Notice | shenzhen lions henan flood service responsibilities and division of labor

Service teams and lion Friends enterprises:

In order to make the flood service work of Henan province of Lions Club shenzhen efficient and orderly, with clear goals and responsibilities, thelaborious responsib深圳疫情最新动态ilities and division of the henan Flood service leading group of Lions Clu河南电力b Shenzhen are announced as foservicellows: & NBSP;

(1) Leading group

Group & have spent   &nbslions怎么读p; Long:Guo Yongyong

Deputy group long:Lu Zhiqiang, Peng Daojian, Nie Xiangdong, Lai Zhuoni, Xu Qiubin, Tan Fei, Li Zlabor是什么意思hou, Zhao Hui

The President raised:NieXiangDong

Deputy Generadivision怎么读音l Manageresponsibilities怎么读r:WenYaoLi

As & have spent       Agent:Chen Xushlaboreng, Wu Jinzhi, Li Xiaofeng, Fan Guangyu, Lian Chuhai, CAI Min, Zheng Guoping

(ii) Working group

There are working groups under the leading group, including comprehensive group, secretarial group and financial group.

1. Comprehensive Group

Group & have spent Long: Nie Xiangdong

Deputy group leserviceableaders: Wen Yaoli, Cui Weiylions怎么读ing

As & have spent Agent: Chen Xusheng, Wu Jinzhi, li xilions读音aofeng, guafloodplainng-yu fan, evendivisional ChuHai, linlin, Lin Xiaoyi Xue Yong, Wang Yi soldier, anikayoo fly, soup, li bin, Yu Xiaoping, wei-min yan, zhang wei, guoliang, Wan Xiaoyun, Zhu Hongwei, Cao Mei show, bearbaby, Chen gang, Wen Zhiyong, Zheng Bochao, fdivision什么意思ive full Joan, FeiJun, gui-qin, Zheng Jianhai, Lin Juan, ChiMingHui, Wang C深圳天气haservice的名词ng, Ken peflood怎么读ng

Job & have spent Responsibility:servicebio To coordinate flood services in Henan pservice的名词rovince; Organize anlion是什么意思中文翻译d hold rservicebioelevant special meetings; To convey and implement the instructions and opinions of shenzhen Lions Club; Strictlions翻译中文 discipline of prevention and control work to ensure a smooth and orderly prevention and control work; Co-ordinate district club fundraising; To pdivision翻译urchase emergency supplies with the consent of tnoticedhe leader of the leadi河南医学高等专科学校ng group河南医学高等专科学校; Timely inform the district of material procurement.

2. Secretarial Teamserviceable

Group & have spent   Long: Raj深圳大学eni

Delaboratory什么意思啊puty group leaders: Li Jun, Ma Huijuan

As & have spent Su Zhlionsuangbin, Hu Lei, Yang Xin, KE Wuyue, Du Shaoheng,division中文意思 Li Jiangpindivision是什么意思英语g, Zhang Chenxi, Zhou Wenguang, Lai Longsheng

Job & have spent Responsibiliti深圳天气es: Drafting meeting minutes and informa深圳tion related to flood services in Henan province; Coordinate and report relevant information to Shenzhen Disabled Persons'lions翻译中文 Fedefloodwaterration and China Lion Union in a timely manner; Answer inquiries, collect complafloodwaterints and report to leadernotice是什么意思sdivision翻译方法 of Shlaboratoryenzhen Lions Club. Release the bulletin of Shlaborerenzhen Lions Clubservicebio's flood service in Henan province, and relnotice同义词ease the latest flood information of Henan province that Shenzhen Lions Club has learned according to laws and regulations; Timely reprint social media reportservice怎么读s on the f深圳lood work in Henan province, and release the assistance information and work results of lion Friends, etc.

3. Financial Group

Group & have spent &nservice翻译bsp; Long: Xu Qiubin

Deputy group leader: Wang Xiumei

As & have spent Member: Mnotice同义词a Haixia, Peng Li, Yadivision翻译ng Lili, Li Wenbin, Han Rongzheservice是什么故障灯n深圳疫情最新动态g

Job & have spent Responsibilities: Collectin河南省中招考生服务平台g and collecting donations; Collserviceableectiresponsibilities翻译ng statistics of donated materials; Guilions是什么意思de the service team to standardize the financial procedures for donations and materials深圳疫情最新动态. The receipt and expenditure of donated funds aservicebiond materials shall be promptly announced. Donservice是什么故障灯ations shservice是什么故障灯all be credilions怎么读ted to service expenses,laborsaving and donated materials shall be credited to service expenses according to the invoice amount; Do a good job of material statistics adivisionnd classification. Cshenzhenomplete and accurate registration of varieties, specifications and models of materials and equipment; Aclaborercording to the provisions of the materials and equipment in and out of the warehouse acceptance, accounting and distribution work, mak河南职业学院被拍卖e the account claboratory翻译onsisfloodgatetent with the actual; Master the inventory status at any time, ensure the time深证指数ly supply of materials and equipment, give flaboriousull play to the turnover efficiency; Do a good job of post-donation superviresponsibilities怎么读sion and inspection work.


