Mileage Service Team: the sixth captain team meeting of 2019-2020 will be held

On December 14, 2019, the sixth Captain team meeting of Lions Club Mileage Service team 2019-2020 was held icaptain喵队长微博n Huameju Business Center,will是什么意思 Hefeng Road, Bao 'an District. The mileage service team captain Xiong Qi, the second vice captain Wang Shu, the third viceservice和serve的区别 captain Chang Hongliang, secretary Gao Liping, financial zhong Yinghui and other 12 people attesixthirtynded the meeting. The meeting was ccaptain喵队长微博haired by Xiong Qi.


Picket Lmileage怎么读i Yongjusixth音标n entrusted Liu Haibin to reservice翻译port the numbercaptain翻译 of participants of the meeting, and emphasized the discipline of the mcaptain什么意思中文eeting. On behalf of Gao Lipingwill后面动词什么形式, Ms. Shu Wang read ouwilltwillingness the mission, values and culture of Lions Club And Mile Service.  

Xiong Qi, leader of the team, said that this year's mileage service team has achieved remarkable results in the red Action, Special School, Lianhua North disability assistance and other pserviceablerojects. He hoped that the lion friends would continue towillpower adhere to the working mode of "team leader making decisions, projcaptain泰国演员ect group leading the funding, group implementation"teampro, and make concerted efforts to overteambitioncome difficulties and do a good job in social servimileage什么意思ces. At the same timeservice, he conveyemeetingsd on behalf of Distrmeetingyou是什么意思ict 3 Chairman Yeung Shui-jin issuemeeting怎么读英语s such as strengthening the managemenmeeting是什么中文意思t of the service team, supporting the fundraising of charitywilling evening ameeting怎么读英语nd pledging the Wah Lion Award. Entrusted by Huang Weiqiang, he introduced the progress of educational donations in Yunnan.

Xiong Qi JPG.

Finance Mrs. Chung reported monthly financial income asixthnd expenditure.

Zhong Yinghui JPG.

Luo Bin shared his experience oteams会议f participating in lianhua North Fun Games for the disableteamviewerd, and thanked Wang Shu for her help. Chang Hongliang reported the prosixthgress and arrangemsixthent of thmeeting是什么意思e Nservice的名词ew Year's carnival night on Deceservice是什么故障灯mber 28 ~ 29, thank Lin Yang, Zou Yun for many times to the scene to investigate and communicate with the coordination, hope lion friends can bring their familiescaptaindark to attend. Li Jianchun shared the situation of the "Red Actiservice是什么意思on" carried out by the Mile Service team and hoped that the lion friends of the mile Service team would csixth音标ontinue to supportwill的过去式 and particiwillingnesspate in it.

Chang Hongliang JPG.

Each group leader shared the feeling of participating in the lion work activity in Novembecaptain的意思r. Each vteams会议ice-captain introduces the current work progress and plan.

Finally, Gao Liping announced the time of the seventh team meeting of the mileage Service team.

Li-ping gao. JPG

Text/picture contributed by milmeeting是什么中文意思eage Service team

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