Mourn | farewell Hou Xiuting lion elder sister

On August 1, 2020, the memorial service for Hou Xiuting, the lion sister of Shenzhen Lions Club, was held in shenzhen Fune秀婷的幸福生活ral Home. Domestic lion and former vice President Huang Hui federation President of shenzhen lion, zhi-qiang lu, a former President of tian wang绣庭芳, deputy secretary-general Li Zhou Cai Min and supervisorelder是old的比较级么s, domestic lion ffarewell中文翻译ederation peace poster team leader Tian Yingjun, deputy head of keven hsieh, shenzhen lions postmourning球员er peace committee, executive chfarewell为什么是深情airman of committee exec秀婷逸凡txtutive director yan-hue wang li-zhong zhang, lion friends care, Consultsister是什么意思ants of the Peace Poster Committee Qiu Homourn翻译ngying, Chen Nengtielder造句ng,lionel shande service team c秀婷的幸福生活aptain Chen Yongping, team leader Hong Zhlionsimin, first vice captainmourn翻译 Liu Minna and representatives from the service team lion frsister用英语怎么说iendsfarewell告别电影资源, relatives and friends of Hou Xiuting lion sister, former unit Yucai Second Primary school leaders, students attended the memorial service.


More than eight o 'clock in the morning, the memorial service hasfarewell翻译 not started, shenzhen funeral home inside and o秀婷与程仪txt下载utside the noelder是old的比较级么.1 hall has been full of lion friends and friends came to see off Hou Xiuting shijie. At 9:30, the memorial service officially began, we stand i后来n silence, common mourning. Tfarewell是永别吗he scene of a pair of ele绣庭芳giac couplets, a bunch of flowers placed everyone's endless grief and the heart of the very heavy pfarewell翻译ain. Lu Zhiqiang, president of The Shenzhen Lifarewell告别电影资源on休庭s Club, delivered a eulogy speech on behalf of绣庭芳 the lion friends of the Shenzhen Lions Club. He inthouroduced the outstanding cont秀婷逸凡txtributions made by Sister Hou休庭后多久开庭 Xiuting to thsister怎么读英语单词e Shenzhen Lions Club and peace posters. We call on the lion friends to learn from Houmourn是什么意思 Xiu's tireless pursuit of art, her devo秀婷和程议二十八篇tion to youth painting, her yearning for peace, and her heartfelt and unswerving lovfarewell中文翻译e for pesister翻译ace posters. The peace Theme Servicesister怎么读英语单词 Group of thmourne Public Relations and Communication Committelion翻译e of the Lfarewell和goodbye的区别ions Club of China anlion翻译d the Lions Club of Shenzhen a秀婷和成毅warded Hou Xiutin侯梦莎gsister怎么读 the honorary tielder是old的比较级么tles of "Life Peace Ambassador" and "Peace Poster Honorary Ambassador" respectiv侯明昊elylion复数.


At the memorial service, the lionlion怎么读 friends recalled and休庭后多久开庭 Hou Xiuting lion sister together bit by bit, her humble, easy-farewell和goodbye的区别going, enthusiastic attielder造句tude, selflessister用英语怎么说s dedication, serious and responsiblelionel, i侯亮平岳父惊天背景介绍llumina侯佩岑te t秀婷和成毅he spirit of others deeply infected every person arounlion是什么意思d. Many people can not help but shed tears, all for the loss of such love to plion复数ay the lion sister and deplore, sad. Due to the number control an后来d otherlion reasons during the epidemic, lion friends who were not able to afarewell为什么是深情ttend the memor休庭是什么意思ial service expressed their delionep condolences to Hou Xiuting by watching the video of Hou X后脑勺疼是怎么回事iuting's photo album, sharing condolences online, offering remote memo绣庭芳rial ser侯梦莎vices, and showing their hearts in silk and gold.


A chrysanthemum sustenance of grief, wish there is no pain in heaven, the afterllion的中文意思ife we will go together, together to do public welfare and charity. May the deceased rfarewell是什么意思est in peace, may the living be stroelder是old的比较级么ng, say again, Hou Xiuting Sh绣庭芳i Sister, you go alfarewell是什么意思l the way......


【 Text 】 Shemourn翻译nshi News Agency zhao Aelderly是什么意思nnie

[Photo] Wmournerang Yanhua, executive Chairman of Lion Ffarewell是永别吗riends Care Committee

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