(3) Division of labor of comprehensive gr河南科技大学oups

General Coordinator: Nilionsgatee Xiangdong 13923738251

Deputy General Manager: Wen Yaolinotice 13823681566

The integrated groservicebioup consists of six groups: Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, Group 5 and Service support group. The specific division of labor is as follows:

(1) Group 1

Group leader:service翻译 Li Xiaofeng & NBSP;

Delion是什么意思中文翻译puty group leaders: Zhang Wlabor是什么意思ei, Guo Liang, Wan Xiaoyun, Zlaboratorieshu Hongweidivision翻译

Responsibilities: Responsible forlions是什么意思 the collection and statistics of donations and materials made bydivision的动词 service teams and social caring personage,floodplain and updating the donation requirements of henan disaster areas

Division of labor:

Li Xiaofeng (tel: 13005481338) is in charge of the first area service te深圳大学am

Zhang Wei (tel: 13902487931) is in charge of the second zone service team

Guo Liang (tel: 1labor是什么意思3590393729) is in charge of the third zonefloods service team

Wan Xiaoyun (tel: 13823303855) is in charge of the service team of the fourth zone

Zhuresponsibilities是什么意思 Hongwei (tel: 13928472658) is in charge of the fifth zone slion是什么意思中文翻译ervice te河南理工大学am

Li Jiangping is responsible for the tabuladivision英语tion and summary of all ddivisionalonations and materiafloodwaterls


(2) Grouservicemanp 2

Grnoticedoup leader: Chen Xusheng

Deputy group leaders: Qian Lin, Lin Xiaoyiserviceable, Wang Yibing, Yu Fangfei

Respondivision怎么读音sibilities: Responsible for collecting andlabor是什么意思 summarizing various mate深圳大学rial procurement channels, product quality verification, price comparison and procurementlions读音 recommendation

General purchasing manager: Chen Xusheng 1flooding3902483863

1, the district will be the original purchase catalog, the supplier to make an inquiry

Person in charge: Qian Duo 18665836228

2, collection channel inquiry

Responsiservice是什么意思中文翻译ble Person: Lin Xiaoyi 13923866877

3. Special purchase inquiry

Priservice是什么意思ncipals: Wang Yibing 13809892247, Yu Fangfei 18988791660

Time: makedivision a price inquiry summary on the evening of 24service是什么意思th


1. Flood control and disaservice怎么读ster relief materials:

Generanotice作文tors, diesel or galabor和labour的区别soline pumps, 500 sets of raincoats, 500 pairs of rubbdivision的动词er shoes, 200 explosion-proolaborerf searchlights, 300 flashlights, 40 chainsaws, 200 hand-type loudspeakers, 5000 pairs of gloves, 40 sets of long-distance communication eqlabor和labour的区别uipment (not relying on China Te河南大学lecom mobile Unicom), 400 sets of a河南科技大学unotice是什么意思tomatic disinfector spray machines, 10 sets of road cleaning equipment (Yingtaogou, Houzhai, Jinshuiyulaboran, Mazhai, Songshan Road), 200 sets of cl深圳疫情assified garbage cans, several diesel and gasoline.

2service怎么读. Settlement matlion是什么意思中文翻译erials:

30 tentlaborers, 2,600 quilts, 600 mattresses, 500 thermos bottles, 500 heat presservice是什么故障灯ervation buckets, mineral water, milk, convenieresponsibilities怎么读nce food, alcohol, masks, disinfectantflooded, thermometer.

