The Shun Hing Service team successfully organized the “Di King Cup” charity Building Climbing Competition

Shun Hing Service Team successfully organized & LDquo; Diwang cup & throughout; Charity climbing contest

    &nbsp庶女攻略;       The 7th Shun Hing Square was organized by the Only charity organization, shenzhen Lions Club Shin Hing Service Team. Diwang cup & throughorganize的过去式out; Charity climbinservice是什么意思g属牛的最好的配偶是什么属相 coorganize的形容词ntest was successfully held in Diwang Square on November 19, 2011. Mr. Zheng Degang, director of Shenzhen Lions Club, Mr. Xiao Xingping, director of shenzhen Lions Club, Mr. Su Zeran, Deputy director of Shenzhen Lions Club, Mr. Wu Xiaoming, deputy director of Shenzhen L电信客服电话ions Club, district chairman, club president and lion friends attended the evkingdrawent in person. Before the activity bega顺丰快递单号查询n in the ateamworkfternocupboardon, xinxing Service team also organized a ceremony to become a friendly service team with Shaanxi Lions Club Pioneer Service Team, which also opened the first chapter for the successhinge安卓怎么下载 of the building climbing competition.

    &nbsp第九特区;       Wihingsth the theme ofservice怎么读 promoting and spreading charity and love, the competition called for the active participation of social caring enterprservicebioises and caring personages, and coservice的名词llectedsuccessfully是什么意思英语 charitable edking是什么意思啊ucation funds and b电信客服电话ookskingfisher t迪丽热巴hrough corporate donations, on-site charity sales and voluntary donations. In order to create a bettservice的名词er atmosphere, xinxcupfoxing servisuccessfully翻译ce team also organized charity sales, callservicebioigraphy display, legal advice,king是谁 health care and other activities at tsuccessfully造句he scene.

            Since tservice是什么意思he first Land King Climbing Contest in 2005, shun Hing Service team hateambitions been actively participating in this event. At present, this activity has become one of tteamshe national fitness activities in Shenzhen.successfully patched是什么意思 The Lions Club of Shenzhen also raised over 5.7 million yuan through this platform, and donated to the Hope Primary Schooservice翻译l and eight primary schools for rec醋泡花生onstruction in the disaster-stricken areas. At the same time, he also funded several poor college students anhingkongdolld out-of-school children, which became a model of the charity activities of Shenzhen Lions Club.

  &nbscupfoxp;     &nbsorganized什么意思p;   In this charity buil属牛的最好的配偶是什么属相ding climbing contest, Xinxing service team raiteams手机版sed a total of more than 370,000 RMB. All the money will be used for poor school顺丰快递单号查询s in Youyang, Sichuan.


Article/photo & have spent Contributed by Shun Hing Service Team

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