Great Love, boundless love, Warm Wenshan -- Shenzhen Lions Club's activities of caring for children, drug control and AIDS prevention have entered Wenshan, Yunnan province

Big love boundless warm wenshan

-- Shenzhen Lions Club's activities of caring for childrenclub是什么意思, druclubmang control and AIDS prevelovealarmntion have been launched in Wenshan,深圳天气 Yunnan province

On October 23, the children's care, drug cactivities是什么意思ontrol and AIDS prevention activitiegreat是什么意思s jointlylions翻译中文 organized by the Shenzhen Lions Club, Yunnan Disabgreat-elecled Persons'activities的中文 Federation and the Represen文山州天气tative offices of thlions的音标e Domestic Lions Associatactivities和activity的区别ion in Yunnan province contingreat是什么意思中文翻译ued to be held in Wenshan, Yunnan provi汶上天气nce. Activity XiangWenShan city special schools such as bgreathiddencamadminton, basketball, splovelyorts纹上身的爱 products and intelligent robot, XiagreatnessngWenShan city the firlove直播手机版app下载st kindergarten donation of intelligent robot, XiangWenShan city beauty adit outpatient donated 10000 yuan文山会海 in cash, organized wenshan city datong middle school students to carry out an深圳风险等级ti-drug AIDS seminar, and donagreat比较级和最高级怎么写ted supplies to the students, the service fund of about 150000 yulove is gone英文翻译an.activities是什么意思翻译成中文

The morning of October 23, lion friends to exceptional child care activities,great怎么读 wenshan city slions翻译pec深证指数ial schools for the dona汶上天气tion that the specgreat是什么意思ial children's badminton, gas volleyball, basketball, football, volleyball, chess, pump, the baton, baskeactivitiestball scoring rack, stopwatch, table tennis, volleyball net and深圳疫情最新消息 other supplclub怎么读ies, value 22000 yuan, the donation of 36 sets of intell深圳地铁线路图igent robot, the value of about 30000 yuan, The totalove最新版官方下载l service funds are 52,000 yuan.

Zhang Yumei, deputy director of Wenshan Education Bureau, thanked shiyou for their attention to the cause of special education and care for disabled children in border minority areas.

The representative expressed his grlions读音atitude to theboundless什么意思 Shenzhen Lions Club and other organizations for their care for the chclub是什么意思ildren with special needs, saying that he would study hard, face l深圳疫情最新消息ife with confidence and become an optimwarmlyistic and strong person.

Tian Wangxing, president of Lions Club of Shenboundlessnesszhen for 2017-2018, enactivities音标couraged the children to study hard, growgreat比较级和最高级怎么写 up happily and give back to tlovely翻译he society with goowarm是什么意思d results. He pointed out that special children are also the flowers纹上身的爱 ofactivities音标 the motherland, and hoped that the whole society will palovey attention to special children and extend a warm helping hand to them.

Yang Holions英语怎么读ng, the first vice President of Yunnan Representative Body for 2017-2018, thanked the lion friendslions读音 for their great lclubmanove. She said that caring for children with special needs is the common responsibility of the whole society, andwarm怎么读语音 hoped that this activity could help them groclub是什么意思w up healthily.

Huang Zhengxiong, chairman of wenshan State Disabled Persons' Federation, expressed his hope thboundlessnessat the government and all sectors of society could inherit great love, continue to pay attention to and care for special children, so that special children can get more helpshenzhen.

Special children performed "Thank you for your love", "Gratclub是什么酒efulgreat-elec Heart" and other wonderful programs for lion friends, the children's dedicated attitude touched everyone present.boundless

To express my graclub是什么意思titude,Wenshaclub是什么酒n State Disabled Personsgreat' FederationPresident Tian Wangxing presented the annual presiden汶上县t's flag of Shenzhen Lions Club to Chairman Huanlove is gone英文翻译g Zhengxiong and school leaders.greatly

Later, the ligreathiddencamon friends rushed to wenshan No. 1 Kindergarten anwarmthd donated 92 intelligent robots, wlove直播软件安卓下载orth about 80,000 yuan, to thewarm是什么意思 children. Jin Xiaoru, principal of Wenshan No. 1 Kindergarten, thanked shenzhen Lions Cluboundlessnessb and other units for their ca深圳疫情最新动态re and support of preschactivities是什么意思ool education, and presented a banner to the representatives of the service teclubmedam partiwarmercipating in the activity.

In the afternoon, lion friends in Wenshan City Meisadong clinic to carry out "anti-dlions怎么读rug Alove直播破解版IDS prevention"lions翻译中文 activities, donated 10,000 yuan cash to meisadong clinic, used to buy drugs and daily necessities for patients.

Later, the lion friends rushed to Wenshan Datong Middle School without a stop, held a special lecture on drug and AIDS preventioclub是什么意思n for 150 students, and don深圳大学ated 150 daily necessities深圳大学 to the students, worth 8,750 yuan.

Shenzhen lio深圳疫情最新消息ns in yunnan wenshan assistive for poverty alleviation, care for children, a series of anti-drug AIDS servgreat翻译ice activities, the collection wil深圳大学l master, bright pupil, lotus, combined, set sail, tiancheng, humbwarm翻译le love, ovaltwarmlyine, yantian, such as the poactivities是什么意思wer of the nine service,深圳风险等级 service funactivities思维导图ds of 300000 yuan, and love to inspire companies donated 128 RMB 110000 worth of深圳地铁线路图 intelligent robots. Among them, The She深圳地铁线路图nzhen Lions Club donated 50,000 yuan, the main club and the United Service team donated 50,000 yuan respectively, the Fuai, Yantian, Huatian and other servilove直播软件安卓下载ce teams donated 20,000 yuan respec文山电力股吧tively, Qihang, Tactivitiesianchenwarm的名词g service team donated 10,000 yuan respectively, an深圳地铁线路图d the Lianhuashan and Liangtong service team donated 70,000 yuan in total. The activity has been supported by local agreathiddencamuactivities怎么读thorities and promoted by Wenshan radio and TELEVISION station, which has acboundless翻译hieved good social efflions翻译中文ect.

Ygreat比较级和最高级怎么写unnan Lion Friends, including Yang Hong, the first vice Chairman, Hu Bin, the second vice Chairmboundlessan, Tao Wen, the third District Chairman, Liang Hongmei, the cactivities音标hairman of the Anti-DRUG AND AIDS Prevention Committee, Tian Xingwang, the pgreat比较级和最高级怎么写resident of shenzhegreat是什么意思中文翻译n Liowarmthns Club, Ma Min,lovely翻译 Dai Jihong, Huan汶上天气g Shaofang, Lin Yuqi, Huang Lisheng, the district c深圳天气hairmen, Feng Ziyu, leader of the main association service team, Sun Mingxia, leader of the Briggreathiddencamht Pupil Service team, Chen Jianjun, leader of the Lianhuashlove直播手机版app下载an Service tshenzheneam, and representatives of the main association, Bright pupil, Lianhuashan, United, Qihang, Tiancheng, Fuaiboundless翻译, Huatian, Yantian aboundlessnlovely翻译d other service teams participated in the activity. The event was hosted by Li Mengnian.

[Text] Yang Xin

[Photo] Yang Xin

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Liactivities是什么意思翻译成中文n Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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