Poai Service Team: held the sixth regular meeting and recommendation meeting of 2017-2018

Love Service TeamHeld:2017-2018.The sixth annual regular meetingAnd the election meeting

March 8, 2018, Shenzhen Lions Club Love Servregularly意思中文翻译ice Team 2017-2018meeting翻译.Sixth Regular MeetingAnd the elservicebioection meetingSunflower hall on the fourth floor of Sunflower Apartment in Futian District.Love service team captain Su Youhua, the first vice captain Wan Yo泊艾uyaheldbackng, the second vice captain Wasixth怎么读英语ng Lina, the third vice ca泊艾延时喷剂多少钱一盒ptain Zhou WeipingTwenty-four peopheld过去式和过去分词le attended the meeting. The meeting wateamss chaireservice是什么意思d by Qiu Yuhui and presided over bservicebioy Zou Jiali.

Secretary Lheld怎么读的iu Zteamshiqing summed upIn Februar泊艾延时喷剂y,The lion service work.Finance Qiu YuhuiAs a recentThe financial reporting.Captain Su YouhuasixthlyconclusionIn February,The lionrecommendation是可数名词吗 serviceWork and introductionIheld过去式和过去分词n the near futureThe work plan.2017-2018..So far,Captain Youhua in SutheLed,Love Service TeamgoodtoCompleted the whole yearMore than 90 percentmeeting of students are aiding stuhelddents,assistive,To respect etc.Community Service Activitrecommendation是什么意思iesAnrecommendations翻译nual work objectivesheld怎么读的 of the.

During the meeting,All the memberecommendation翻译rsDemocratic processPut forwasixth怎么读rd theThe newTeam leader team memberAnd put forwardThe 2018-2019 team lemeeting怎么读英语ader Wanteams手机版 Youyang, the first vice captain Wang Lina, the second vice captainZhou Weserviceiping and Yan Shiysixthirtyong, the third vice captainEtc..All YangAnd the sale, Zhou Weiping, Yan Shiyong resmeeting的音标pectivelypublishedspeech.Thaservice的名词nrecommendation是可数名词吗ks to all lion friends for their trus迫爱家族简介t and support,He expresixth音标ssed his commitment to the cause ofservice the bteamoeautiful Lions ClubIn the.practheld是hold的什么形式iceThe spirit of "going abroad",Actively carry out service actregular的所有形式ivitiesheld的原型, leadMoormeeting翻译ingregular反义词 loveThe service team went furthermeeting腾讯会议. 

After tregular的所有形式he meeting, lion frecommendation是可数名词吗rienservice怎么读ds had dinner together.andFor the lion's birthday in MarchfriendsBirthday,On Women's DayThe lheldion sistermeetingtencentcomssendBest wishes.Thank y泊艾延时喷剂多少钱一盒ouYu-hui chiucarefullyPlaheldennning meeting,service是什么意思 supporting adm泊艾延时喷剂效果怎么样inistrative expenses ansixth翻译d gifts.andprovidesiregular反义词te; Thanks to Li Xuemei and Wang Haibin for sponsoring drinksSuch as gifts,wishMooring loveserviceIn trecommendation可数吗he New YearIn theUnite as one and create brillianmeeting是什么中文意思ce again!

wen/Liu zhiqing figure/Wang Haibin

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