— The Commission on Targeted Poverty Alleviation held its second regular meeting of the year

On October 12, 2020, the second regular meeting of targeted Poverty Alleviation Commiheld中文ttee of Shenzhen Lions Club 2020-2021 was held in Xilimeeting是什么意思中文翻译 Top International Fitness Club, Nanshan District. Lu Zhmeetingyou是什么意思iitstimefor和to区别qiang, Chairman of Shenzhetargeted是什么意思n Lions Club for 2020-2021, Li Zhou, Supervisor, Dai Linhua (Daipoverty怎么读 Jialin), Chairman of Targeted Povertyalleviation是什么意思 Alleviation Committee, Yi Shumin, Xu Youping, Wang Hua, Luoit’s Min, Yang Shuijin, Li Bizhen, Shen Weiqiang, Li Rong, Zhong Shixiong, And Cheng Xalleviation是什么意思iangsheng, Executive Chairman of Environmental Protectregular是什么意思英语ion Services Committee attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Xu Youping and presided over by Li Bizhen.

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First of all, Chairman Dai Linhua summarized and shared the recent projects of point-to-point poverty alleviation in Nanyuan Communiits是什么意思ty and visiting poor Members of CPC members. At the same tregularlyime, she introduced the committee’s annual work plan and made clear the next work plan and tsecondhandarget. She sitselfaid that the committee will actively resmeetingyou是什么意思pond to the call of the state,commission什么意思 work closely with the district coitsmuncil, develop quantifiable standards, guide the service team to carry out targeted poverty alleviation prsecond缩写ojects, and jointly promotcommission和committee有什么区别e the healthy and vigorous development of the Shenzhen Lions Club.

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The execsecond缩写utive chairmen actively shared their experience itargeted翻译n participating in targeted poverty alleviatargeted是什么意思tion projects. All participants expressed their opinions and suggestions on how to do a good job in targepovertyted poverty alleviation, and summarized ways, mepoverty怎么记忆thods and directions, laying a foundation for the next stage of the work of the Commtargeted翻译ittee.

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Lu Zhiqiang, Chairman of CCN, highly praised all the chairmen for being responsible and responsible for their work, anmeetingtencentcomd spoke highly of the enthusiasm and pragmatiregularityc wmeeting翻译orking style of the Cotargeted是什么意思mmission. At the same time, he put forward three major work requits和it’s的区别irements for the Commission: First, thheld的中文意思e commission should formulate reference standards for targeted poverty alleviation and reach consensus with the service teams; Ssecondscreen下载econd, earnestly perform their duties and actcommission什么意思ively play a leading role to guide the servicitstimefor和to区别e teams to better carry out targeted poverty alleviation work; Third, on behalf of The Lions Club of Shenzhen,poverty的形容词 we contacted the official poverty alleviation department of Shenzhen to ipoverty是什么意思ntroduce targeted poverty alleviation projects suitable for the Lions Club of Shenzhenpoverty怎么记忆 into each service team, forming an important supplementary force for the targeted poverty alleviatitss资质证书ion wcommissionerork led by the government.

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Pheld中文articipants expressed their opinions and divergent thinking, and had a heated discussion about the work requirements put forward by Presidensecondscreen下载t Lu Zhiqiang. Everyone clear division of work, competiheldng toitsashou微博 undertake work tasks. The Tasecond的基数词rgeted Poverty Alleviation Committee will communicate with the service team on a regular basis, track the progress of the poverty allits翻译eviation project, proviheldbackde timely support and assistance to the service team, and submit a satisfactory answer sheet for the targeheld的原型ted povermeetingtencentcomty aheld是hold的什么形式lleviation work this year.

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By Cheng Sang-sheng

Photo/Li Bizhen

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