RFID card manufacturer introduces the application of RFID technology in daily life

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a non-contact automatic Identificatiocard智能锁怎么改密码n technology, thtechnology翻译rough Radio Frequency signal automatically identify the object and obtain relevant data. Recogcardsnition does not require human intervention. RFID technology, as the wireless version ofdailyart barcode, has the advantages of waterproof, antimagnetic, high temperature resistance, long service life, long reading distance, data encryption on the labtechnology怎么读英语el, large storage capacicard智能锁官网ty of data, free change and so on. Stored information. Its application wildailymotionl bringintroduce是什么意思英语 revolutionary changes to retail, logistics alifestylend other industries.

RFID card manufacturer

RFID card manufacturapplicationcontexterIntroduce thdaily是什么意思啊英语e application of RFID terfid应用chnology in daily life:

1. Logistics: goods tracking, automatic information collectiomanufacturers什么意思中文n, warehousingdaily怎么读 application, port application, express delivery in the procards怎么读语音cess of logistics.

2, retaiapplicationsl: real-time statistics of goods, replenishmen李飞t, theft and odailymotion大陆禁ther sales data.

3rfid是什么技术. Manufactapplicationframehost是什么uring: Real-time monitoring of productiorfid属于物联网的什么层n data, quality tracking, automatic production.

4, clothing indu李峰张雪隐龙大少stry: automated prod李锋张雪弃少隐龙uction, warehouse management, brand management, single product management, channel management.

5, medical treatment: medical equipment management, patient identification, baby theft.

Identification: electcardinalronic passport, ID card, student ID card, womanufacturer是什么意思rk card and other electronic certificates.

7, antilife是什么意思英语-counterfeiting: valuables (tobacco, alcohol, medicine) anti-counterfeitmanufacturers翻译ing, ticket anti-c李菲儿ounterfeiting, etc.

8, asset management: all kinds of asselifets (valuable or large amount, high similarity or dangerous goods, etcmanufacturered.).

9. Transportation: high-speed direct, taxi managemecard怎么读nt, bus hub manageme李锋张雪弃少隐龙nt, railway locomotive identification, etc.

10. Food: Manalife是什么意思英语ge the freshness of fruits, vegetables, fresh fomanufacturer中文od, etcmanufacturers翻译.

11technology怎么读, animal identificrfid工作原理ation: training of animals, livestock, pets and other identification and management.

12. Library: bookstore, library, publishing house and other applications.

Car: manufacturing, anti-theft, positicardsonlife是什么意思英语ing, car keys.

Aviation: manufacturing, ticketing, baggage and parcel tracking.

15. Military: identification and tracking of ammunition, firearms, mmanufacturers是什么意思aterials, personmanufacturer中文nel, trucks,technology是什么意思英语 etc.

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