Xinxin of Zone 2, Chairman Chen Xusheng of Zone 7, Cpracticality的形容词hairman Qiandisabled怎么读 Lin of Zone 13, Chairmschoolingan Su Jianhua of The Disabled Committ斗破苍穹ee, Executiveschool是什么意思 Chairman Luo Guanqi, Mpractical比较级和最高级rs Yu Siu-pidisabled造句简单带翻译ng, chairman odonation翻译f the Environmental Sersupplies是什么意思vices Committee, and representativeschools from various teams attended the event. On the same day, Xisupplies是什么意思英语e Hodonation翻译ng, dceremony同义词eputy Secretary of Shenzhen CCF Party Branch, Huang Xueqidonation动词ng, Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Association of Persons with Mental Disabilities and Relativpractical是什么意思es and Friends, and Ma Guorong, General manager of Keda Efa Electronipracticalcs (ceremony造句Shenzhen) Co., LTD., were also present as guests and friends. The activity was hosted by Fang Shilei.


Deputy Secretary-General Fsuppliesang Shilei introduced the distinguished guests attending the event.


Chairman Su jianhua introduced the project, "Warm Project - Light up tmasses ofhe Blue Light" is a large-scale service activity ofceremony复数形式 cathings英语怎么读ring for autistic children organized by the National Lioceremony是什么意思n Association around "World Autism Day". Through the unremitting efforsuppliests of lion friends, the activity has develoceremony复数形式ped into a national linkage service. The activity aims to arouse people's attention and care for autism, continschoolbaguously publicize autism knowledge and help autistic people, wadisabled是开启还是关闭lk into "Children of the Stars", call on the society to pay attention to special children groups and understanceremony是什么意思d autistschoology官网登录ic children.


President Qian Lin paid tribute to the teachers and staff who fought for the cause of rehabilitation of special chil斗破苍穹之无上之境dren and expressed her heartfelt thanks. She said every childdonation是什么意思英语 with autism idos an angel from the stars. Their brains ardonation怎么读e more connected, their sensory abilities are more sensitive, and theceremony怎么读y are morsupplies翻译e likely to develop their talents and create artistic value in a certain area. She called on everyone to care for them with more love, accompany斗破苍穹 them and make the world a better place together.


Wang Liting, director of the Larks Remasses ofhabilitation Park for hearing-disabled翻译impaired Children, thanked thedisabled造句 Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation and The Shenzhen Liodisabled是开启还是关闭ns Club on behalf of the recipient organizations


Peng Daojian second deputy President of speech, we should according to the latest guide spirit of disabled persons' federamasses是什么意思啊tion director unit of city, in accordance with the "party lion welcome friends, socischoolal organization needs, higher organizations agreed to suppopractical比较级和最高级rt", closely aromassesund the service work of lithings是什么意思英语ons, flexischool翻译blepractical是什么意思 servimassesce activi东方财富网ties, promote todonations是什么意思 build new mode of "party building + lion service, Practicing the concept of "doing prthings翻译actdonation翻译ical things for the msupplies在会计里的意思asses" to carry out various service activities. He said that he was very haceremonyppy that the Lions Cludonationsb of Shenzhen provided educational and learnindonations是什么意思gceremony同义词 tools tceremony同义词o 11 designated rehabdonation什么意思ilitation institutions in The city, so that children can grow up in a happy,thingsboard healthy and intelligent environment. We hope that through more forms of cooperation, the pdisabled翻译ublic will pay more attention to and care for children with special needs, promote thesupplies在会计里的意思 construction of barrier-free environments and fathings怎么读语音播放cilities in socidonation翻译ety, and enable more children with special needs to integrate into society.

Wechat image _20210419100658.png


Donthings什么意思中文g Lanzhi, a member of the paceremony翻译rty group of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, praised the responsimasses ofbility of shenzhen Lions Club and thanked all the lions for their devotion. She said that the "Imasses翻译 do practthingsical things for the masses" practice is an important papractical翻译rt of party history education, with great significance. Activities for disabled children to bring warm real warm heart care, make civilizceremony翻译ation practice work morceremony用什么介词e close to the grassroots reality, more in line with the will of the masses, with practical actionthings英语发音怎么说 to the study of party history educatipracticalitieson together. As one of the social organizations unthings英语怎么读der the supervision of shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, Lions Cl斗罗大陆ub of Shenzhen not onlceremony造句y has a large teamdonations是什么意思 but also has strongsupplies属于什么会计科目 strengththingsboard. "Helping others and serving the society" is the tenet ofdisabled造句简单 lions Club, and it hasdisabled电脑 always been practdonation是什么意思英语icing the concept of "doing practical things forthings英语怎么读 the people". Hope shenzhen lions can continuschoolinge to integrate the advantage resources,schooling give full play to their stschoolboysecretsrengths, "our service" to carry out the characteristic and highlight outstanding service activities, strengthen party history study educationthings是什么意思, solid "I dceremony的名词oes the practical work for the masses" practice activities, to shenzhen from all walks of life, work, sharing socialism new pattern to make due contributionpracticals.

Leaders of the city disabled persons' Federation and lions club issued a certificate of appreciation to the caring enterprise

Leaders of the City disabl斗罗大陆4ed persons' Federation and lions Clubdisabled造句简单带翻译 donated materials to rehabilitation indonation动词stitutions for special children

Leaders of thedisabled是开启还是关闭 cimasses是什么意思啊ty disabled persons' Fe斗罗大陆终极斗罗deration and lions cluschoology官网登录b presented certificates of appreciation to the participating service teams

Leaders ofschool Shenzhen Lions club presented a certificadonation可数吗te of appreciation to Shenzhen Charidonations是什么意思tymasses翻译 Clsuppliesub

It is undisabled造句简单带翻译derstood that this activity is party branch joint lions party branchsupplies是什么意思 in shenzhen city disabled persons' federation authority office, integrated center party branch of "I does the practical wordonations怎么读k fdisabled是开启还是关闭or the masses" practice, aims to further implement the jinping new era China characteristthings怎么读语音播放ic socialism thought, practice of the party's mission, the fundamental purceremony同义词posepracticalities, his mind东方财富网 for the disabled, fully embody the concern for the disabled children care, Give full play to the strengths of Shenzhen Lions Club "I serve", play an important role in publceremony的名词ic welfare, do pceremony的音标ractical things for the masses, do good deeds, solve ddisabled造句简单ifficult problems, takdonation怎么读e service activitiesdonation怎么读 as the main front to improve the style of work, solve problems, contact the斗罗大陆 masses, serve the masses.practicalmax是什么牌子的轮胎


After the donation ceremony, the Lpractical是什么意思ions Club of Shenceremony用什么介词zhen contacted the rehabilitation center and delivered the educational equipment to the children.


[Text] Yang Xin

[Photo] Yang Xin

[Editor] Ma Huijuan anpractical的反义词d Hu Lei

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhensupplies Lions C斗罗大陆4lub Office

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