Notice on regulating service activity management

Notice on regulating service activity management

Dear fellow lions,

In order to standardize the service activities of the service teams of Lions Club Shenzhserviceableen and orderly promote the dactivity翻译evelopment of the service activities of Lions Cactivity翻译lub Shenzhenactivity怎么读 2017-2018, the ractivity的动词equirements ofactivity翻译 standardizing the mnoticeanagement of service activities are hereby notified as follows:

1. Declareregulating the servicenotice翻译 activities and fundraising activities in advance. If a service activity or fundraising activregulatingity is held by the service Team, the service team should fill in the Service Activity Application Form and the rnoticedesnotice用法olutionmanagement英文解释 of the Service Team council and submit it to the district Office 5 woservice翻译rking daysservice是什么意思 before the activity starts (note: The Service Activity Application Form shall be signed and approved by the service team lregulating是什么意思eader, and the resolution ofnoticed the service Team council shall be signed by more than two thirds of the council memberservice是什么故障灯s present.

2. Service activitiservice是什么意思中文翻译es shall not involve religion. According to the definition of public welfanotice翻译re activities in tservice怎么读heactivity是什么意思 Charity Law of the People’s Republic of China and the culture of Lions Club (excluding religious issues), the service activities of Lions Club shenzhen and its affiliated service teams shall not involve religion.

3. Rnotice作文eport shmanagement的动词形式ould be completed before initiating joinregulating翻译t service. Service acmanagement蓝屏tivities of a service for WeChat group began to undertake the solitaire, need before launching the solitaire and 10 working days before the event to the area, the council resolution paper of this form will be repomanagement翻译rtedmanagement英文解释 to the service activities, activity plan (includenotice是什么意思: the service content, activities, budget, to undertake, and co-host, etc) and solitaire SMS, approved by the district will review before in solitaire WeChat group by.

4. 100% of the service funds shall be used for service activities and directly for the recipients. Encourage service activities to cooperate with other social organizations and service organizations, and agree on the rights and obligationservices of bservice可数吗oth partieservicebios thromanagement专业ugh signnoticeableing contracts (agreements). However, in principle, the servicemanagement怎么读 funds shall be directly transferred to the service objects or used to purchase subsidized goods, and shaactivity的中文意思ll not be directly transferred to third-party organizations (includnotice的形容词ing official organs, enterprises and public institutions, social organizations, foundatiactivity翻译ons, etc.).

5. It is not recommended to carry out overseas service activities. If you plan to cactivity的动词arry out overseas sernotice用法vice activities,service是什么故障灯 you should apservicebioply 2 months in advance according to the Fservicebiooreignotice翻译n Affairs Management System of Domestic Lionsmanagement翻译 Association and relevant requirements of foreign affairs activities, and the activities caservice可数吗n only be caractivity生命周期ried out after the approval of Shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation and Domestic Lactivity的中文意思ions Associamanagement英文解释tion.

6. If you need to sign anotice怎么读英语 writtenactivity的中文意思 contract with the relevant party iactivity的中文意思n person during the activity, you neenotice的固定搭配d to apply for the contractivity的四种启动模式act, smanagement怎么读ervice activity application form and council resolution 7 working days in advance. The contract shall be approved by Shenzhen Lions Club before sealing.

7. Any semanagement英文解释rvice activities without approval shall not be carried out in the name of Shenzhen Lions Club or iservice是什么意思ts internal or suboservicerdinate organizations.

8. For the approved actimanagement是什么意思英语vity application, if the aservice是什么意思中文翻译ctivity is decided to be rescheduled or cancelled, or the activity content is changed, the district office shall bactivity的中文意思e informservice是什么意思中文翻译ed in time.

9. After the completion of the activity, the press release, pictures, videos and other materials of the activity should be sent to the maiservice是什么意思lbox dedicated for the contrserviceableibution ofnotice过去式 the regioservice的名词nal association, or forwarded to the rregulating翻译egional offiactivity的中文意思cer of the regional Association, so as to be published and reported inmanagement游戏 the voice of the regional Association, website and related media in tservice的名词ime.

Shenzhen Lions Club

August 30, 201activity怎么读7

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