High-tech Service Team: the 9th captain team meeting and the 10th regular meeting of 2020-2021 will be held

On June 30, 2021, the 9th captain team meeting and 10th regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions High-tech Service Team for 2020-2021 was held at 9th floor, Creativity Building, No.3025 Nanhai Avenue, Nanshan District. Lin Tao, former president of Shenzhen Lions Club, Deng Yi, general manager, Bi Yongtao, mentor, Chen Ying, former leader of high-tech service team, Ma Huada, Li Hua, Wen Yanmei, Wu Fang,servicebio Zhang Shengxing, Wei Checaptaindarkngqing, secretarythin Liu Meijiao and other 22 peop童话故事le attended the regular meeting. Mileage Service team leader Wong Wai-keunservice是什么意思中文翻译g attended the meeting. The metechnicianeting was chairetechniqued by Chen Dasheng.

The former Captain of Nevada summed up the third high Tech Service team "Red Ops" event held at his company on June 26.

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Captain Chen Ying put fotechnorward specifregular反义词ic matters such as the process and dress of the new high-tech service team transition ceremony for everyone to discuss. During the ceremony, the former presideservice和serve的区别nt Lin Tao and Mentor Bi Yongtao put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions. In ordcaptain喵队长微博er to ensure the successful completion of the ceremony, Secretary Liu Meijiao made a detailed division of labor.

Captain Wong wai-keung said that he would like to present chicken soup of love cooked by himself on the birthday of each captain of the Lionscaptain的意思 Club in 2020-2021service的名词. He served chicktech是什么意思en soup to Captain Chen Ying, and everyone felt the warmth of the Lions club familtechnologyy.

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Captain Chen Ying summed up, this year's university service team in the lion friends of the positive efforts and strong suppohighrt to achieve excellent results, thank you very much for the tolerance and supporservice是什么意思中文翻译t of the lion friends. She said that after the end of her term, she would contmeetinginue thigh的名词o devote herself to the lion work, cooperate with the next capta桃花源记翻译in to do a good job in lion training, strengthen the friregularly意思中文翻译endship of lion friends.

Wu Fang, Wei Chengqing,service怎么读 Deng Yi, Yao Xiaoming shi Brother, Li Hua, Jia Liuyi Shi Sister, Gu Lihumeeting怎么读英语a shi Sister and so on have made speeches ahigh怎么读nd made suggestions for the development of high-tech sermeetingyou是什么意思vice tehighestam.

In the end, former Presideregular翻译nt Lin Tao encouraged the new team to do bette特长r with determination and confidence.

After the regular meeting, everyone celebrated the birthday of Chen Ying, Li Honteam什么意思gjin and Jie Hongshitech是什么意思. I wish the three lion friends a smooth work, a happy family and good luck!

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By Chen Dasheng

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