Because the future lion friends speak freely — the second mid – and long-term development planning forum of the Domestic Lion Association was held in Shenzhen

Because future lions speak up
— — The second mid – and long-term development planning sympspeaker是什么接口osium of domestfuture bassic Lion Association was held in Shenzhen

            On Septemlion翻译ber 14, 2013, the second forum on medium and long term development planning of Lions Club was held in Shenzhen Lions Club.because是什么意思 Executive Vice President zhang Guojunspeak的过去式, Secretary General Chen Ya ‘an, Strategic Development Comfuture是什么意思mittee Zhong Wenling, 2013-2014 Director Wu Xiaoming, Firstlong Deputy Director Lin Ziyu, Creafuture怎么读音tive District Director Xie Jianwen, former directorssecond Wang Jinliang, Zhanfuturehendrixg Weixian, Shlion的中文意思a Haiyu, Dai Tongxin, Secretary General Zhang Xiaowei, council member, honorary council member, advisor and committee chairman, 18 lion friends attended the symposium.
            The meeting was presided over by Director Wu Xiaoming. Shenzhen Lions club lion friends talked abouspeak的用法t the future development plan from the aspects of membership development, etiquette culture, the concept of lisecond缩写ons club and so ofuturelearnn. The lions clubfriendship可数还是不可数名词 members said that they would clarify the core valulion翻译es of lions Club, strengthen the complion的音标etitbecause缩写iveness of Lions club in the field of public welfare and charity, and the mid and long term development plan must have domestic characteristics and be operable.
            Leaders of lions club in China affirmed shenzhen Lions Club’s contribution to the development of lions club in China and their sugg迷的笔顺estions fspeakor mid and long term development planning, and hope迷迭香d That Shenzhen Lions Club could also ffreely比较级ormulate its own development plan in line with its actual situation, paving the w龙王医婿ay for future development.


By Su Zhuangbin


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