Support henan | the first batch of relief supplies have been set off! Lions Club of Shenzhen supports flood relief in Henan province

Flood merciless, deep lion love. On July 22, 2021, the first batch of relief supplies from The Lions Clsupport是什么意思中文ub of Shenzhen arrivebeend in Henan. The serelief动词形式cond batch of materials donated by Shenzhen Lions Club for henan disaster rebeen是什么时态lief was delivered at 10 o 'clock Sunday at the airport cargo terminal of Linghang 2nd Road, Bao 'an Distr河南科技大学ict, Shenzhen.

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Shenzhen Lions Club president Guo Y河南大学ongyong, supervisor Tian Wangxing, last president Lu Zhiqiang, first vice President Peng Daojian, second vice president Nie Xiangdong, secretary Generafirst翻译成中文l candidate Lai Zhuoni, Nearly 50 directors, includingbeenthrough歌曲 Tan Fei, Zhao Hui, Wen Yaoli, Chen Xushfirst nameeng, Wu Jinzhi, Li Xiaofeng, Fa河南职业技术学院n Guangyu, Lian Chuhai, Qian Duoduo, Lin河南医学高等专科学校 Xiaoyi, Tang Xueyong, Lsupportingi Bin, Zhang Wei, Guo Liang, Zhu Hongwei,been Wen Zhiyong, Zheng Bochao, Wu Manqiong, Fei Jofficialun, Lv Guiqin and Du Peng, participatedsetback in thifirsts service activity. This service activity donated materials worth 884,728 yuan to support Erqi District and Zhong河南电力yuaoffern District of Zhsupportassist戴尔engzhou City, Henan Province, and Weichuan Town of Weishsupporti County, Kaifeng City to jointly firelief怎么读ght the flood.

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Guo Yongyong, presideoffernt of The Lions Club of Shenzhen, acted as the head of the Henan Flood service leading group of the Lions Club of Shenzhen during the emergency relief. He said in an insettingterview,When the mediaonSee th河南科技大学e zhenset是什么意思车上的gzfirst namehouAnd surrounding cities, that moment deeply affected the hearts of every lion friefirstnds of shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen Lions Club in the first time established shenzhen Lions Club henan flood services leadbeen是什么意思ing group, abeen的用法和意思nd launched"Fsupplieslood ruthless, deep lion love" rescuehenanFlood public welfare project. In a short span ofofficeWithin eight hours, 135 service teams donated money, with donations reaching 1,135,476 yuan. And he said,Believe in allamericanstheWith hardsupplies work, this disaster will soon be over.cuttingtoOnsupplies是什么意思英语 the evening of July 24th,Shenzhen Lionsrelief给挚爱的你 ClubThe project of "Ruthless flosupportingod, Deep Lion has Love" raised 1195476 yuan of donations and materials respectively.In addisupplies怎么读音tion, beneficence, rbatch翻译ight wayService team, Wang Dagui shi brother's enterprise respectively donated materials, boya servoffice激活密钥ice team infirst namespiredShenzhen Masterwaysetting Technology Development Co., Ltd. donated valueMore than 110,000 yuan of disinfectant.

Guo's speech is simple and warm, fromoffice激活密钥 his words, we can feel the losupportassist戴尔ve and sincebeenetworkrity of the 3,874 Shenzhen Lion friends for the people of the disaset是什么意思车上的ster area.

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The launch ceremony of the河南理工大学 donation of materials by Shenzhen Lions Club to henan河南省中招考生服务平台 disaster area was simple and efficient. The departure ceremony was completed at 10:11 through quick handover and confirmation of materials. The second ba河南职业技术学院tch of materials from Shenzhen Lions Cl河南师范大学ub will be sent to Erbatch翻译qi district and Zhhenanongyuan District free of charge bysupporting love Grsettleoup, which will be distributed to the affected people by the local charity federation.

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On the same day, shenzhen Lions Club also purchased 62,133 yuaset是什么意思车上的n of materials in Henan and sent them to Weichuan Town. In addition, the second batch of shenzhefirsthandn Lions club supplies worth 57set7,410 yuan is expected to leave on The 28th.

Unite as one and help each other. By adhering to the original aspiration andbeenetwork serving togetheoffice是什么意思r, Lions Club of Shenzhen is fulfilling its respbatch什么意思onsibility as a public welfare envoy on the road of publicsupplies是什么意思英语 welfarefirst翻译, and working together wisupplies怎么读音th the disaster-aoffice是什么意思ffected people in Henan province to fight against the disastsupportiveer. Wishoffer henan people peace, good luck, Henan, come on!


[Text] Liu Jun, Shenshbeen是什么意思i Pubbeenlicity Committee

[Photo] Wang Haibin, Du Shaoheng

[Editor] Gao Rui, Shenshi Publicity Committee

              Ma Huijuan, Shenzhen Lions Clubrelief翻译 Office

Ke Wubatchat蝙蝠yue

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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