High-tech service team held a regular meeting in July

High-tech service team held a regular meeting in July

            On the afternoon of July 27th, 2013, Shenzhen Lions Cjulylub High-tech Servjuly是几月ice Team helheld是hold的什么形式d its first regular meeting of 2013-2014 in the 36th floor, Block B, Allianz Building (Oriental Wall Street). More than 20 lions members attended thteche meeting.
            Wearing the uniform uniform and the light pink blue shirt presented by Brother Huang Yuefeng, all lion friends are in fihigh翻译ne spirits and look radiant. At the meeting, Brother Deng Yishi, Sister Lin Taoshi and Sister Li Huashi, thtechniquee 2013-2014 president of Hi-tech Service Team, respectively reported the preparations for the 10th anniversarytechno celebration of hi-tech Service Team, the raising of the celebration fee and the payment of membership dues, etc., and the lion friends also put forward their opinions on the typesetting and text conthigh的名词ent of the commemorative album.
    &nmeeting是什么意思中文翻译bsp;       At the meeting, the lion friends werhighe also praised for themeeting是什么意思ir hard work for the 10th annimeetingsversary celebration. The liomeetingn friends actively atechniciannd seriously rehearsed the program, and had rehearsed the program ftechnologyor the 10th anniversary celebration of the establishment of high-tech Service team for five consecutive weekendservice怎么读sheld的意思是什么. &nbjuly是几月sp;

        &held的原型nbsp;                             &july是几月nbsp;     &nheld的意思是什么bsp;                               &nbspupheld;    

By Li Hua

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