Mingren Service Team: the fourth Council meeting of 2017-2018 was convened

Mingren Service Team: the fourth Council meeting of 2017-2018 was convened

On October 26, 2017, thservice和serve的区别e 4th council meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Mingren Servmeetingice temingrenam for 2017-2018 was successfully held in Room 5 of Impression Grassland, Xiangmihu Resort, Futian District. Ming Ren service team capteamstain Zhou Yanjie, second vice captain Chen Heng, tservice和serve的区别hird vice captain Lin Yuanjie, secretary Wan Taichen, fimeeting是什么中文意思nanccouncil翻译ial Liu Yan, general affairs Wang Guangcai and other 14 people attended the meeting. Li Chao, supervisor of Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018, attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhou Yanjie.

Zhou Yanjie captain intro鸣人的假期游戏duce "best workermeetingtencentcoms" and "love the earth breathe" public welfare proj名人ect start ceremony, in 2017 along鸣人头像 the Hong Kmeetingtencentcomong community neigwasn'thborfourth的音标hood festival and the double ncouncilman小体inth festival gala, matsuoka service care si名人名言短句chuan jianyang lonely elders and left-behind children and student service activities such as fujian, saicouncilsd in addition to the double ninth festival to resp名人ect, to participate in organizing and three ofourth是什么意思ther fielservicebiod service activities, And arrange directors as representatives to participate in the service. At the same time, hemeetings said, as the captain of the service team,名人传 will strive tomeeting是什么意思 standardize the lion service work of the Ming Ren se名人rvice team, so that thwase service activity funds are open and trmeeting翻译ansparent, scouncil读音o that the directorscouncil词根 of the service team can clearly understand the specific donation and use of each activity.

Li Chao, the supervisor, proposed to standardize the management of the service team, promote its sumeeting怎么读英语stainable development and enhance its social influence in public welfare by establishing brand projects of the service team, announcing the agenda of the meeting before the meeting, and timely anfourth用英语怎么说nouncing the source of fundsteam什么意思, budget and secret ballot.

Captain Zhou Yanjie made a summary speech, thanks to supervisor Li Chao's careful explwashedanation, so that the directors of the Ming Ren service tea名人m have a clear umeeting的音标nderstanding of the performance of their own responsibilities and standard management of the service team. He will try his best to standardize service team management and improve team cohesion.

By Xu Shen - er

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