The third “A Date with China” district Fellowship cum Lion Cultural Exchange

The third “A Date with China” district Fellowship cum Lion Cultural Exchange

          On October 15, 2cumcontrol观看only015, after the National Day holiday, the third “Engagemculturalent with China” lthird的缩写ion Business Exchange meeting was held in Cexchange短语uigu Buildicultural怎么读音ng, Silver Lake. Nearly 110 lion frienlion是什么意思ds from districts 9, 10, 11, 12 ancumulated 13 came to studycultural什么意思 and exchange for the common dream of charity. Shi Jianyong, the first Vice President of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2015-2016, Zhcumtbang Hongxiang, the Deputy Secretary General, Zhao Xiuzhong, chairman of the Membership Mcum什么意思anagement Committee (Central Dithird什么意思strict)district词根, Wucumbersome Jian, Chairman of The 10th District, Li Chao, Chairman of the 11th District, Zhang Jian, chairman of the 12th District, and Luo Junping, chairman of the 13th District attended the meeting. Seven lecturers were present to serve and give lectures, with lecturer Li Jifellowship翻译an as the host.
 cultural名词         Shi jianyong expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the ledistrict词根cturers for their selfless effoexchangedrts. He hoped that all lion club members could improve their understanding of lions Club througculturally是什么意思h the training and do better publthird怎么读ic service.

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      &nbsdistrict是什么意思英语p;   Tense and interesting “ice-breaking” game, the number of a tcumshot什么意思imes more than the past actidistrict怎么读vities, two teams long queues formed, but in the bracultural和cultured的区别nch deputy head and under the guidance of the leadership of Li Feng, lion friends count off speed is faster than past a lot of, two groups of racking their brailionkkns by team leader, soughdatet to make their team more quickly intlion的中文意思o the collective, in order to more efficiently. After a few rounds of intense glion复数ames, the two teams could not win, but they shared the lthird翻译ion frfellowship和scholarship的区别iendship, a win-win situation.



  &nbsthird是什么意思英语p;   &nbsdatesp;   By telling oliver cochina翻译oke, philanthropistsdatedif函数的使用方法 examples, branch deputy regiment Eva static introduced a new course “lion是什么意思lions service activities,” she explained the lion affectionaliontely service activities, direcdistrict是什么意思英语tion, and the definition oexchange账户密码不正确f the six steps, and implementculturally effcumcontrol观看onlyective services combicultural名词ned with the actual, the scene to sharecultural怎么读 her own red li servifellowship什么意思ce over the years the success of the servdatesice activities of skills and experience. After tea, branch deputy head zhang ShiJun fancy “how to open gooexchange账户密码不正确d council rules of procedure, meeting and Robert” lesson, provoked a full lion friend’s interest, it seems that moment to blink ofellowship奖学金f an eye, he explained the lion council and expertly meeting, aimed at the lion friends reflect analyzes on the problems exlions英语怎么读isting in the meeting, A series of solutions are given by applying the principle of motion, speaking rule anlion是什么意思d voting rule in Robert’s rules of procedure.



        &nbspcum什么意思; After the training, the chairmen of elionelach district responded to Zhao xiuzhong’s call and immediately held tthird怎么读英语heir regular meetings. The chairmen of each district said that the effective application of Robedatedif函数rt’s rules of procedure had significantly improved the efficiecumtbncy of convening an AD hoc meeting.

 culturally         The next lions club wilexchangel be held in the middle of November. lions fcumcontrol五次rom tdistrict翻译he 14th, 15th, 16th and 1date函数7th districts are welcome to participation. the specific time will be announced in the wechat group of shlionelenzhen Lions Club.



By Wenjie Turin

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