Spring Breeze Service Team and Xili Service Team held 2012-2013 joint election

Shenzhen Lions Spring Breeze Service Team and Xili Service Team held 2012-2013 joint election

    &teamworknbsp;       On the afternoon of Auheld怎么读的gust 4th, 2012, Shenzhen Lions Springteam Breeze Service Team and Xili Service Team successfully held the 2012-2013 joint changing ceremony in Longquan Hotel, Lojoint是什么意思nghua. Guests including 2012-2013 Lions Club Director Su Zeran, first Deputy Director Wu Xiaoming, second deputy Director Lin Ziyu, former director Wang Jinliang, former director Sun Yun, Sec喜临门retary General Zhanspringmvc的工作原理g Xiao锡林郭勒盟天气wei, Executive Deputy secretary Gao Zhou were all present.
            In the presence of shenzhen Li喜力啤酒ons leaders, lions friends and guests, the two presidentsxili of spring Breeze Service teamteams手机版 and Xili Service Team completed the handover ceremony. Lai Jun, president of spring Breeze Servteamproice Team in 2011-2012, Wei Demin, president of Xili Service team, respectively made a summary ofjoints the ajointheclub是谁nnual work戏里戏外. Wang Mingyu, president of Spring Breeze Service team in 2012-2013, and Zhang Lin, president of Xilibreeze是什么意思 Service team, respecteam是什么意思翻译tively read out the work plan of sprin喜辽妥g Breeze Service team in 2012-2013.
  &nbsheld是hold的什么形式p;     &nservice翻译bsp;   Mr. Su Zeran, director of the spring Brspringcloudeteameze Service Team and Xili Service Tespring翻译am, expressed his appreciation of the joint election ceremony, and expressed high hopes for the devbreezedelopment of members and serteams手机版vice activities of the two tejoint的用法aservicems.
            The joint changijointedng of the leaderservice是什么意思ship ceremony ended in a warm atmospspringhere.

Article/photo & have spent Contbreeze中文意思ributed by spring Breeze Service Team



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