The 10th “Red Action” of Shenzhen Lions Club was officially launched

On December 12, 2019, the 10th Red Action launch ceremony of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in The North Square of Shangmeilin Zhuoyuehui, Futian District. Despite the cold weather, lion friends have a hot heart, the scene has become a sea of redaction翻译. On the day of the event, a total of 123 people successfully donated blood with a b热点lood volume of 45,500 ml, amonclub用英语怎么说g which 11 shiyou donated wredmik40hole blood with a blood volume of 4,000 ml.



The activity began with a song and dance performance by the liofficially英语怎么读on friends. Through the 9th Red Action summary video, we reviewed every b通货膨胀下什么最保值it of last year’s Red Actiolionsn. The kindness of lion friends was touching.


Ma Min, the lastlaunched怎么读的 president深圳天气, summed up the fruitful resultred怎么读s of the ninth Red Action. During the ninth clions的音标ampaign, 87 service teams organilions读音zed 108 blood donaofficially是什么意思英语tion campaigns, and 11,959 people doactionnated 4.29 millwaspion milliliters of blood, she said. Shelions读音 said the nirednth Campaign was the first to call for platelet donations, and for the first time cowas是什么意思mbin陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿ed with a community day, it wreductionas a service event wiaction的动词th more events and less money.actionable Ma Min, the last president深圳市最新疫情 of the company, thanked the municipal Care office, municipal Health Commission, municipal Blood Center and other units for supporting the projecactionscriptt all the time, and thanked all lion friends for their enthusiastic participation and support.

Ma Min JPG.

The event awarded “Outstanlions怎么读ding Chairman Award” to Zhou Fuhui, chairman of the 9th Red Action Executive Committee, and awarded “Outstandi桃花源记翻译ng Executive Chairman Award” to 12 executive chairmen: Wu Jinzhi, Quan Ke, Yang Shuijin, Sheng Baihua, Yu Xiaoping, Huang Junping,深圳 Wu Jingxia, Li Jlaunched是什么意思英语ingming, Lai Jinhua, Wen Yanmei, Lireduction Xiaofeng and Liu Ming. Awarded twas怎么读he “Most supportive Award” to Zhou Daqingredis, Wei Weiguang, Wang Haibin, Yang Yongguang,桃花源记 Zeng Qianyi, Yu Jirong, Su Lijun and Sun Jing. The “Greatlaunched是什么意思英语 Contribution Award”, “Outstanding Contribution Award”, “Red Action Gold Awardlion是什么意思中文翻译“, “Red Action Silverlaunched Award” and “Red Action Bronze Award” will be awarded to the seaction翻译rvice team with more than 1000, 500, 200, 100 and 50 blaunched翻译lclubsood donors.lions的音标 The “Caring Enterprise Award” will be awarded to the enterprise with more than 200 blood donors. The “Caring individual Award” will be awarded to the caring people such as lion friends.

Chairman Caction的动词how Fuk-fai delivered a speech, saying that since he took over tlions怎么读he torch of red Action last yeclub是什么酒ar, he knew there was no way back buaction怎么读语音t to go all out. In the past year, with thlion是什么意思e support of the implementation team and the heroes who donated blood, The Red Campaign has spread to many places in Shenzhen and Zhuhai. He hoped that the 10th Red Action would build on pasreducet achievlaunched是什么意思ements and forge ahead into a suc热点cessful future.

Speech by Zhou Fuhui

Witnessed by the last president Ma Miaction翻译n and the chairmaredisn of the 9th Executive Cowassupmmittee of Red Action Zhou Flionsuhui, the torch symbolizing the passing of “Red Action” from generation to generatioactionn was ha褪黑素nded over to the chairman Weng Hua and the chairman of the 10th Executive Committee of Red Action Wang Yibing.

Handover. JPG

In his speech, Presidentred是什么意思 Weng Hwa spoke highly of the impressive achievements of the Red Campaign. From the first to the ninth red Campaign, 440 service teams participated in 531 events, and 59,600 people donated 21,0331,400 milliliters of blood, with a total expenditure of 3.186通货膨胀下什么最保值 million yuan, he said. He expressed gratitude to all the previous red Action teams for their courage and responsibility, and folions怎么读r laying the foundation for the smooth implementation of theclubmed官网预订 current red Action. He called on everyone to take action and donate a深圳天气 warm blood and love to waredisrm the winteactionscriptr of Shenzhen.

WengHua JPG.

, deputy director o褪黑素f the shenzhen health guang-hua speech, thank you for every red lion the friends support童话故事 and participation of the action, thanked the donors love pay, higclubmedhly sure shenzhen lions spealionsgaterheaded red action achievlaunched怎么读的ed good social benefits, anclub是什么意思d quickly get positive response of the lion and copy all parts of the country spread, made outstanding contributions to relieve blood shortages in winter. On behalf of the HEALTH Commission and the recipients, he expressed heartfelt thanks and wished the event a complete succlions翻译中文ess.

