Holding "snail" to take a walk deep lion to help disabled Hong Intangible Heritage

In order to further raise the concern of the whole society for the disabled and promote the comprehensive develoupholdingpment of the cause of the disabled, on July 25, 2020, during the 1snail头像4th "National Special Olympics Day", the stake upecond shenzhen Lions Fusion Cup sposnailrts meeting officially kicked off. Sponsored bdeepl翻译y The Sheholdings是什么意思nzhen Lions Club and organized by the Disabled Assistance Committee, the first activity -- colorful Intangible Heritage Expholding翻译erience "Walsnail头像king with snails" themed disabled activity wadeepl翻译s held in Mission Hills Craft Workshop i洪主n Longhua District, co-organized by 23 service teams includiholding怎么读ng Hualidisabled翻译nlionsg, Diwang, Boya, Longcheng and Huayuan, as well as relatives and friends of Shenzhen Association for The Mentally Disabled.


At 9:30am, 45 disabled children, accompanied by their fwalkmanamily members, lion friends and volunteers, took a bus from Mdeepeilindeepl在线翻译官网 Comprehensive Sertake翻译vice Center for the disabled to Mission Hills Craft Workshotake翻译p to visit the first Mission Hills Insnail是什么意思tangible Cudisabled造句简单ltural Heritage Art and Culture Festival ofdisabled造句简单带翻译 Shenzhen.deepest In order to prevent children from getting lost, the volunteers dividedholdings disabled children and their parentslion的中文意思 into groups in adlion的音标vance, numbered and itakenssued license plates, and asked everyone to remember the license plate number.


IMG_20200725_093208_ copy. JPG

Mrs. Lee Xue-fei, chairman of the conference and leader of the Hualin Service, announced the opening of thsnail翻译e activity and gave a speech. She welcomed the children and thedisabled是开启还是关闭ir parents towalking the beautiful Mission Hills Craft Workshop and enjoy the fun of walking and art. A红码黄码绿码代表什么t the same time, she introduced the content of the activity "Walking with snasnailils", calling on everyone to respect, treat, care, care and suppdeepl翻译ort the mentally disabled, and live with them asnail怎么读音发音英语单词s equals, hand in hand, and share the bright sunshine, fredeeplsh air and beautiful life.


Lu Zhiqiang, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, was deeply impresseddisabled造句 by this activity anwalkerd th红烧肉的做法anked everyone for participating in the public sertake的过去式vlion是什么意思ice of Shendisabled是什么意思zhen Lions Club and caring for "little snails" together. He introdlion的中文意思uced the basic situation of shenzhen lions and insihelpstence of assistive services, thanks to aid the committee under the guidance of chairman jian-hua su led the disabledhelpful person to go out and accept new things on the new platform, widen our sdisabled翻译ight and mind, to learn better and more knowledge inheritance significance of handicraft ptakeroductiohelplessn and domestic ancient and profound traditional culture and enhanctake的用法e thhelpe value of their own. 'All the children will become useful atake upnd contributing members of society and become the pillars of the country,' he said. We hope that the children can better integrate iwalkmasternto the society and develop theihongr independent abilities. We also app红楼梦eal to more caring people to participate in the services of lionstake Club, to explosnail怎么读音发音英语单词re the potential of the children, give them more care and attention, and help them grow up happily and healthily.洪荒关系户


Chen Yadong, director of Mission Hills Craft Workshop Project, delivelionelred a speech, thanking Shetake是什么意思nzhen Lions Club for holding this charity event at Mission Hills Crtakeaft Workshop. He said that Chinese traditiosnailnal handiclionkkrafts are the cultural treasure of the Chelp怎么读hinese people, which is a good project worth inheriting for Mission Hills. In addition, as children with disabilities are often gifted insnail蛋白 craft making, craft shops can also take this op红烧肉portuniwalking是什么意思ty to interact with children with disabilities and encourage them to participahelpfulte in craft making. He hoped that through this activity, the society will be widely mobilized to support and care for the disabled friends, but also hoped that the "snail" self-reliancesnail是什么牌子 and self-improvement, the whole society's care into a driving force, to contribudisabled造句te to the construction of a harmonious society.


Mission Hills Handicraft Workshop, as the O2Olion handicraft experience workshop with the largest area, the most comprehensive variety and the modeepl翻译st sophisticated equipment in China,take over covers a wide range of handicraft arts and displays a dazzling array of handicrafts. Combined with children's psychologdeepl翻译ical characteristics, this activity mainly arranged children to watch and learn shadow play art, paper sculpture, glass blowing craft and leather making.

Wu, also known as the "pockettake man", recounts the origin and development of shadow play art. Shaanxi paper-cutting intangible Heritage successor Mr. Wang Ningdisabled造句简单带翻译 spalionred no effort to explain paper-cutting technology...... The cdisabled造句简单带翻译hildren listened with great interest and wersnail是什么意思英语e eager to try all kinds of experiential activities. Parents take thelp是什么意思英文翻译heir children to experience the promotion and dissemination of national intangible cultural heritaholdingsge. The warm and romantic environment and bright stage make chhelpedildrhelpingen fdisabled造句eel warm and comfortwalk怎么读able.

Su Jianhua, chairman of the Disabled committee, specially bought 50 pieces of handicrafts as a gift to the "snails" padisabledrticipating in the atakenctivity, encouraging them to be confident and self-willed, sdisabled翻译tick to learning handicrafts and create a new world for themselves.


The children painted graffiti on a 100-meter roll outside the lawn, blooming freely and beaming with joy. Ms. Zhang Yafei, chairwoman of Shenzhen Association of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities anddisabled造句简单 Friends and Relatives, was full of childlike innocence and did the graffiti herself.


On the way back, the children cheered and jostled to tell their mother what they had seen. The parents expressed their satisfaction with the activity and thanked the Shenzhen Lions club for its care and companionship to special groups. Thanks to the assistivlion的中文意思e committee carefully planning and organizing, thanks to mission hills community orchestrated, thank for activities sponsored by the lions, friendly and loving people fromsnail是什么牌子 all walks of life enthusiashelpedtically, thanks to the "红码黄码绿码代表什么snail" and parents to come here to attenwalk翻译d the activities, more friends thanks to the lion, the volunteerholding怎么读s "as good as music", work together, hand in hand,snail是什么意思 shoulder to shoulder to ensure the succdisabled的形容词ess of the campaigwalkingn.

The most silent language is action, the most loving public service is service, the longest love confelions英语怎么读sdeepsleep2sion is company. All the way with ytakeou, love every day, let us cwalk是什么意思ontinue to walk hand in hand, singing all the way.

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