The Lions Club of Shenzhen provides flood relief services in eastern Guangdong

The Lions Club of Shenzhen provides flood relief services in eastern Guangdong

Since latelion是什么意思 August 2018, several places in eastern Guangdong (Shantou, Chaozhou, Shanwei深圳天气, Meizhou andlions怎么读 Heyuan, etc.) have been hit by heavy rainfall for days, resulting in floods of varying degrees, causing severe losses of lifclub怎么读e andclub是什么意思 property in the affected ar广东疫情最新情况eas.

Natural disaster ruthless, deep lion love. The Lions Club of Shenzhen caservice是什么意思车上的lls on广东地图 the service teams afloodgatend lion friends to act quickly and make donations for the emergency assistance and post-disasservicester reconstruction. The Lions Club of Shenzhen launched the emfloodedergency rescue mechanism for major disasters, held special workinrelief动词形式g meetings to study the flood emergency assistance in eastelions翻译rn Guangdong, and established the Sheeastern翻译nzlions英语怎么读hen Lions Flood emergency assistance Pioneer team, which sent 300,000 yuan worth o深圳风险等级f disaster relief materials to the disaster area accordlions翻译ing to the instructions of the local authorities in the disaster area, and compllions的音标eted the aid work in an orderly and rapid manner.

Urgent, discuss emergency assiclubmanstance program

After leservicesarning of the disaster, Presirelief动词dent Ma Min immediately contacted the United Front Work Department and asked wh广东东莞天气ether it was necessary to go to the united Front Work Department to contact the poverty relief point — Donger Village in Shanwei City for disaster relief. Weng Hua, first Vice President of CCPIT Xiamen, quickly learned about the disrelief是什么意思啊aster situation through multiple channels. On September 1st, the chairman’s tealions英语怎么读m led by Ma Min decided to launch the initiative of flood relief and post-disas深圳风险等级ter reconstructio深圳地铁线路图n in eastern Guangdong through comservice是什么意思中文翻译muflooding翻译nication and consultation with the associatioprovide sb with sthn.

On September 3,floodplain the first vice president weng Hua presided over the conference of shenzhen Lions Club on flood relief and constrlions读音uction assflooding翻译istance projecshenzhents in eastern Guangdong. More than 1lions怎么读0 people, including Chairman Ma Min, First Vice Chairman Weng Hua, Seceastern什么意思retary-general Zeng Shiyang, Chief Financial Officer Luo Jinsong, Chief Bulions读音siness Officer Guo Yongyong and Deputy Secretary-general Zheng Huoping, attended the meeting and made arranprovidesgements fofloodplainr floeastern怎么读od eservicesmsc找不到mergency assistance infloodwater eastern Guangdong. The participants immediatelyflood是什么意思 set up an emergency aid vanguard, with Deputy Secretary-Generlions翻译中文al Deng Yi and Chairman of the Emergency Aid Educatflood翻译ion Center Li Ying in charge of buying emergency supplies such as rice and cooking oil, and connecting vehicles tprovides怎么读o transport the supplies to the disaster area. By president Ma Min, Chief financial Officer Luo Jinsrelief是什么意思啊ong rate team to Chaoyanfloodgateg, Chaonan docking广东风险等级 disaster relief supplies; General Affairs Director Guo Yongyong led a team to luhserviceshelle docking relief supplies.

Luhe disaster relief: Lion friends on-site donation

On teastern什么意思he morning of September 4th, a batch ofclub是什么意思 relief materials worth 1深圳市最新疫情00,000 yuan arrived at the Ci深圳疫情最新消息vil Affairs Bureau of Luhe County smoothly, the lion friends worked together to load and load relief materials, and held a brief material handover cerclubsemony with广东 the Civil affairs Bureau. The leaders of the Civil affairs bureaurelief of Luhe county, on behalf o广东疫情最新情况f the people oeasternmostf Luhe, expressed their high respect to the Lions Club of Shenzhen and prerelief翻译sented a plaque of gratilions翻译中文tude to the Lions Club of Shenzhen on behaclub是什么酒lf of the county authorities.

In the afternoon of the same day, Guo Yongyong, chief of general affairs, together with Direceasternmosttor Chen of Shanwei Education Bureau, rushed to Luhe, aflood怎么读nd led the lion friends to go deep intoflooding gonglian Village, the most severely affected area, to send urgently needed seastern的名词upplies for the people of the disaster area. At the scene, the lion friends volunteer深圳疫情最新消息ed to donate 4,500 yuan to the victims’ families, and expressedrelief怎么读 deep sshenzhenympathy to them, encouraging them to strengthen the confidence to resist natural disasters and rebuild their homes.

During the luhe trip, Yu Jiarui, director of the Stalion是什么意思中文翻译nding Committee of thefloodwater Luhe County People’s Congress, met with the emergency vangua深圳市最新疫情rd team, andlions的音标 on behalf of the Luhe County Party Committee and the county authorities, highly praised the lions Club’s disaster relief ac深圳疫情最新消息tion, and expressed hearlionsgatetfelt thanks to all the lion friends and caring people on behalf of the Luhe people!

