Lion love Gao Zhou light up -- shenzhen Lions Club 23 service teams jointly carry out the bright activity

Lion love Gao Zhou light up -- shenzhen Lions Club 23 service teams jointly carry out the bright activity

September 18th to 21st, Shenzhen lions wi高德地图ll master, yantian, happiness and grace, good good (chips), xixiang, taoyuan, high-tech, the shell, the blue sky, margin, Wen Jin, oct, Chilion翻译na sea before, splendid, brilion怎么读ght pupil, HuaYue, dahuang, ovaltine, love, n深圳疫情最新消息ature, Oriental rose, bag周深ua ling 23 service in hospital of gaozhou county, dongguan city, the third people's hospital in gaozhou county of mauponoming In the bright Aclion是什么意思中文翻译tion activity, 380 cases of cataract recovery operations were performedupdate free of charge for poor cataract patienshenzhents, and the service funds were 380,000 yuan.

On the morning of the 20th, gaozhou Gulovealarmangming Lineclubs public welfare activitylion复数 ceremony was heldlion是什么意思 in gaozhou Traditional Chinese medicine Slovehizhen building square. Gaozhou county health bureau chief, Ellen pau, gaozhou county Wen Hui the disabled persons' federation of light, and of gaozhou county Chinese wu ji, deputy director wu yq, director of t周公解梦大全查询he office of Yang Sheng, shenzhen lions in 2018-2019 the previouclub是什么意思s President of tian wang, long picket Peng Daojian, deputy secretary-guponeneral Deng Yi, partition Pres深圳ident Tan Fei, Li Zhou, good iwslt Cai Mi高血压n, sm long-term step, More than 160 people, including wei Chengqing and Tang Qing, executive chairmen of the Committee for Preventing and helping The Blind, Zhou Fuhui, executive chairman of the Medical and Health Committee, represen周冬雨未祝福马思纯tatives of various servilovely翻译ce teams, doctors, nurses, patie州组词nts after cataract surgery and their families, attended the event. Tan Fei served as the chairman of the conlionsgateference, Chen Qiong, Ding Holighterngzheclub是什么酒, Tang SAN served as the executive chairman, presided ov深圳地铁线路图er by Lin Yanju.

In Gaozlove直播破解版hou Hclub是什么意思ospital of Traditional Chinese深圳大学 Medicine, from the waiting halionsll to the operating room, from the ward to the ward corridor, wearing a whilightningte background xiangyun Lion T-shirt lion friends are everywhere. In the consultation area, the lion friends squatted half-down, holding the old man's wrinkled hanclub用英语怎么说ds and communicati深证指数ng with huplayim in fluent or not fluent Cantonese. Some old people smiled, some shed tears, more many old people thumbs up and said: thankslighter to the good people in Shenlions翻译中文zhen, l深圳地铁线路图et me see the light! Lion frilions怎么读ends deeply felt the joy and gratitude of the recipients after they regained sight, and also felt the real meaning of giving more effectively.

380 cataract operalions是什么意思tions have brought warmth and happiness to 380 families. This is a great feat, and it also embodies the efforts of countless lion friends and caring people. This great service activity was initiated by Presizhoudent Tan Fei. It lalions是什么意思sted more than 3 monlightroomths, held 2 special preparatorclub是什么酒y meetings, and finally attracted 23 service teams to participate and 7 lion friends to donate s昼颜upport. Among them, the main m高考时间eeting service team contributed 70,000 ygaouan, Yantian serviceclub是什么酒 team contributed 50,000 yuan, happiness service深圳疫情最新动态 team contributed 50,000 yuan, the other 20 service teams each contributed 10,000 yuan; Wang Yan donlove最新版官方下载ated 6000 yuan, Zhu Daoying donated 5000 yuan, Liao Hui, Xu Xiaodan, Luan Melightning接口ngmeng,Li li,Wang Zhiji周冬雨未祝福马思纯n doclub怎么读natedlions 2,000 yuan each.

As the initiator of the event, Presidenlovet Tan Fei worked hard and promoted the smooth holding of the event with excellent organizing ability. Chairman Tan Fei's son was周星驰 injured because of tylion是什么意思phoon "Mangosteen", but Chairman Tan Fei's heart gaozhou G高铁票查询uangming activitclubies, after settling in his family, he drove 500 ki高考倒计时lometers overnight to Gaozhou to coordinate relove最新版官方下载lated matters, until the completion of the final work, before returning to Shenzhen; Peng Daojian picket chief as "Gaozhclubmed官网预订ou Guangming line" senior consultant, full participation in the organization and preparation work, in the arrangement of enterprise disaster relief affairs, rushed to Gaozhou overnight, in the operating room, in the ward; For this event, Mr. Lin gave up his smlion的音标all home for everyone, and gave up thlions读音e chance to celebrate his daughter's birthday abroad and get together with his family o高圆圆n the Mid-Autumn Festival. In order to plovely什么意思articipate in the guangming Activity as scheduled, t深圳市最新疫情he former president Tian Wangxing rushed to the activity site immediately after the important meeting held b深圳天气y the association in Shantou, sending greetings to the patients and helping the elderly with mobility difficu周杰伦lties.

In thi深证指数s activity, there are a lot of lion friends and caring people quieuptly pay. The first group of medical service teams headed by Chairman CAI Mlion复数in and Chairman Wei Chengqing arrived in Gaolightroom安卓版下载zhou on 18th, assist深圳ing medical staff in operation and technical work until the evening of 20th. Administrat深圳疫情最新动态ive group leader Chen Qiong, financial group leader Ding Hongzhe, service group leader Tang Three, lclub用英语怎么说ogistics高考倒计时 group leader Li Zhou, picket group llion是什么意思eader Zhou Fuhui, publicity grouplove leader Huang Junping, secretary group lea周杰伦der Yu Xiaoping led the group to perform their respective duties, hardwouplayrking, efficient cooperation, to ensure the high quality of the activities com深圳地铁线路图pleted......

There is no perfect individual, only a perfect team. Lion friends put into practice the spirit of "Folovely什么意思ur out" and successfully completed the activity through concerted efforts and hard work. They also strenglovely什么意思thened their determination to "help others and serve the society". They hope to help those who really need helions翻译lp through lions Club, a platform of love.

Huang Junping

[Photo] Provided by Gaozhou Bright Travel Activity Group

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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