Knowledge is boundless — The training for junior lecturers and the first special training camp for trainers were successfully held

From December 7th to 8th, 2019, Lions Club Shenzhen successfully held the 2019-2020 Junior Lecfirst nameturer Training and the first Special Training Camp for Trainers in Dameijunior用法 Shayalan Hotel. 15 have participated in the junior lecturer training, and 14 have successfully passed the examination and obtained the junior lecturer training certificate; 16 lecturers attended the special trainlecturesing camp for trainers. The training was conducted by Jiang Xiezhen as the chief lecturer, Huang Jieling and Wang Yibing as the head teacher and teaching assistant respectively.

Xiao Xingping, chairman of the educjunior台湾艺人ation and Trainingspecialized自行车 Committee of the Domestic Lions Association and former president of The Lions Club of Shenzhen, Weng Hua, president of the Lions Club of Shenzhen, Ma Min, prtraining翻译中文esidenfirst是什么意思t of the last lions Club, Lucampfire Zhiqiang, First Vice President, Peng Daojian, Chief Financial Officer, Liao Rknowledge怎么读音onghui, Chief inspector du Peng, Executive Deputy secretary Li Feng and senior lecturers of the lecturers were present to support and encourage.


Junior Lecturecampaignr Training

The lecturers group is an important force in the promotion and dissemination of lion culture of Shenzhen Lions Cluknowledge的形容词b. It provides class delivery services for service teams, districts and districts, and undertakes training tasks for large activities such as liofirst翻译成中文n club seminars for district leaders to be appointed. Every year, the junior lecturer training will attract a large number of lion friends who are interested in joining the professional service team of lecturers.

Wu Zhijian, head of the lecture group, introduced the course to everyone. Then Huang Yiqun “presentation skill”, “the use of visual AIDS” zhi-jian wu, dong-sheng yi’s tecampbuddy教官线am activities, Li Feng of adult learners’ characteristics, of the interaknowledgective learning,trainers怎么读语音播放 Ma Min RongJintrainers翻译成中文g training preparation, XiaoXingPing “training course designfirst“, zhangknowledge怎么读 ShiJun training classroom management, zhi-qiang lu of the summary oknowledge怎么读音f evaluation in turn.


Lknowledge什么意思ion friends through the 9 courses learning, for the first time systematically learned that a good lecturknowledge怎么读音er is not only nlecturer是什么意思eed to have good communication skills, more need to have a cspecialontinuous learning ability, and the rigorous logic thinking ability, in order to accurately understafirst是什么意思nd the lion culture essence, combined with lion service experience, from the lions system training course vivid effectivjunior台湾艺人ely presented to thelectures怎么读 liocampbuddy教官线n, In a practical way, lcampwithmomet everyone learn and apply what they havetrainers翻译成中文 learned to the lion work of the service team, showing the organizational characteristics of lions Club “empowering”.


Jiang Xiezhen JPG.




In this training, 15 students went tcampwithmomhrough the four-datraining是什么意思英语y study frtrainers怎么读om November 16 to 17 and December 7 to 8. Finally, 14 studentsknowledge的形容词 succetrainingpeaksssfully passtrainers读音ed the examination and obtained the certificate of complespecialized自行车tiotraining是什么牌子n of primary lecturer training.






Special training camp for trainers

Based on the accumulated experience of Shenzhen Lions Club in organizatiotrainingpeaksnal development and activities, the Education and Training Committee of Domjunior英语estic Lions Club for the first titraining是什么意思英语me piloted the “trainer courselectures” in Shenzhen, hoping to lead the lecturers to think about the development directiontrainers怎么读 and the way to improve after accurately and skillfully preaching coursewlectures翻译are.



Aftetraining翻译中文r wu Zhijian gavspecial的名词e the course summary, Yi Dongsheng, Xiao Xingping and Huang Yiqun brought the courses of “Training Management”, “Training Skills” and “Activity Design” to lecturers respectively. Finally, Jiang Xiezhen prlectures怎么读esided over the discussion of the trainer’s course.

Throtraining是什么牌子ugh the pitraining什么意思lot of this special training camp, the instructor group has learned advanced experience for the internal advanced training. Onljunior几年级y by continuous improvemtrainers英语怎么读ent can we live up to the title of “lecturer” and contribute to the long-term development of the organization.




【 Tfirst是什么意思ext 】 Teatrainers翻译成中文ching group

[Photo] Lecture Group

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

【 Compositspecializedion 】 Hu &knowledge怎么读音 NBSP; grey

[Issued] Shenzhenknowledgement Lions Club Office

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