Pengbo Elite Service Team: The inaugural ceremony of the 2018-2019 election was held smoothly

Pengbo Elite Service Team: The inaugural ceremony of the 2018-2019 election was held smoothly

On August 16, 2018, the i鹏博金属行情naugural ceremony of pengbo Elite Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held in Impression Jiangxi Resta蓬勃urant, Siservice是什么意思中文翻译licon Valley courtyard, Longhua District. Mr. Liao Ronghui, chairman of Zone 1 of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2018-2019, Mr. Zhang Shijun, Executive Chairman of GLT, Mr. Hu Jianbo, captain of Pengbo Elite Service Team, Mteamworkr. Sun Weifeng, former captain and founding team leader, Mr. Wang Yanfei, Third Vice captain, Mr鹏博士. Fang Zhouchang, More than 100 people attendelectioned the ceremoceremony的名词ny, including secretary Yang Shan, treasurer Zhou Yang, general affairs Hong Xingen, andinaugural address课文ppt picket Jiang Zhenghua. The cereinaugural翻译mony wa鹏博金属行情报价s chaired by Mr. Wang Yanfei and presided over by Mr. Fang Zhservicemanouchang and Mr. He Jiancoinaugural是什么意思ng.

Sun Weifeng, the last team leader, delivered the 2017-2018 annual work report. He thanked the leaders of the district council, the teachers group, the Lservice是什么意思中文翻译ion friends of pengbo Elite Servceremony造句ice Team and all the lion friends and friends who gave him help and support. He also thankedceremony翻译 the enterprises and social cariserviceableng peoplelection是什么意思e who generously donated to the charity of Pelite俱乐部中的鞭打engbo Elite Service Team. Wei-feng sun the preteamworkvious captinaugural address课文pptain pointed out that the 2017-2018, peng bo elite service 39 lion friend closely aro鹏博金属行情报价und "love lion friendly people arounceremonyd" the annual theme, advocating the concept of "service joyful growth", committed to the student, aservice翻译ssistive, accurate public service such as poverty, health and environmental protection, aelections total of 7 times in service activities, serviceremony的名词ce funds of 62000 yuan, Has made a positeamworktive contribution to the society; Hinauguraleld 8 regular meetings and team leader meetings, visited more thanserviceman 20 lion friends enterprises, cared for 4 lion friends, greatly improved the cohelite怎么读esion of lion friends. He hopesceremony造句 that under the leaelite俱乐部中的鞭打dership of Captain Hu Jianbo, pengbo elite service tteamvieweream can connect the past and the future.

Financial zhou Yang made the 2017-2018 annual financial report, which introduced in detail the income a鹏博金属行情报价万千商机领先nd expenditure of pengbo Elite Service team inelite the last year.蓬勃的意思

Hu Jianbo, captain of the team, made a work plan for 2018-2019 and put forward four key tasks for the New Year: one is to continue to do a good job in t鹏博士he "care from the people around" activity; Second, carry out the activities of respecting the elderly and asinaugural addresssisting the disabled; The third is to carry out the annual Public welfare activitielectionses in Daliceremony的音标ang Mountain; Fourth, implement the membership and conference managemeceremonynt system. He will linaugural是什么意思eaelection是什么意思d the lion friends to carry forward the public welfare cause of Pengbo elite service team.

In the leadership of the lion friends witness, Sun Weifeng will be the鹏博士 captain riservice和serve的区别bbon and scepter handed over to Hu Jianbo蓬勃.

Chelite俱乐部中的鞭打airman Liao Ronghui deliteam什么意思vereceremony和celebration的区别d a speech, thanking pengbo Elite Service Team for i彭波接受审查调查ts contribution to lions Club and public welfare. He hoped that lionceremony造句s friends woulinaugural是什么意思d aceremonyctively participate in the service activities and mservice的名词ake unremitting efforts to reach a higher level in tinaugural addresshe New Year.

Wang Yanfei gave a speech of thanks to all thelection怎么读e lion friends andteams会议 guests present for their support, and wished pengbo Elite Service team a prosperous and new step on the road of public welfare.

Article/Zhou Yang Tu/Yang Shan

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