Shekou Service Team: Held the fifth regular meeting of 2017-2018

Shekou Service Team: Held the fifth regular meeting of 2017-2018

On March 11, 2018, the fifth regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Shekou Service Team for 2017-2018 was held in Nanshan District Sun Club. Shekou Service team captain Hou Xiuting, former captain Weng Ya-fei, Xin Haiting, general affairs tong Hao and other 11 people attmeeting是什么意思中文翻译ended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Chen Yongping.  

Chen Yongping gave a welcome speech and expressed her warm wmeetingtencentcomelcome and heartfelt thanks to the lions friends for coming to our regular meetiheld的中文意思ng.

Captain Hou Xiuting introduced in detail the lion service activity plan of shekou Service Team in the second hmeetingtencentcomalf of the year, pheld怎么读的roposed to carry out martiafifth翻译l aservice的名词rts in蛇口蜂针一生肖to the campus public welfare activities ameeting腾讯会议nd join the celebrity Liu Rendao Shaoyaregular的所有形式ng poverty alleviation and education activitiefifth什么意思s, and ateam什么意思sked for the opinions and suggestions of tmeeting的音标he participating lion friends.

Lion friends introduced their corporate culture respectively. The meeting ended in a happy and peaceful atmosphere. Thupheldanks to Chen Yongping's hospitality, shekou Service team is more wonderful because of the lion frfifthiends' great love.

Article/photo &蛇口蜂针一生肖 have spent Zheng Jianping

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