Poi Love Service team held the 2012-2013 annual leadership change and "Dedication of Love" charity party

Shenzhen Lions Club love Service Team held 2012-2013 annual change & LDquo; Love givinglove ” Charity party

   leadership英语作文;       &teams会议nbsp; On September 2nd, 2012, shenzhen Lions Club love Service Team held the 2012-2013 annual changingservice的名词 ceremony and ldquo at jinmao Banquet Hall on thheld的原型e third floor of Jinmao International Hotel. Love giving ” Cannual是什么意思harity gala. To attend this meeting of the leadeservicebiors and guests are: domestic lion federatiolovely什么意思n vice-chairman, shenzhen brother Zhang Guojun lion lion meeting director, director of sleadership是什么意思英语henzhen lions in 2012-2013 Su Zeran lion brother, first deputy director wuservice的名词 xm lion brother, secondteams手机版 deputy director Lin Ziyu lion elder sister in shenzhen, such as lions and the Hong Kong international economic and trade cooperation, chairman of the association of Mr Chen Qingdong one line. More than 300 lion friends and guesleadership是什么意思英语ts gathered together to celebrate the festival!
       point是什么意思     At the venue, the publicheldity board displayed the charitable deeds of Shenzhen Lions Cpoiselub love Service Team since its establishment on March 8, 2010, over two years ago: the establishment of two hope primary schools, a nursing home for the elderly, the sponsorship of more than 50 poor students, for huleadership翻译ndreds of cataract poor elderly people toservice是什么意思 perform free vision surgery. In the past year, under the leadership of the prpoiesidservice是什么故障灯ent Zhang Feng shi Brleadership是什么意思other and the founding presideheld是hold的什么形式nt Zhang Zhihe Shi Brother, thheld的中文意思e shi brotteamworkheteamrs and sisters of Bo ai have bheld的原型een leading by & Lheld怎么读的Dquo; Corrleadership是什么意思英语ect others andheld中文 serve the society ” "Spirit, good deeds throughouannual是什么意思t the north and south of the lion love footprint, in every cteamoheldrner of tannual是什么意思he land of China to pay love, sprelovealarmad the precious memory of love.
 leadership需要具备哪些能力           Partylove直播手机版app下载 to help special events pulled open heavy curtain, mooring love and serservice是什么意思中文翻译vice of 2011-2012 President Zhang Feng lion brothers isteamworksued a passionate speech, turn over the past year to donate, care for the old man, every time touching servicleadership怎么读e activities such as poverty alleviation, drawing to you at the same time he all donation incomeservice是什么故障灯 details while in office to show you one by one, Make sure tannual造句hat every dollar donated by doservicebionors goes to where it is most needed. Everyone afleadership的定义firmed him with warm applause. Then he invited the leaders of The Lions Club of Shenzhen to award all kinds of honorary MEDALS and certificates of appreciation to the outstanding members, friendly service telovely翻译ams, foundations and charity groups who made generous contributions and enthusiastic support to the charity of thepointed Love Club.
          Then, 2011-2012 BoAI Service Teamleadership翻译 president Zhang Feng Shi handed over the ribbon and bellteamo hammer to 2012-2013 Boai Servicservice是什么意思中文翻译e team president Li Yude Shi, successfully completed the handover. Then Li Yude, president of the year 2012-2013, delivered his inaugural speech. He said that he would inherit the fine style of theteamwork previous two presidents in the New Year andleadership英语作文 contribute to the promotion of lion cuheld怎么读的lture andannual是什么意思 the construction of a harmonious soteamviewerciety. The new members of thheld过去式和过去分词e boardheld of directors of The Club cteamoame on stage one by one. The new members took thservice翻译e oath of office under the guidance of Mr. Wu Xiaoming,service的名词 the first deputy Director of Shenzhen Lions Club. They said thserviceat theannuallyy would work hard and serve with heart in the future service activities. Mr. Chen Qingdong, chairman of the Hong Kong International Economic and Trade Cooperation Association, alannual怎么读so gave a speech on the stage, congratulpoint翻译ating President Li Yuheld的意思是什么de, who is also a member of the association, on taking office, and anallove直播软件安卓下载yzing the current domestic and international situation of the manufacturing industry, wishing everyone a bright future.
              The Chinese nation has long had the traditional virtues of accumulatserviceableing good deeds and helping the poor. The Booheld的意思是什么k of Changes sayspoison: “ Thlovely翻译ere must be celebratioleadershipn in a good home. . Lao Zi of the pre-Qin Dynasty said: “ The upper good is like water, and water beneheld的原型fitservices all things without dispute. ” Charity iannual英语怎么读s a public welfare social relief enterprise, which is conducive to social stability and harmony and has countless merits.
After the dinner begleadership英语作文an, Heaven, Man and Earth and rdquo; Through the charity auction site, we can feel the ink paipointednting here and share theservice翻译 transmission of love. 's new Presiheld怎么读的dent Li Yude President Zhang Zhihe lion lion brother family, a brother, thleadership怎么读e last President Zhang Feng lions, brother family, honorary President of the Yangtze riverpoison yaqi Chen Qingdonglove最新版官方下载 Sir, fame will lion elder sister, honorary Preslovelyident of Mr Cai Kanfeng, honorary President of jian-nan Lin, vice Preannuallysident of Mr Lv Hongrong the lion brother elder sister, vice-chairman Huangpoise Huaiyannual同义词ong etc special dolovenation through profeannual是什么意思ssional auannual英语怎么读ctioneer palm hammer, In a wavlove最新版官方下载e of fteams手机版amous calligraphy and paservice是什么故障灯inting auction and oannuallyn-site donations, the party raised a total of fipoizonve hundrteambitioned thousand yuan, the money willteambition be used to careteams for the elderly, help students, help the disabledheld怎么读的, bright line anteams手机版d other service activities.
&leadership翻译nbsp;         &service和serve的区别nbsp; Love needs constant caleadership是什么意思ress and constant arousal. Lions can't let their love cool fannualor even a moment. Human indiffpoierelove is gone英文翻译nce is the most helpless, but also the most horrible. The power of chlove直播手机版app下载arity, can let the color of liannualfe completely restore, can let the movemenservice怎么读t of lannual怎么读ife sound ceaseless. This is a true feelings flow, love, this is a party without big names, no stars, no appearancservicebioe fee, here & LDquo; Love giving ” Set sail. We believe that in 2012-2013 dubaiai service team will reap more. Fruit of happiness ” !


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