The 8th guangdong provincial blind beach fun Games was held in Shenzhen

“Source: Shenzhen Special Zone Daily”

More than 130 blind people took part in the 8th guan褪黑素gdong provincial fun Beach Games forgames翻译 the blind at Dapebeach怎么读ng Bay in Shenzhen, Sou呋喃唑酮片th China’s Guangdong Province, Nov. 3, 2童话故事006.

At the退婚后大佬她又美又飒 opening ceremony, Xie Xiangdfunkong, researcher of guangdong Disabled Persons’ Federation, and Huang Jianfei, chairfunny怎么读man of Guangdong Blind Associatio广东海洋大学n, delivered a speech, accompanied by the collective backward counting and collectivblind名词e horn honking, the prelude of the competition was officially opened.

The 8th guangdong provincial blind beach fun Games was held in Shenzhen news picture1Zhang

Honking ceremony.

Under t广东疫情he guidance of the on-site staff and volunteers, blind people participated in sucfunkh competitions as beach caterpillars, bridge crossing, hula passing and rope skipping.funny怎么读 The atmosphere was warm and the voluntefunny怎么读ers cheered for the contestants.

The 8th guangdong provincial blind beach fun Games was held in Shenzhen news picture2Zhang

Contestants compete against each other.

It is the first time for Wang Shu of She广东疫情nzhen teawash怎么读m to participate in the beach fun games. He and the other three players are sitting on the同花顺 beach catergamestoday下载游戏pillar, moving and pushing forward with concerted efforts! With the cheers of the audie广东疫情nce, they finally reached the finish line. Uncle Wang said: “Thisfun kind of sport广东疫情s meeting is very interesting, very happ广东疫情y, through each event let our team members enhance cohesion and friendship, can feel twashedhe power of un广东疫情最新情况ity in the comp广东疫情最新情况etition.”

Near the end of the competition at noon, chaozhou team won the first place in the province, Shanwei team won the second place in the province, yunfu team won the third place in the province. Of course, more importantly than the ranking, the blind friends worked hard, released thefunny怎么读ir enthusiasm, and gained applause and jwash怎么读oy. Next up will be the blind cricket exchange.

The games are sponsored by the Guangdong Disabled Persons’ Federation aheldennd jointlybeach怎么读语音 organized by th桃花源记翻译e Guangdong Blwasind Association and the Shenzhen Lions Club. This actiheldbackvity has been supported by shenzhen Creative Energy Construction Co., LTD and other caring enterprises and owashedrganizations.

(beach复数Original title “More than 130 blind Friblind是啥意思ends compete together, The 8th Provincial Blind Beach Fun Games held in Shenzhen”)

(Author: Luo Liqiong, Reporwashingtonter of Shenzhen Special Zone Newspaperprovincial, Correspondent Wen Kaifei)

The 8th guwasangdong Provincial Beach Fun Gamfundamentales for the blind was held in Shenzhen

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