Visually impaired Exhibition can be wonderful Life — The first Warm Lion Love Sports Carnival of Shenzhen was held successfully

Visually impaired people can live a wonderful life

— The first Warm Lion Love Sports Carnival of Shenzlovely翻译hen was held李锋张雪弃少隐龙 successfully

When lilion的音标fe closes a door for you, it will open a window for you. For the visually impwarm怎么读aired,wonderful什么意思 they may need to see clearly through assistive devices, or even can notwonderful see anything at all, but their developmenlifet in other aspects is no inferior to others, they interpret their love for life with practical actions, and strive to create their own wonderfullionkk life.

Sponsored by Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhlionkken Comprwonderful同义词ehensivelion怎么读 Servimpaired是什么意思iwonderful是什么意思译ce Center for Disabled Persons, Shenzhen Volunteer Federation and You Grouimpaired翻译p, Shenzhen Optical Society Low Vision Committee, Shenzhen Lions Club Lolifew Vision Committee, Poverty Alleviation and Disaexhibition翻译bility Committwarm的名词ee, Community Sewarmerrvice Committee, Shenzwarminghen Lions Club Oriental Rose Service team and the main club service team organized the first Warm lion love Sports carnival in Shenzvisually翻译hen, which was held in shenzhen Comprehensive Servexhibition英语怎么读ice Center forimpaired是什么意思 the disabled. Huang Qun, Deputy Director of Shenzhen C李风起omprehensive Service Center for The Disabled, Shi Jianyong, 2016-2017 President of Shenzhen Lions Club, Tian Wawonderful是什么意思译ngxing, second Vice President, Zeng Shiyang, Secretary Genlove直播手机版app下载eral, Zhang Jian, Deimpaired翻译puty Secretalion的中文意思ry General, Dai Jihong, Chairman of the second District, Du Juan, Chairman of the Low Vision Prolove最新版官方下载ject Committ李锋张雪弃少隐龙ee, Xiong Jufirstname填姓还是名n, Chairman of the Committee for Poverty Alleviation and Disabled, etc. Nearly 100 volunteers, including 45 visualwonderful是什么意思译ly impaired friends, attended the event.

In his speechwonderful英语怎么读, President Shih expressed his heartfelt thanks to the visually impaired peoexhibition是什么意思英语ple who came from afar afirstname填姓还是名nd the organizations aimpaired是什么意思nd service teams who strongly supported the event. He said wen Xin Lion Love Sports carnival series activities are committed to providing a platform for visually impaired friwarm怎么读语音ends to show themselves. Although visually impaired people have poor eyesight, they are superior to ordinary people in many aspects, such as listening to sound and distinguishing position,first怎么读 spatial concept, etc. I hope all visually impairefirst怎么读英语d peoplwarmlye can slion的中文意思how their talents in this activity and have a warm and happy day.

Thlions英语怎么读e scene, the visually impairedexhibition翻译 performance. Visually impaired African Drum team gave us anlovely African drum performance. Its clump drum sound, sometimes radical and sometimes slow rexhibition是什么意思英语hythm and smile on the faces of the players shocked the audience. Zhou Huaying sang songs such as “I repay Love with All” and “firstResidual Flowers”. Due to the sound failure, she still insisted on finishing thewarm怎么读 song even though she could not provide accompaniment. Her melodious singing and professifirstname填姓还是名onal muvisually什么意思sical quality won rounds of applause. Dunqiqi friends performed “Horse Racing” and other erhu performances, as if thousalovely什么意思nds of texhibition英语怎么读roopwonderfuls and horses galloping to.lion复数.. moving melody warm and clear.

The whole games are divided into groups and accumulatedwarm points. Volunteers tied ribbons of different colors on the wrists of the visexhibition的动词ually impaired to form five teams including brave Team, Unfirsthandity team, Super李飞 Team, Dragon Team and Lion Team to compete. In the linklionss of mobile phone input, I guess, listening to the sound of bowling, and executing orders, the vexhibitionisually impailove直播软件安卓下载red peo李峰张雪四海集团ple cooperated and actively interacted with the on-site volunteers and lion friends, fully demonstrating their sense of unity and coordination ability. Texhibition怎么读he players cheered each other, and the competition was in full swing. Later, each group gave full play to their imagination, division of labor and cooperation, using bimpaired是什么意思alloons and ribbons on the scene to decoraexhibition和exhibit区别te the lotus seat, grass, “dragon” and otherexhibition和exhibit区别 shapes, their comprehensive response ability makes people forget that this is a gexhibition是什么意思英语roup of visually impaired people’s games.

Accordivisually什么意思ng to the results of each link, the competition was evaluafirst nameted comprehenlifespansively. Shenzhen Lions Club gavlovee awards, gifts and tooexhibitionsk photos for each winning group.

[Text] Lin Yanfen

[Photo] Lin Yanfen

[Editor] Ma Huijuan cheng Zhaohua

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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