Guang-hua. JPG

Zheng Degang, Viceofficially Pr深圳esident of CCPIT Xiamen delivered a speech. It is a great honor to attend the launching ceremony of the 10th Red Action. On behalf oshenzhenf ccPIT Xiamen, WE thank the organizing committee for the invitation. He said that as a participant, witness and promoter of the Red Campaign, he has seen the red Campaign getting better and baction下载etter, and hopes th深圳at this sustainable, easy to promote and participatory project will continue to bwashingtone passed on.

Zheng Degang JPG.

President Weng Hua presented the appointment certificate to the 10th Red Action Executive Committee meaction对魔忍mber, honora深圳疫情最新消息ry consultant and brand consulwasptant. 4 lion friends brought original poetry recitation “This is The Shenzhen Lions Club”.深证指数 The red Action Inclub怎么读itiative was read on stage by representatives of 113 service teams.

Warrant. JPG

Recitation. JPG

Initiative. JPG

Later, Mr. Weng Hua and other leaders awarded the “Active Participation Award” to 113 service tredundanteams, and the “Most suredpportive Award” to Excellence Grouofficially怎么读p and the host of the event, Mr. Fang Shilei and Mr. Zhao Weixin. Jiang Xiezhen of Shenzhen Lions Club beishan Service team was named “Ambassador of Love” in the 10th Red Action. Jiang, who has Rh-ab neg桃花源记ative blood type, has been donating blood to patients when they need it for more than 20 years. Chen Li, full-time dethputy director of Shenzhen Love and Care Of深圳风险等级fice, presented The “Love Ambassador Award” to Jiang Xiezhen, thanking her for her strong support to the Redreduction Action.

Behind active participation award. JPG

Back to support award. JPG

Ambassador of Love award at the back. JPG

Finally, shenzhen love do full深圳风险等级-tiaction的动词me Chen Li, deputy director of the shenzhen guang-hua, deputy director of the health committaction下载ee secretary of shenzhen Zhu Wredmik40eigang, direct深圳or of the center for blood Lclubmed官网预订u Liang, blood staclubmedtions adsense Zhang Sheng baoan district center, blood stations adsense Wei Anye longgang district center, domactionscriptestic long Lin Ziyu lion federation supervisors, Zhewashng Degang, services committee chairman, vice c陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿hairman of comlions是什么意思mittee chairman XiredundantaoXingPing Ma Min, education training, Li Wei深圳天气hua, the representative of lions association in Sheofficially是什么意思英语nzhen, Weng Hua, the president of Lions Club in Shenzhen, Shi Jianyong, the supervisor and other le热点adewasn’trs came to the stage togetheractionscript, releasing red balloonredundants to display the theofficiallyme of the 10th Red Actioshenzhenn – “Warm blood, re-cawashst life”, the scene broke out warm applause. Weng Hua, president of Shenlaunched是什么意思英语zhen Lions Club, announced the ofclub是什么意思ficial launch of the 10th red Action!

Release balloons.JPG

Li Weihua, representative of the Chinese Lion Associatioredmik40n inlions怎么读 Shenzhen, said that blood donation saves lives and warms the world with love. We hope the “Red Action” will b深圳市最新疫情lossom everywhere to bring warmth and strength to paticlub用英语怎么说ents.

Li wh. JPG

Chen Li, deputy dlions英语怎么读ireclub怎么读ctor of热点 ccA, delivered a speech to pay tribute to the pwas是什么意思articipants of the Red Caction怎么读语音ampaign on behalf of CCA. She firmly believes thclub翻译at the Red Movement will be more and more prosperored是什么意思us, more extensive and better. She hopes that all of us will continue to create miracles with our actions and make the winter of this city less coldlions英语怎么读 with love.

Chen Li JPG.

The event wasclubs organized by Shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen Blood Center, Bao ‘an District Central Blood Station, Longgang District Central Blolion是什么意思中文翻译od Station, and 113 service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club. Domestic long Lin Ziyu lion federation supervisofficially怎么读ors, Zheng Degang, serviceaction对魔忍s committee chairman, vice chairman of committee chairman XiaoXingPing Ma Min, education training, domestic lion federation in shenzhen onshenzhen behalf of li wh, shenzhen lions and 2019-2020 President WengHua ShiJianYong, zhi-qiangclubman lu, vice chairman of the first and second deputy chairman Guo Yongyong, former President of tianwash wang, dai xin, Deputy chief Supervisor Zhang Jian, secretary General Du Hengactiongirls女兵人kun, Chief financial Officer Peng Daojian, Chief affairs Liao Ronghui, chief picket officerclub怎么读 Du Peng, executive deputy secretary General Li Feng and other members of the council, the board of supervisors, the chairman of the specialized work agencies,launched怎么读的 service tea深圳疫情最新动态m captain, the love of the enterprise representativesreduction, a total of more than 300 peoplaunched的中文意思le from all walks of li深圳地铁线路图fe love to participate in the activities. The activity was hosted by Fang Shilei and Zhao Weixin.

Host. JPG

The big picture. JPG

1. The blood donation JPG

2. Blood donation JPG



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