Shenzhen Lions Club successfully held its first special district council meeting

Shenzhen Lions Club successfully held its first special district council meeting

            On August 16, 2013, Shenzhen Lions Club successfully held the first special district Council of 2013-2014 in Dongguan Tangquan Spring Gofirst翻译lf Hotel. The meeting was attendeitsashou微博d by 31 directors, including 2013-2014 Director Wu Xiaoming, first Deputy Diresuccessfullyctor Lin Ziyu, secondshenzhen Deputy Director Lin Tao, Secretary General Zhang Xiaowei, Chief Financial Officer Chen Shijun, Chief Financial Officer Sfirstlyhi Jianyong, Chief Picket Officer Tang Shihuang, Executive Deputy Secretarfirst青年电影展y Li Yuehua, and supervi深圳疫情最新动态sor Xie Jianwen.
         successfully patched是什么意思 &nsuccessfullybsp; Shi Jianyong, Direcspecial怎么读tor of General Affit’sairs, presided ovlions的音标er the meeting. Examined and passed at the meeting about the established rules and regulations revised working group, established on honor rewards to formulate the working group, established on shenzhen lion logo norms and behavior norms formulated working group, examined and approved annudistrict是什么意思英语al event outline, review bspecial的名词y thsuccessfully是什么意思英语e annual work plitsashou微博an, revsuccessfully造句iew by serviclub翻译ce account pledge and service to carry out serviheldce activities Resolution and approval of shenzhen Lions Club and service team financial transition standard sample sheet
            The meeting to discuss this year the job responsibility, yoann disaster area after a dis深圳市最新疫情aster aid work division of work and planning, is the shenzhedistrict缩写是什么n lions information disclosure system, the lclubions on the provision of service to create work in shenzhen, the condistrictingtents of the regulation on admsuccessfully是什么意思inistration of shenzhen lilions翻译ons service activities further refinement, discuss and through the establishment & other; Shenzhen Lions Club Speech Club & RDQUO; Discuspecialss and approclub是什么意思ve the iheld的意思是什么mplementation plan of this year’s cclubmedare project of lion Friends Care Committee. The meeting briefed oitsashou微博n the application of public welfaresuccessfully patched是什么意思 projects of the second Chaheld的中文意思rityitsm Fair, the preparation of the tribute meeting and inauguration ceremony, and the employment of honorary directors and advisors.
&nheldbsp;      successfully patched是什么意思     Cfirst翻译hairman Gao Zheng maclubmande a presentation entitled & LDquo; How the society and the recipients view the Lions Club “, slions翻译haredheldback his feelispecialngsuccessfully是什么意思英语s and experience in community service in recent years, which was appreciated and affirmed by lion friends.
            Xie Jianwen expressed his respect for the serious attitude and high efficiency of the currdistrict什么意思ent director. Wu xm, director of tspecialhe board of supervisors to attend, thanks anclubd warm welcome to the governdistrict什么意思ors for their advice and Suggestions to the lion service thanks and sure, he encouraged the association not only in the next two dspecializeays night traiheld的原型ning myself to study hard, to dspecial怎么读o a good job for communication sitsmervice at深圳疫情 the same time, lead them to better learn lion service work and their respective responsibilities, Strivdistrict的中文意思e to achieve this yedistrict造句ar’s work objectives.

By Su Zhuangbin/Li Jiangping

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