The third "Deep Lion Fusion" cup series sports meeting was held

The third

Read special client Shenzhen News network October 28, 2021News (reporter Wang Zhiming correspondent Sheep sheep) crisp autumn, thlionkke wind lseries怎么读ight cloud light. The north has been heavy snow, the south is still bloofusionaccessming flowers. Redeepestcently, sponsored by the lionsfusionapp下载 club in shenzhen, shenzhen association of the blind, shenzhen lions with small, liberal arts such as 22sportswear servithird怎么读ce joint, the theme of "let me fly" riding the third cup series style "deep lion convergenlionkkce" fun games and 38 international blind section public wdeepnostalgiaelfare acdeepintivities, in the beautifsports翻译ul shenzhen bay, shenzhen bay sports park. Mr. Jia Xiping, the leader of the Shewassupnzhen Lions Club, Mr. Yang Dehua, the chairman of the Disabled Committee, Mrcup是什么意思. Ma Jingyang, the chairman of Shenzhen Blind Association and o簇拼音ther leadinfusionaccessg guests attended the event and delivered speeches. Forty-two visually ilionkkmpaired people participated in the themed public welfare activities with their families, shenzhen Lions club lion friends and more than 80 volunteers from Shenzhen. They spent a short but meaningful happy tcupfoxime together.

Reported that onmeetings October 15, 2021 is the 38tmeeting是什么意思h internseries是什么意思英语ational blind section, in order to better care for visually impaired, promote healthy communion, starting in 2018, shenzmeeting腾讯会议hen lions on shenzhen visually iwas是什么意思mpaired friends togetherlionkk to assistive activities of different thsports怎么读英语单词emes, visually impaired friends better reduce physical and mental, and social dysfunction, make them adasportswearpt to the surrounding environment, Bdeepletter integration into society and improved quality of life. Thelion themthird的基数词e of the "Ride me Fly" activity also aims to let the visually impaired friends enjoy their leisure time and celebrate their own festival in the company of family members, voluwasnteers and lfusionappion friends in the wind blowing and sunshine, close to nature.

The third

At the beginning of the activity, the leaders of thlion是什么意思e guests delivered a醋泡黑豆的功效与作用 short and warm speech, wishing the visually impaired friends a happy holiday, and thanking the volunteers and lion friends for accommeetingyou是什么意思panying them allionl the way. Ma Jingyangseries函数, president of the Blind Association, presented awards to each service team of Shenzhen Lions Club. Afmeeting怎么读英语ter a group photo of happiness and joy was taken, 20 tandem bicycles, 20 volunteers and lion friends led 20 visually impaired friends to embfusion公司ark on a romantic cycling trip along the seaside green road. Mr. Li, a visually impaired friend, said excitedly: "I am over 30 years old, but I seldom walk outside my house. It is the first time to exmeeting是什么意思中文翻译pericupfox茶杯狐ence the fun of riding a bike. I am very happy and really feel that I can" fly ".

The third

On the broad lawn, the volunteers and lion friends ledthird的基数词 20 visually impaired friends into two groups, and carried out fun sposeries是什么牌子rts and oral vision activities at the same time. Everyone worked together, united and cooperated with each other, and divergent thinking... In the continuous cheers, refuelling sound, will push the activity to a climax, also attracted a lot of visitors and citizens of the eythirdlye and praise, harmony, inseries是什么意思英语tegration, hapmeeting腾讯会议py atmosphere, flying in the sky over Shenzhen Bay.deepsleep2

The third

At noon, afterdeepl在线翻译官网 experiencing the activities alternately, the three grlionoups of participants recalled the cycling and fun activities, and tasted the delicious lunch. The joy was overwhelming. At this point, the third "Shenzhen-Lion Fusion" cup and the 38th International Festival of the Blindcup怎么读 public welfare activities suclion的中文意思cessfully concluded. Aftersportsman receiving thedeepsleep2 gift of ginger shampoo, the visually impaired fsportswearriends left the activity site of Shenzhen Bay Sporwas是什么意思ts Park reluctantly under the guidance of voseries是什么意思英语lunteers.

The third

Health and harmocup怎么读ny, riding together let me fly; Guard for love, hand in hand to innovate life. We look forward to having more enterprises andfusion360 caseries函数ring friends with a high sense of social responsibility join醋泡黑豆 us in caring for people with disabilities.

[Source: Shenzhen News]

The third "Deep Lionlions Fusion" cup se醋泡花生ries sports meeting was held

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