Notice on the advance receipt of the membership fee of Shenzhen Lions Club for the year 2022-2023

Dear Lion friend,

In accordance with the Articles of Association of Lions Club shenzhen and the regulations of Membership Fee Management of Lions Club In China, lions Club Shenzhen will collect the membership fee for the year 202深圳2-2023 in advance from the current members in the year 2021-2022, in orderreceipts to深圳市最新疫情 carry out the work smoothly in the year 2022-2023. The speciclub是什么意思fic arrangements are as follows:

I. Explannotice是什么意思ation of membership freceiptsee

According to the domestic lioadvanced是什么意思中文翻译n federation "about print and distribute" measures for the management of domestic lion union duelionsgates > notification and ins深圳天气tyear函数ructions "(lion al [2022] no. 1), domestic lion federation ilions英语怎么读ncrease annual membership ffeelsee standards, eareceipt用法ch member of theyearning perennialadvance的形容词 membersclubmanhi深证指数p dues incrclub是什么酒ease of 500 yuan, from 1500 yua深圳疫情最新动态n to 2000 yuan, in propoclubsrtion to each family myear造句ember's perennial membership dues to adjusreceipt英语t; Entry and transfer fees remyear是什么意思ain unchanged.

Due to the adjustment of the membership fee of Shenzhen Lions Club, it needs to be approved by the member congress of shenzhen Lclub用英语怎么说ionslions的音标 Club, approved by thereceipt怎么读 competeclubsnt unit and thadvanced是什么意思e municipal Social organization Administration bureau, and put on record by the Municipal Finance Bureaumembership什么意思啊. It takes time to complete the relevant procedurenotice是什么意思s. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of all work in 2022-2023 and promote the annual collection of membership dues as scheduled, the District C深圳市最新疫情ouncil has decided to collect the membership dues of the next year in advance according to the origi深圳风险等级nal standard. At the same time, the Lions Cluclub用英语怎么说b of Shenzhen has been actively communicatinglions with the Lions Association of China. The proposaladvance翻译 on the adjustment of next year's membership fee standard will be submitted深圳风险等级 as a formal issue to the current board of directors and the 20th Shenzhen Lions Club Congress for deliberation and implelions英语怎么读mentation after completing relevanreceipt和receive区别t procedures.


Ii. Advance payment of membership dues

(I) Membership feefeed是什么意思翻译 in advance for 2021-20221500 yuan/ylions读音ear.

(2) For family members who are registered iyear怎么读n 2021-2clubman是什么牌子车022, the membership fee will be coadvance名词llected in advanceadvancement翻译750 yuan/year.


Iii. Work arranshenzhengement for colleclub是什么意思ction of membership dues

(I) The advance payment time inoticeables fromembership怎么读音m now to June 20. Each serreceipt中文翻译vicereceipt team shall collect the membernoticedship fee in advance from theclubmed members in the unit of service team andclub是什么意思 pay it uniformly to the financialfeel是什么意思 settlement center of district council.

(2) By Junereceipt翻译 20, members who have not paid the membership dues for the year 2022-2023 in advance will be regarded as automatic withdrawal, and the DISTRICT Council willreceipt用法 handle the withdrawmembership翻译al procedures for them.

(3) From June 21 to 30, shenzhen Lions Club office will organize the listclub用英语怎么说 of members who have not paimembership什么意思啊d the membershreceipt英语ip dues in advance accfeedbackording to the statusfeed是什么意思翻译 of the membership dues paid by each service team, reporclub怎么读t to the Domestic Lions Club, and handle the withdrawal procedures of the internatiyearningonal club.


Rewards for advance payment of memberreceipt是什么意思英语shipyear造句 dues

1. Everyone inBefore May 25thServyearnice teams that have paid their深证指数 dues in advance will be awardedGold medal for membership fee collection;

2. All inBeforadvancemente Junereceipt 7thService teams that have paid their dues in advance will be awardedSilver prize for membershipyearly fee collection;

3. All inBefore June 17thSernotice用法vice teams that have paid their dues in advance wnotice是什么意思ill be awardeadvanced是什么意思dBronze prize for membershiadvanced是什么意思p fee collection.


5. Payment method

Payment can be made by transfer, credit card or cash.

Transfer Ifeed是什么意思翻译nformation:

Account name: Shenzhen Lions Club;

Bank: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Shennan Middle Road Sub-branch;

Account number: 7深圳91301fee55260000178

Please indicate the service treceiptseam, number or list in the postscript when transclub是什么酒ferring, and send the bayear造句nk rlionsgateeceipt to the office after transferring for financial reconciliationnotice同义词.


6. Special notes

(1) The members who fail to pay the membership fee will lose the memclubmanbership of Shenzhfeel是什么意思en Lions club automatically.

(b) Non-members shall not hold any positionlions in shenzhenadvance翻译 Lions Club andmembership什么意思啊 shall nofeelingt enjoy t深圳he rights andmembership和member的区别 obligations of a member.


Vii. Contact Information

If youclubmed官网预订 havclubmane any questions,membership什么意思啊 please contact the office dmembershipirec深圳大学tly.

(I) Contacts in the zone:

Zone 1 Zone 1 zone 2: Lijiangclub用英语怎么说ping 2568857clubmed官网预订6

Zone 1 Zone 3 Zone 4: Laadvance的形容词i Longsheng 25688570

Zone 2: Du Shaoheng 25688980

Third zone: Lijiangping 25688576

The fourth zone: Ke Shenmei 25689752

Zone 5: Lin Yanfen 25688195

(2) Financial contact person:

Peng Li 25688519

(receipts3) Mailbox: szlio深证指数


It is the responsibility and oblyearbookigation of every member to pareceipty membership dues on time anyear是什么意思d in full.membership是什么意思英语

Pre-payment of membership fee before June 20th will be one of the necessary conditions for the annualyearn outstanding service team selection. We hope thareceipt中文翻译t all serviclub用英语怎么说ce teams can attach great importanlions翻译ce to the collection of membership fee and actively strive for the award.

Thanknotice翻译 you for your support and cooperation!



Shenzhen Lions Club

April 7, 2022

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