Tiancheng Service Team: held the third regular meeting of 2018-2019 and the team leader meeting and the opening ceremony of "Tiancheng Home"

Tiancheng Service Team: held the third regular meeting of 2018-2019 and the team leader m天秤座和什么星座最配eeting and the opening ceremony of "teamsTiancheng Home"

On Septembemeeting是什么意思r 14, 2018, the third regulmeeting的音标ar meeting and team leader mteamproeeting of Lions Club Tiancheng Service Team of 2018-2019 and theteamo opening ceremony of "Tiancheng Home" was held in 2507 Building A, Meilin Zhuoyuhui, Futian District. Thirty-ninmeeting的音标e people attheld是hold的什么形式ended the meheldeting, including Wang Danya, vice president of the 2018-2019 Lions Club of Shenzhen, Chi Minghui, captain of the Tiancheng Service Team, Chen Hengbing, Wu Manqiong, third Vice captain, Che Yongjin, Secretary Shen Xuedan and Finance Minister Jiao Yida. Lu Zhiqiang, vice Chaheld的中文意思irman of ccPIT Xiamen, Andheld Du Peng, chairman of tthird怎么读he Fourth Zone attended the meeting. The meetiregularng was chaired by president Che Yongjin as chairman of the conference.

At the beginningteams会议 of thmeetingse meeting, lion friends carried out the opening ceremony of "Tiancheng Home". The venue of "Tiancheng Home" is provided by Chmeeting是什么意思e Yongjin selflessly and will be a fixed place for futurthirde meetings, activitiesthird的缩写 and gatherings of Tiancheng Service Team. The opening of "Tservicemaniancheng Home" will help strengthen the sethird是什么意思英语nse of belonging of tiancheng Service team and further improve thteamviewere cohesion of the service team, which has a very profound significance.

Shen xuedan briefed on the recent progrteamvieweress of the activities. The sthird是什么意思英语ummer class project of "meeting腾讯会议Tiancheng School" initiated by Tiancheng Service team has been successfully completed on August 23rregularly意思中文翻译d, and the head of publicity has issued lion news on time. On August 24, the envitianchengronmental protecregular是什么意思英语tion activities of Tiancheng Service Team Wetland Park were succthirdlyessfully heldservicebio. On August 28, tiancheng Service team completeheld怎么读的d the transition activity in service. Participants expressed their apprthird怎么读英语oval and recognition for the smooth development of the recent activities.

Chen Hengbing summeservicebiod up the cheld怎么读的hange of leadership activservice的名词ities, thank lion friends for their support, enthusiastic participation, actively resposervicend to the call of the district council, in the service of the change of leadership, fully show the lion friends present a good spithirdlyrit, but also further enhance the cohesion of the team.

Ma chun-jie summed up the "Heart甜橙 to Heart" project ateamond the "Tian Cheng School" project, highly praised天秤座运势 the lion friends' hard work, courage tregular的名词o overcome difficulties, to bring warmth and warmth to the children. Lu Zhiqiang, the 2天秤座和什么星座最配nd Vice President of ccPIT Xiamen, praised "Tiancheng School" as a refreshing project with adventure, innovation and achievements.

Captain Chi minghui briefly explaservicebioined the special children program of Star Garden School, hoping to bring more interest courses to children and provide help, companionship and carregular的名词e for children's diheld过去式和过去分词versified growth. At the same timregularitye, Chi minghui proposed a standardized mechanism to make the action more effective.

Teacher Lregular反义词i Baomeeting的音标jun explaineserviced the public welfare project omeeting是什么意思中文翻译f psychologicalmeeting是什么意思中文翻译 care for rural children. Viscosida reported its financial performance for August. Zhou Hai on the Mid-Autumn festival acti天秤座今日运势vities for the disabled report and division of labormeeting的音标. Afterwards, parthird-partyticipants made speeches to contribute their wisdom to the development of the service team.

Chairman Du Peng made a concluding speech. He stressed that the service team should further standardize the meeting and financial work, improve t天秤座和双子座配对he registration of the donteamoation system, and attach importance to the recording and summary of the meeregularting and service acregular什么意思tivities.meeting是什么中文意思 President Du Pteam什么意思eng highly appreciated the work o天秤座男f Tiancheng Service Teamhelden and encouraged the lions to continue their efforts to win the medal of "Outstanding Service Team" of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Aftregular反义词er the meeting, all the participants held a simple and warm birthday party for lion friends whose birthdregular翻译ay was in September.

Photo by Gong Hui/third怎么读英语Li Yuzhen

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