Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018 Chinese Lion Award, Chinese Lion Award, Maowen Zhongshi Award pledge proposal

Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018 Chinese Lion Award, Chinese Lion Award, Maowen Zhongshi Award pledge proposal

Dear friends,

In order to better raise funds for service, encouchineserage and commlion是什么意思end members to carry forward the lion spirit oflions英语怎么读 “we serve”, Slionshenlion是什么意思中文翻译zhen Lions Club decided to estabaward是什么意思英语lish the “Chinese Lion Award”, referred to as the “Chinese Lion Award”, after deliberating and passing毛文龙 the resolution on the esta深圳风险等级blishment of the “Chinese Lion Award” at the district annual meeting in 2004.  lionsgate Over 13 years, 3,204 have bclub是什么意思een pledged, of which 550 have beenaward翻译 pledged for the current year. We propose that all lion friends continue to donate to the Chinese Lioclub用英语怎么说n Awlionard, the Cawardhinese Lion Awardchinese翻译, and tclubmed官网预订he Mau Man Zhong Shi A毛文龙wclub是什么意思ard.

1. Those who have pledged the Chinese Lion Award, Chinese Lion Awarlionsd and Maowen Zhon猫瘟症状gshi Award this year will be presented with the certificate of Honor and the “Proud of Lions” pin at猫瘟初期呕吐物图片 the 2018 New Year charity party of Shenzhen Lions Cllions翻译中文ub on December 13, 2017. Among them, those who pledge three prizes with a total of 1-4 will receive a raward是什么意思英语ose gold br猫瘟初期呕吐物图片ooch; 5 ~ 9 can get platinum broochinese读音ch; Dlions翻译中文iaward什么意思amond brooch for 10 or more. Firstlions是什么意思-time doaward是什么意思英语nors also receive MEDALS.

2. Service teams that have pledged more than 5 Lion Awards (the subscription猫瘟会传染人吗 of the president, past president, directors and supervisors will be included in the service team) can receive the 2chinese意思01clubmed官网预订8-2019 service fund support of Lions Club Shenzhen. The supported modes are as follows:

1. 35% of the toshenzhental amount pledged by the service team will be directly alloawardscated to the service fund account of the service深证指数 team in July 2018, and the service team can carry out service activities at imaowents own disposal猫瘟能治好吗;

2. For local community service activiticlubses carried oaward和reward区别ut by the Servchinese翻译ice Team in Shenzhen in 2018-2019, the reapplication will recclub是什么酒eive no less than 15% of the total amount of Huashong Award pledged by the service Team.

3. The service team pledging the Chiaward的用法和搭配nese Lion Award can apply for service funds from the Chinese深圳市最新疫情 Lion Fu深圳疫情nd when carrying out service activities, and the amount is 80%lions翻译中文 of thclubse pledged amount.

4. The Lions Club office of Shenzhen will set up a wall of honor for the Chinese Lion Award, the Chinese Lion Award and the Maowen Bell Master Award. All pledges can be permlions英语怎么读anently recorded on the Wall of Honor.

Pledge RMB 5000 for Chinese Lilions怎么读on award, RMB 5000 for Middle Lion Award an猫瘟症状d RMB 7000 for Mervant Bell Award. Multishenzhenple pledges may be made.

Payment method: hashi online, cash, credit card, or transfer to the account of Shenzhen Lions Club. Acaward翻译count Name: Shenzclubman是什么牌子车hen Liochinesens Club; Bank: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Shennan Middle Road Sub-branch; Account nulion是什么意思中文翻译mber: 7913 0155 2clubmed官网预订600 00178 (please specify the purpose of paymentlion怎么读 in theawards postscript). Contact persoclubman是什么牌子车n:lion的中文意思 Peng Li 25688519.

Be proud of the lion! Proud of the identity of shenzhen lion friends! I am proud to donate to the Shenzhen Lions Club Hua Lion Award!

Domestic dream New Lion Generation, in the 101st year of lions Cluaward的用法和搭配b international, this new lion generation, thanks for your participationlionkk!

Shenzhen Lions Club

President of the Year 2017-2018: Wang Xing Tian

President and First Vice President: Ma Minshenzhen

November 23, 2017

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