Charity relay love spread (source: Shenzhen Business Daily A06 edition)

Charity relay love spread
The Charity award for poverty Alleviation in Luohu became a charity association, with several entreprenbusinesspersoneurs pledging millions onbusiness-method the spot

      &nbsspread outp; [Shenzhen Economic Daily] (Reporter Wang Doutian correlove直直播appspondent Chen Tianli Zhang Lulu) Yesterday af深圳疫情ternoon, Luohu Hall once again became a loving & LDquo; Marine & throughout; . In luohu district's second session of poverty alleviation charity commendation conference, scenlove直播软件安卓下载es of new lolove is gone英文翻译ve ssourcetree怎么使用tory staged, praise became & LDquo; Love willovely什么意思l & throughout; .

&nbusinessman翻译bsp;       “ Bcharityig Ailuo Lake, thank you! ” Vice Mayor Zhang Wen, Secretary of Luobusiness-methodhu District Party Comsourcedmittee Ni Zewang, District Director He H深圳大学aitao, Director of Civilovely什么意思l Affairs Du Pengdaily是什么意思, Secretary of the Party Group and President Chen Yin of Shenzhen Press Group presented awards to rerelay怎么读levant units and individuals respectively. They are 20 pairing-assisted andaily是什么意思啊英语d caring enterprises such as Wanlijia Grcharity音标oup Holding Co., LTD. Shenzhen Hongfa Temple and other five pairs to help the collective love; Shenzhen Star Silvespread的过去式r Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. 18 & LDquo; Contribution Award fo安卓手机如何打开.bin文件r Pair Assistance & RDQdailymotion俄罗斯UO; Award-winning units; Shenzhen Aokanda Luxury Car Plaza Co., Ltd. and other 9 charitable donation units; Ssource车上按键什么意思henzhen Baolin International Jewelry Trading Center Coage., LTD. 6 & LDquo; Contribution Award for Charbusiness怎么读itable Donation & RDQUO; Winning units and shiyin shun and other 15 paibusinessman翻译rs to help caring individuals. The guests launched together. Great Ailuo Lake ” Network platform.

        “ Sunshine kindness & Middot; Great Ailuo Lake &rlovely翻译dquo; Public platform website set up by the luohu district official, the content including the pair sudailymotionpport, everyone is kind, there is love in the world, yet public welfare project, SOS and ssource车上按键什么意思o on five big plate, aim深圳疫情最新消息eddaily是什么意思 at disadvspread的过去式和过去分词antaged and strengcharityth to builrelay怎么记d the bridge and platform of love, love that resources difficult peopllovealarme find love, let love find recipients, power through the power of netwloveork, gathering originative more lovelove.

  &nbsdaily是什么意思啊英语p;         He Haitao read out the "Charity relay, Love spread to thousands of people —& MDash; Luohu District launched the charity enterprises (personage) to participate in the poverty alleviation activities procharity是什么意思posal". Call on the whole district of caring enterprises, public welfare organizations, caring units and personages, kindness, chari深圳疫情最新动态tcharity形容词y, activelybusinessperson engaged insource车上按键什么意思 & LDquo; Great Ailuo Lake ” .

&nbsbusiness的形容词p;     &relay中文意思nbsp;     Ni saidlovely that over the past year, 161 charitable enbusiness翻译terprises, 1,136 publi深圳大学c officials and five public welrelayserver翻译fare organizations participated in the two sessions of Charity Awards in Luohu distrspread outict. Great Ailuo Lake ” D阿凡达uring the pairbusinessman翻译ing activity, 1,030 poor families and 165 poor students with excellenrelay中文意思t chabusinessman翻译racter and learnbusinesslikeing have been helped, with a total fund of more than 10 million yuan.

   spread的过去式;         At the event site, the leaders of ganlu Jewelry, Kangda Car Plaza, Diamond charm jewelry and other enterprises as well as the team o爱情和战争rganized by Mr. Jia Hongqing donated 1 million and 800 m安卓手机如何打开.bin文件illion respecharity和love区别ctively, and formed pairs of help with about 330 famsource insightilies in difsource翻译ficulty.

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