High-tech Service Team: hold the first captain team meeting and the second regular meeting of 2018-2019

High-tech Service Team: hold the first captain team meeting and the second regular meeting of 2018-2019

On August 30th, 2018, the firstecht captain team meeting and the second regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions High-tech Service Team for 2018-2019 was held at 8th floor, Block A, Zhongyin Building, Fucaptain音标tiameeting翻译n District. Deng Yi, The 2018-2019 Deputy Secretary general of Shenzhen Lions Club, Chen Qunhao,teams手机版 the chairman of The ninth Discaptain音标trict, Bi Yongtservice是什么意思ao, the advisorteams, Wen Yanmei, the leader of high-tech Service Team, Ma Huada, Deng Xin, the second vice leader, Li Hongtao, the third vice leader, And Wservice怎么读ang Weservice是什么意思nwen, the treasurer attended the meetinghighest. The meeting was chaired by Wsecondscreen下载ang Jiashu and pservice的名词resided overserviceman by Wen Yanmei.

Wen Yanmei, captain of tcaptain音标he high-tech Sehold过去式rvice Teacaptainm, informed the related matters of tteamohe guangming Activity in Gaozhou, Gucaptainangdong, which was co-organized by the high-tech service team from September 18 to 21, and submitted thesecondscreen下载 resolution of the team leader, which was unanimously agreed by the team members. Atsecondscreen下载 the same time, Captain Wen Yanmei proposed to visit the fuyong nursing home for the elderly in the Mid-Autumn Festival, to sendfirstname填姓还是名 holidaycaptain怎么读 greetings for them.

Pan Wei shared his partechnologyticipatimeeting是什么意思on in the "Bright Heart" public welfare activity and tcaptain音标ongxin School aid acaptain的意思ctivity in Cservice是什么意思hangting, Fujian provsecond的基数词ince on July 15. Wang jiashu introduced thehold翻译 "Bright Heart" public welfare activity, highly affirmed the significance of the acticaptainonthebridgevity, hoped that the service team can continue to pass omeetingyou是什么意思n. Deng Yi and Ma Huada summarized the "Bright heart" public welfare activity and concentric school aid activity in Changting, Fujicaptainonthebridgean phighlightrovince, and phold不住ut forward iservice是什么意思中文翻译mprovement measures, hoping that the next activitteambitiony will be more successful. Other lion friends also talked about tteamsheisecond缩写r ideas from different perspectives, and said they would make contributions to charity,service怎么读 environmental protection and the development of Gaoxin.

After the meeting, lion frihighlightenhigh的名词ds celebrated the birthdtechnologiesays of Wei Chengqing, Wang Jiashusecondhand, Wu Guoqiang, Liang Jingping and CAI Jiancong in August a特长nd sent their sincere wishes.

The text/Chen Ying

Photo/Liu Meijiao, BI Yongtao, Deng Yi

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