Join hands and Forge ahead — The first Board of Directors of Lions Club of Shenzhen was successfully held in 2017-2018

Join hands and forge ahead together

— The first board meeting of Lions Club of Shenzhen was successfully held in 2017-2018

On September 16th, the first lions Club Boboardard meeting of 2017-2018 was held in the Lions Club office in Shenzhahead意思en. The meeting deliberated and approved the Management Measures for the Founding of Shenzhen Lions Club, and approved tboardshe eforgestablishforgetfulment of Shande and Huamei Service teams and the admission of 120 new members. Discusahead怎么读的sed the “Measures for The Statistics and Managemdirectors翻译ent of the Number of hours of Lions Club members particifirstpating in Lion Work Activities” and “Measures for thforgee Management of the Donation and Use of The 2017-2018 China Lion Award of Lionhands翻译s Club Shenzhen”; Briefed the main work idirectorsn the near future, and malions英语怎么说de arrangements for the preparation of the 56th Southeast Asia Annual Conference, the New Year charity gala and the double managemahead中文意思ent of the service team’s funds.

Secretary General Zeng Shiyang intrhands-onoduced the Management Measurjoinedes of shenzhen Lions Clufirst怎么读英语b Founding team. In order to strengthen the management oboard和broad怎么区分f the establishment of the service team and standardize the procedures for the establjointlyishment of the service team, the Management Measures fodirectors是什么意思r thforget的形容词e Establishment of the Service team of Shenzhen Lions Club has made moredirectors是什么意思 detailed prboardgameovisions on the conditions of the founders, the application process for the establishment of the service team, and the organization and convening of the preparatory maheadof是什么意思eeting forjoint the establishment of the service team. This mahead怎么读英语ethod will provide ajointly powerful system guarantee for guiding team creation and building health service team.

Financial officer zhang jian around servicelions activities, meetihandspank的视频vkngs, social care and training four categories to introducejointly shenzhen lions club member service hours statiboardingstics management (interim) method (discussion paper), she emphasizes “lion for hours”club用英语怎么说 free sex and relativity, in the hope that throulions音标gh this way to quahands怎么读ntify thaheadedue “out” friends and lion lion service activitiboardses, As a unified standard for theboard什么意思翻译 establishmenclub是什么酒t of shenzhen Lions Club’s annual awards and awards, wfirst音标e also hope that lions friends can provide more valuable opinions and suggestions, so that the statistical staforget的过去式ndards can be more scientific and reasonable, and the statistical data can more accuratelyhandsome怎么读 reflect lions club’s contributions.

Infirst怎么读 order to arouse the enthusiasm of the service team and lion club membersjoint to donate for the Chinese Lion Award and raise service funds for the next year, Ma Min, the first vice president of Shenzhen Lions Club, introduced the Management Measures for the Donation and Use of the Chinese Liojoin翻译n Award 2017-2018. She said that a certain percentage of the service funds raised through the Huashi Award this year willions翻译l be returned to tdirectorshe service team to support its service activities. She called on the participating council members to actclubsively mobilize their service team lion friendlions英语怎么说s to pledge to donate the Chinese Lion Award.

Meeting alsoahead notified the inauguratilions读音on will salute membership developmfirst怎么读ent and retention, and settlement, charitable preparations forboardwalk the party in the New Year, the 56th annual meeting and the 101th inhandspank的视频vk southeast Asia intejoinrnational conference, lions club membership fee collection, shenzhen july-august 2017 budforgettableget execution, service for the double tube, the spiritual care service institute of borrowing and and happy cooperation services Such matters. The participating counboardgamecil members had a warm and full discussion on the content offorgetful the meeting, and put forward ideas aclubmednd suggestions for the relevant work.

In heforget的过去式和过去分词r concludidirector是什么软件ng remarks, President Tian Thankedboard the council members for attending the meeting despite thboard的中文意思eir busy schedule. He reiterated the problems of double manalions是什么意思gement of service team fuhandsome翻译nds andboard和broad怎么区分 advance loan write-off, and hopeaheadofd that all service teams standardize financial management, improve financiaforgettablel transparency and complete advance loan write-off as soon as possible. We call on lion friends to register for tjoin翻译he 56th Southeast Asia Anahead短语nual Conferlionsgateence; Iforget的用法t is emphasized tdirectorshiphat district chairmen shouldclub怎么读 activboardsely communicate with service team members, atteforget的过去式和过去分词nd the inaugurationclub是什么意思 ceremony of their respective service teams, anddirector什么意思中文 keep abreast of service team movements. He hopelions怎么读s that all the directors will work hand in hand, faithfully doaheadof their own work, make concerted efforts to complete the annual work plhandsome怎么读an, and strive forward fahead用法or a more brilliant tomorrow of Shenzhen Lions Club!

Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018 Tian Xingwang, last president Shclub怎么读i Jianyong, first Vice President Ma Min, second Vice President Weng Hua, Secretary Gehands怎么读neral Zeng Shiyang, Chief Financial Officer Zhang Jian, Chief Executive Officer Peng Daojihands翻译an, Chief inspector Denglions读音 Yi, Executive Deputy Secretary General Luo Jinshandsome怎么读ong and other 36 directors attended the meeting. Liao Ronghui, deputy director of the Board of Sjoiningupervisors and tong Xin, special assistant of the president attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Cao Yingwang.

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