Notice | about Chinese lion federation's first English composition "the future of the peace" solicitation activities Shenzhen exhibition works collection notice

We will hold the first "Peaceful Future" English essay contest

Notice of collection of works in Shenzhen Exhibition Area

Dear Lion friend,

Lions International has hefirst是什么意思ld a global English Essay competition for visuallyenglish翻译 impaired children sinlion的音标ce 2010 and has successfully heldabout怎么读语音 it for seven tenglish翻译imes. The competition aims to encourage the support and palion翻译rticipation of liaboutcgons clubs worldwide and provide more visually impaired youth with the opportunity to express their thoughts and aspirations for pnotice的固定搭配eace. It is the first time for China to participate in tabouthis event.aboutcg网站 For this purpose, Shenzhen Lions Club will cooperate with Domestic Lions Club to carry out the shenzhen exhibition area solicitation activity. The activity plan is as follows:

A, & have spent The activity time

From now until October 29, 2017

Secondlions英语怎么读, & have spent Actienglishvity theme

The Futureabouttime免费观看 of Peacabout是什么意思e

Three, & have spent Collect object

Theabouttime免费观看 competition is divided into two groups according to age: A and B

Group A consisted of visually impaired children aged 11-13 on November 15, 2017;

Groufuture是什么意思p B consisted of visually impaired adolescents agcomposition的名词ed 14-20 on November 15, 2017.

Remark:Participants are subject to id card and disabled card.

Four, & hafirsthandve spent Work requienglish音标remenenglishforyou视频ts

(a) & hachineseve spent Text and word count requirements:

Entries must be written in English in no less than 150 words and no more than 500 words (excluding punctuationotice的形容词n).

(2) & have spent Format requirements:

Entries should be printed on computer in black, vertical font, 3 point font, Arial and double spaced.

Remark:The collection of works will be by mail and online submissiofuturen, the authors of the entries should keep the hard copy of their works.

Five, & have spent Mechinesethod of submission

The collection of works bfuture是什么牌子y mail combined wiabouttime免费观看th online submission.

(a) & have spent By mail: send the completed entry form (Attachment 2) and summary form (Attachment 3) to Wenjie Lin, Shenzhen Lions Club Office, 13th floenglish是哪个国家ofirst青年电影展r, Buildinlion的中文意思g D, Huaqing Garden, Luosha Jinger Rochinese读音ad, Luohu District, Shenzhen. Tel: 0755-25688570.

(2) & have sfirst怎么读英语pent For online submission, please send the completed apcomposition的名词plication form (Attachmenaboutcg网站t 2) and summary form (Attachment 3) electronicalfirstly and slionelcannedenglish的复数 copies (PDF format, filename: name + age + School + Service team) to szlions_pubenglish翻译

Six, & have spent Award setting

Shenzhen Lions Club will organize experts to evaluate more than 10 works collected in shenzhen eabout怎么读xhibition area, and special works will be selected to panotice的固定搭配rticipate in the national selection.first是什么意思

Please refer to Attachment 1 for the national Lions Association awards.

Seven, & have spent The contact

Lin Wenjfirsthandie (office onotice的形容词fficer), tel: 0755-25688570


1. Notice of the General Office of the China Disabled Persons' Federation on "The Third Ncomposition和component的区别ational Peace Poster Collection For Children with Disabilities"

2. Application Form for the 3rd Nationafirst怎么读l Peace Poster Collection for Children with Disabilities

3. Information summary form of the Third National Peanotice过去式ce Poster Collection for Children with Disabilities

Shenzhen Lions Cluenglishb

October 23, 2017

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