Ke Wuyue was resfloodedponsible for the docking and the summary and tafloodbulation of all purchased materials


(3) Group 3

Group leader: Lian Chuhai

Deputy group leaders: Zheng Bochao, Wu Manqiong, Fei Jun,responsibilities是什么意思 Lv Guiqin

Responsibilities: Responsible for assisting the district committee in logistics material logistics scheduling andnotice翻译 summarizing the division of la深圳天气bor:

Lian Chuhai (tel: 13809885196) is in charge of the third grou河南理工大学p

Zheng Bochao (tel: 135 1044 9391) is responsible for the connection of zone 1 and Zone 2

Wu Manqiong (tel: 18676684511) is responsible for the docking of the third zone

Fei Jun (contact number: 13058009808) is resservicebioponsible for the docking of zone 4

Guiqin Lu (teldivisional: 13600190471) is responsible for the docking of the fifth zone

Zhou Wenguang is rfloodedespon深圳地铁线路图sible for docking the aggregated data


(4) Group 4

Group lflood翻译eader: Fan Guangyu

Deputy group leaders: Cao Meixiu, Jdivisionin Qian, Chen Gang, Wen Zhiyong

Responsresponsibilities翻译ibilities: Responsible for transportation landing service and materialnotice作文 donation docking, etc

Specific division of labor:

1. Jin Qian (tel: 138287111responsibilities18), Wen Zhiyong (tel: 139河南23458366), responsible for logistics and transportation docking

2. Cao Meixiu (tel: 18680660063) and Chen Gang (tel: 13332914553) are responsible for the dlion是什么意思ocking of donated materials

3. Zhang Chenxi (tel: 176888987responsibilities翻译87) is responsible fordivision中文意思 updating the donation form

4. Fan Guangyu (contact number: 13802274division什么意思805), responsible for coordservicemaninating and handling the adivision怎么读音bove matters with otheservice怎么读r groups.

Zhang Chenxi is responsible for docking


(5) Group 5

Gr深圳地铁线路图oup leader: Wu Jinzservicemanhi li Jun

Deputy group leaders: Tanservice是什么故障灯g Xueyong, Li Bin, Yu Xiaoping, Yan Weiming

Responsibilities: Respflood是什么意思onsiblelaboratory foservice翻译r assisting each group i深圳n sorting out data, summarizing and correcting, and editing tshenzhenhe progress of donation docking on the day of release to ensure efficient, transparent, timely and open, and accepting thelabor翻译 review and supervisio深圳疫情最新动态n of Lion Friends; Rservice是什么故障灯esponsfloodible for the linkage with the Publicity Committee alions的音标nd Shenzhen TV station to report the whole process of henlions翻译中文an flood relnotice是什么意思ief work.

Division of labor:

Wu Jinzservice是什么故障灯hi (tel: 13825284358, 13902431939) is responsible for landing service docking of the slions翻译中文ervice team in Zone 1

Tang Xueyong (tnoticeableel: 13902459295) is responsible for the connection of TV station resolaborurce reports

Li Bin (tel: 15818555551) was responsible for the full coverage of brother Li Junshi of the Publicity Committee

Yu Xiaoping (contact number: 13631516088) is responsible for data sorting, summary and correction, and editing the donation docking prog深圳疫情rnotice同义词ess on the day of release

Yan Weiming (contact number: 1361296shenzhen7222) is responsible for the connection with tnotice同义词he video and picture report of the Publicitydivisional Committee

Du Shaoheng and Hu Lei are responsible for updating and sorting data and real-time sharing of report text


(6) Service support group

Group leaders: Cui Weiying, Chi Minghui

Deputy group leaders: Lin Juan, Zheng Jianhai, Peng Xing, Wang Chang

Responsibilities: Responsible for s深圳大学upporting and assisting the work of each tresponsibilities翻译eam

Lin Juan (tel: 139228622lions是什么意思76) is responsible for the landing service docknoticeding of the first group

Zheng Jianhai (tel: 13602686) is respoflood是什么意思nsible for the landing service docking of the selion是什么意思中文翻译cond service team

Peng Xing (tel: 1509933415) is resp深圳天气onsible for landing service docking of the third service team

Chi Minghui (tel: 139228464notice过去式01) is responsible for thelabor和labour的区别 landing service docking of the fourth service team

Wang Chang (tel: 13926576096) is responsible for the landing service docking of the fifth service tdivision什么意思eam

  Yaresponsibilities怎么读ng Xin is responsible for the docking service support group


All team leresponsibilities是什么意思ad深圳市最新疫情ers are requested to do their best to coordinate the work, and all service teams communicate witlions的音标h eacfloodwaterh group and relevant person in charge according to the above division of labor, so as to ensure the efficient an河南大学d unified flood relief work and strive to coordinate and implement the needs of the disastenotice过去式r area in thedivisional shortest time.


Shenzhen Lions Club

July 23, 2021

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