Shenzhen Lions Club participated in the second “Kang Cheng Cup” charity football invitational tournament in Shenzhen

Shenzhen Lions Club participated in the second “Kang Cheng Cup” charity football invitatiocharity怎么读nal tournament in Shenzhen


          On October 18, in the afternoon, the shen深圳疫情最新消息zhen yasunari c醋泡花生米的正确做法ulture development co., LTD., shenzhen radio, film a康熙nd tparticipate的意思elevisi深圳疫情on group,participate的名词 jointly organized by physical health, lions club in shenzhen, shenzhen chamber of commerclubmed官网预订ce成毅 in shanxi, yangjian成都6个中风险地区g chamber, and science and tecup是什么意思chnology co., LTD. Of shenzhen in the抗美援朝 second annual “yasunari cup” football tournament opening ceremony was helion是什么意思ld in the center of thparticipate读音e merlin style foocharity音标tball field. Nearly 200 players, cheerleaders and深圳疫情最新动态 guests from 16 football teams, inclucharity和love区别ding Shenzhen Lions Ccup是什么意思lub, City Broadcasting Group, Kangcheng Culture and Shanxi Chamlions是什么意思ber of Commerce深圳疫情最新动态, attended the ceremony. Mr. Ye Zhi, Director of Shenzhen Football Association, Mr. Xie Bin, Chairmcharity形容词an of Shenzhen Kangcheng Cultural Development Co., LTD., Mr. Lin Tao, president of Shenzparticipated是什么意思hen Lions Club 2015-2016,抗日战争 Mr. Yu Qian, Vice Preside深圳地铁线路图nparticipated是什么意思t of Shenzhen Lions Club, Mr. Zeng Shiyang, Secretary General, Mr. Zhang Hon深圳地铁线路图gxiang, Deputy Secretary General, and Mr. Tang Haozhi, Executive Chairman of Shenzhen Lions News Agency attended the opening ceremony.



          Mr. Zeng Xuelin, the former heparticipated怎么读ad coachcharity怎么读 o康师傅方便面中发现老鼠屎f the National football Team, was invited to attend the event and gave a speech. Hcharity宽容的爱e said that “Kang抗原和核酸的区别cheng Cup” ichengs an important brand that shenzhen citizens football fans like, and hseconde also gives consideration to public welfare and charity and actively helps studlions英语怎么读ents. He expects everyone to work hard to realize the dream of domestic football going out of Asia to the world.


          At康熙 the ceremony, Lin Tao, precharity-mindedsident of CCPIT Xiamen had a cordial exchange with抗原和核酸的区别 Zeng Lao, and was interviewed by reporters from Guangdong Scharity-mindedports Channel. In order to improve team morale alions读音nd coparticipate的意思hesion,cup怎么读 President Lin specially did a pre-game mobilization for all the members of the Shenzhen Lions football team. She said thatcup是什么意思 the Shenzhen L醋泡黑豆的功效与作用ion抗疫s football team won the championship in the firs成都6个中风险地区t domestic Lions League football competition and hoped that the current抗日战争 invitational tournament could achieve another good result. Different is that this深圳风险等级 event, a total of 16 teams to participate in, the goal is not only to competition, and through the game to help gcharityuizhou mouparticipatedntainous area chil成都6个中风险地区dren go to schoolcup怎么读, deep lioncharity的内涵意义s football team will love into the game, “play” the lion spirit, tocupfox in成语spire more entesecondrprises pay attencup怎么读tion to public welfare成毅 undertakings, love for football and public welfare, happy and healthy uparticipate的名词sher the new direction of public welcupboardfare undertakings. In his speech, Yu Qian, the s成毅econd vice President of CCFA, put forward the slogan of “charity football, happy charity, healthy pelionsgateople and strong country”.


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          Aclubsfterward, the 16 teams held thsecond缩写e athl康熙etes’ entransecond的基数词ce ceremony. Under the leadership of Chairman Gao Ling, the Shenzhen Lions football team has made its debut with a brand new look and displayed the spirit of lions through its New Jersey. Accompanied by Chairman Gao Ling and other gcharityuests, Zeng kicked off the ball to congratulate them and kicked off the six rounds of 32 matches.




By Tang Haozhi, Wang Wenjun, Tang Haozhi

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