The party | histories JianWangZhiLai - shenzhen lions party branch a party history study education mobilization meeting

On April 12, 2021, shenzhen lions club held the party branch party history study education mobilization meeting, in-depth implementation of xi jinping in the history of the parbranch造句ty general secretary stlions读音udy education mobilization meeting's important speech spirit, communicate the impstudy怎么读lementation of the guangd鉴往知来砺行致远ong provincihistory系列al party committee鉴往知来砺行致远主题发言稿 party history study, she鉴往知来向史而新什么意思nz鉴往知来什么意思hen municipalhistory4近距离爱上你 party committee, disabled persons' federation of shenzhen education requirements, to carry out the partstudy的ing形式y hstudyistory study of shenzhen lions club members lion education teducation是什么意思o mobilize the deployment, And to carry out "I do practical things for the masses" practice to m鉴往知来砺行致远的意思ake arrangements.


Shenzhen Lions ClubDangZhiThe mibranchnistry ofaParty historylions怎么读 study education mobilization conference

Play and sing "No Communist Party, No New China"


Watch an educational film on the centennial anniversary of the Founding of the Party

The meeting pointed outTo carry out party history study and education throughhistory圈套out t深圳疫情最新消息he Party is a majoreducational decision made by the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, basepartynextdoord on a new鉴往知来砺行致远的意思 starting point in the Party's century-o深圳风险等级ld history, to coordinate the overall strategy of the great rejuvenationeducation怎么读 of the Chinese nation and major changes unseen in the world in a century, andlion是什么意思 to mobilize the whole Party and the whole counthistory着魔ry to fully participate in building a modern socialist country. Alhistory3圈套无删减完整l p深圳市最新疫情arty members of Shenzhen Lions Club should take this as an opportunity to learn the history of understparty模式anding, lbranches英语怎么读earning the history of credibility, lehistory台剧着魔在线看arning the histo鉴往知来砺行致远主题发言稿ry of chong-de, learning the history of practice. Since its establishment 19 years ago, Shenzhen Lions Club has been commitlions的音标ted to various public welfare and chari鉴往知来table activities of "I do practical things fo深圳疫情最新动态r the people". With shen深圳风险等级zhen as the center, the club has thistory4raveled all over China, with more than 8,700 service activijianwangzhilaities and about 370 million yuan of service funds.

The meeting stressedWe should carry oulion是什么意思t the activities of "鉴往知来砺行致远主题发言稿Doing practical things fparty怎么读英语or the people", combine the study and education of party history with the lions club's service activities, ensure that the true learning is done, and create an excellent environment for the healthy development of theducation是什么意思e Lions Club.


Tialions翻译n Wangxing, secretary of the Party branch of Shenzhen Lions Club, put forward clear requirements for the party history stubranches英语怎么读dy and education of The Party branch of Shenzhen Liobranch翻译ns Club: First, to carry out speceducation可数吗ial study and discussion. Organize the position education, review the pledge of party membership, deepen the theme of the Party day, hold special party classes and other activities; Second, special training will be organized. Organizing centralized learning and training, focusing on online learnilions的音标ng astudy第三人称单数nd training, organizing visits to practice learning, giving full play to the role of advanced typical education and guidance; Third, we carrieeducationald out the practical activities of "doingstudy practical tbranch的复数hings for the people". Organize propaganda of party h深圳地铁线路图istory and carry ouhistoryt visits and深圳 condolence activities; Fourth, to hold high-quality thematic organization life, with the "blade inward" revolutionary courage and fighting spirit of self-analysis, carry out partystudy复数 spirit analysis, exchange learning experience; Fiftlions是什么意思h, five functional Party branches of Shenzhen Lions Clubstudy是什么意思 were organized to stparty是我家udy and educate partyeducation的形容词 history and carrpartyy out service activities with the theme of "I do practical thstudy翻译ings for the masses". In accordance with the requirements鉴往知来砺行致远主题发言稿 oflions是什么意思 "lion friends party members welcome, social organizations need, superior organizations agree and support" put forward by the competent unit, the Lion Club should closely focus on its business work, carryparty是我家 out party activities in a flexible manner, promote the c深圳风险等级onstruction of a new model of "Party building + lion work", and do practical things for theducation可数吗e masses, do good deeds, and solve difficult problems.


Fir鉴往知来砺行致远发言稿800字作文st Vice Chairman Guo Yongyong

Guo Yongyong first vice Presieducational是什么意思dent, saibranch什么意思d the New Year in shenzhen lions wilshenzhenl continue to implement the partparty是什么意思y members' istudy的过去式nforparty的中文mation for verification and the service group set up to work, to ensure comp鉴往知来向史而新什么意思lete coverage of the partbranch怎么读y organization, give full play to the li鉴往知来砺行致远发言稿on friends party memberbranches翻译's cutting edge exemplary role, go all out to "the party + lion service"study service activities, learning, practice of enlightenment in the history of the plions的音标arty in one hundred absorbing its power and weducationide horizons, promising, Promote innovation andstudy的现在进行时 development of lion work of S鉴往知来砺行致远主题发言稿henzhen Lions Club.

9S2A9440 - Copy. JPG

Pengeducational是什么意思 Daojian, the second深圳疫情最新动态 vice Chairman

Peng Daojian second depu鉴往知来砺行致远的意思ty chairman, said the 100th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of nodes at home, across the co鉴往知来向史而新什么意思untry on party construction work to promote social construction, shenzhen lion lion friends party members subject to take responsibility, to carry out the party hieducation怎么读storyparty英文意思 study edstudy是什么意思ucation as a maj鉴往知来or pol鉴往知来向史而新什么意思itical taskstudying, adhere to the "4 s" through learning the history of the party, high standard, high quality to carry out service activities of party members.


Lu Zhiq鉴往知来砺行致远的意思iang, President

Zhi-qiang lu torre shistory圈套trehistory系列ssed to improve the political stance, strengthening political bear, in-depth study and implement xi general secretary ofbranch翻译 the important speech spirit, fully realize the educat深圳地铁线路图ion in the whole party to carry out the history of the party school are keep in mind the beginner's mind mission, to prom深圳风险等级ote the inevitable requirement of the grebranches翻译at rejuvenation of the Cstudy的ing形式hinese nation grparty是什么意思eat histeducationalorylions怎么读. "I do practical things for the people" is the service concept obranches是什么意思f Lions Club shenzhen. Lions Club shenzhen is committed to helping the disabled, comstudy的过去式munity service深圳大学s, rural revitalization and other public welfare services, making positive contributiobranch翻译ns to the constructibranch造句on of a harmonious society. On the occasion of the centenary of the foundi深圳疫情最新消息ng of the Communist Party of China and the beginning olion是什么意思中文翻译f the "14th Five-year Plan", Lions Club shenzhen will take advantage ofeducational its own platform to carry forward innoveducational是什么意思ativelions读音 services, promote various work to a new level through party history study and education,branch怎么读 and celebrate the centenary of the founding of the Communiststudy是什么意思 Party ostudyf China with outstanding achievements.


Shenzhen lions club Presibranch造句dent of 2020-2021, zhi-qiang lu, first deputy chairman Guo Yongybranchong, second deputy chairman Peng Daojian, shenzeducation是什么意思英语hen lions tian wang, secretary of party branch, the disciplinary inspection committee wu xm, organization committee member and member in charge of publicity Lai Zhuoni, fourth functional Du Peng, secretary of party branch, shenzhen lions party branch members, office st鉴往知来aff and so on more than 20 peducation怎么读英语eople were present at the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Tian Xingwang.


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