Chaoyang dprovides是什么意思isaster relief: The victims look forward to a shelter

The Lions Club of Shenzhen donatefloodplaind 200,000 yuan worth of relierelief给挚爱的你f matprovides怎么读erials to Chaonan distservices翻译riprovidesthforsb翻译ct and Charelief怎么读oyang District of Shantou on September 9 and 3 and Septe广东工业大学mberlionsgate 4 respectively. Due to the heavy disaster relief task in Chaoyang district, there were few personnel on the scene to carry supplieseastern是什么节日. President Li Ying and several lion friends whoclubmed官网预订 arrived in advancservices翻译e carried 4.88 tons of rice深证指数 and 976 barrels of cooking oil from the truck under the hot sun. They were busy with sweat and panting.

On the afternoon of April 4, Chairman Ma Min and his delclub用英语怎么说egation held a symposium with representfloodedatives of parprovides是什么意思ty committeeprovides是什么意思s and official departments such as organization Department of Chaonan District Committee, CPPCC, Civilionsl Affairs Bureau and CC深圳天气F. The representative of the org广东工业大学anization department thanked the Shenzhen Lions Club for coming to support as soon as the water re广东外语外贸大学ceded and the trafficlubmanc was smooth. He said that beservicesmsc找不到forfloode the flood, peopl广东东莞天气e’s authorities did a good job of prevention work in advance, moved residentservices.msc什么意思s to safclub用英语怎么说e shelters, basically completed the traclub是什么酒nsfer of a small numbeclubmed官网预订r of young people, the elprovidesderly and the sick and深圳疫情最新消息 disabled people; Famili深圳风险等级e广东工业大学s with younger and more manpower thought they could handle emerlion是什么意思中文翻译gencies and were reluctant to move,providesthforsb是什么意思 leaving most trapped.

After the forum, lion friends underclub是什么酒 the hot and unpleasant smelfloodplainl of chaonan district, Chaoyang district affected areas. As the water receded, water lines could be seen on the walls, and items that had been soaked in water piled up at the doorways of affected families. Thserviceshelle local shelter is old and dilapideastern翻译ated. When talking to villagers about the need to rebuild after the disaster, most of them looked forward to rebuilding their shelters on higher ground to protect them from natural disasters in the future.

Unite as one to herelief和relieve区别lp the eastern guangdong flood

Within 5 days affloodgateter the Lions Club shenzhen launched the flood reliflood翻译ef initiative in eastern Gu深圳地铁线路图angdonrelief是什么意思啊g, tclub是什么酒he service teams andclub是什么酒 lion friends reastern和east区别esponded positively. A total of 127 serelief翻译成中文rvice teams donated 1,106,100 yuan, raisingservices 95,000 yuan worth of materials, and donat广东风险等级ed 300,000 yuan worth of emergency relief materials.

The donatio广东地图n teservices翻译ams are: Ovaltine, dream, silver lake, liuzhou, humble love, best bay, inscription nonyl, happiness, mileage, mission hills, xili, macro Yang, taoyuan, ping shan, huaming, alex, long in the sea, blue sky, fuyong, Oriental rose, the son, oct, phoenix, nameplates, han, mastery, and广东风险等级 bring goo深圳疫情最新消息d products, China English, Le cuckoo, flange, longhua, baoan, joifloodingnt, fairy lake, shun hing, checkpoiclubmed官网预订nt, HuaYue, tiancheng, Red libo, rainbow, burson-marsteller, PengCheng, Chinese entrepreneurs, hua xiang, earth, day Germany, charity collection, splendid, leshan, yantian, unity, longteng, central district, hand inrelief和relieve区别 hand, high-tech, Wen Jin, p深圳疫情最新消息eace, Thailand, and future, taservice是什么意思中文翻译ishan, minteqfloodwater, virtues, the spring breezeeastern, lotus, relevant, riv广东财经大学erside, ganten, the south China sea, the sea yue, in the long run, love, beishan,广东地图 matsuoka, Lord will berth, dahuang, spring, Step, cloud sea, peng bo eclub用英语怎么说lite, flat land, seven star, good good (chips), concentric, claseasternmostsic, taian, huaqiang, wutong mountain, nature, s广东外语外贸大学takes, jiangsrelief翻译成中文han, punch, elite, wally, xinreliefan广东, datong, business knoserviceswledge, xixiprovide是什么意思ang, treasure, treasflood翻译ure to celebrateeastern什么意思, Jin Ming, gold, grace, drelief和relieve区别epart, bagua mountain ridgclub是什么意思e, pen rack, Lin, shenyang, shell, shenzhen bay, the king sent guangdong, zhongtian, shajing深圳疫情最新消息 , Hongya, Jingfeng, Jie Crelief形容词heng, Zhengdao, Futian, Xiangshan, Sherelief动词kou, Yitian, Lingding, Huamei, Xiaotong, Shi Ai football, Gospel,深圳市最新疫情 Bright pupils, Xincheng, Bo Burelief和relieve区别siness elite.

Ma Min, chairman of the Lions Club, said that in the next step, The Lions Club of Shenzhrelief动词en will negotiate with the Lions Associa深圳大学tion of China and the Lions Cprovidesbwithsth同义词lub of Guangdong on post-disaster assrelief形容词istance and the establishment of shelters, to help the victims resume normal pserviceshellroduction and life as soon as possible, and to use the remaining funds for disaster relief.

Natural disaster ruthless, deep lion love, hope the disaster area people as soon as possible through the difficulties, rebuild their homes.

【 Text 】 Su Zhuang, Bin, Yu Jialions是什么意思njun

[Photo] Wang Haibin yu Jlions读音ianjun

[Editor] Ma Huijuaeastern和east区别n Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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