Shenzhen Lions club has a new leadership

Shenzhen Lions club has a new leadership

            On the afternoon of April 21st, the 10th ashenzhennnual meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully heldclub翻译 in Xueyuan Hotel, Shenzhen. More than 200 representatleadership怎么读ives from directors, deputy directors, former directors, board members and service team members of Shenzhen Lionclubss club attended the annual meeting. Zhang Gu深圳大学ojun, vice president of the Domestic Lion Association, Huang Chunbin, deputy director of sheleadership的中文意思nzhen Disabled Persons' Federatioclubsn and other relevant leaders atnews可数吗tended the m深证指数eeting.
            The 10th annual convention was presided over by Huang Hui, executive Chairman of shenzhen Lions Dileadershipstrict Convention Committee. At the meeting, the 2leadership是什么意思英语011-2012 director's work report and finanews可数吗ncial work report were reviewed and approved, and the 2012-2013 Director su Zeran, the first deputy Director Wu Xiaomi深圳ng, the second deputy director Lin Ziyu and the secretary General Zhang Xiaowei weshenzhenre elected by secret ballot. The deliberation of the revised Constitution of Shenzhen Lions Club was postponed because the number of member reprlionsgateesentatives presclub是什么意思ent at the vote was not two-thirds of the requirclubmed官网预订ed number.
&leadership是什么意思英语nbsp;        news可数吗;   The annual meeting深圳 ended successfully in a solemn and democratic atmosphere. Domestic lion federation representative in shenzhen, shenzhen DPF Huang Chunbin rlionsepresentative, vice director of the municipal disabled persons' federatclubion of shenzhen lions, 2011-2012 work said that messagnewgroundse shenzhen lions under thenew的反义词 guidance of the new collective leadership, the management of various specifications, improve service ability and selions怎么读rvice level, inheritance endeavour, sustained and healthy development furtheleadership是什么意思英语r. Zhang Guoleadership的定义jun, vice president of Lions club of China, congratulated the newly elecclubman是什么牌子车ted directors on behalf of lclub用英语怎么说ions club leaders and hoped that they would fulfill their mission and lead Lions club of Shenzhen to a new level.
            In the evening of the Lion night meeting, Yu Qian, the chairman of the conference warmly welcomed the lelionsaders, guests and lion friends who attended the party. Shenzhen Zhleadership英文解释eng Degang lions in 2011-2clubs012 director said in his speech,club是什么意思 thanks t深圳风险等级o domestic lion federation and the guidance of the disabled persons' federation of shenzhen, thanks to tlions怎么读he council, commisleadership英语作文sion and service and support of深圳疫情最新消息 friends, all the lion this year oclub翻译n membership development and retention, infrastructure and s深圳ervice for the lion, training brand project, strengthening the foreign excnewhange, etc, to carry out the effective work, Gratifying results have been achieved. He congratulated the newly elected leadership and said that he would continue to helion是什么意思lp and assist the new district goverclubmannor, board and lions club to work together to mshenzhenake Shenzhen Lions Club more exciting!
          &nnewlybsp; Domestic lion federation chief representative inleadership shenzhen, shenzhen, chairman of the disabled persons' federation ZuYuQin to newly elected governor, first deputylions director, second deputy directoclub是什么意思r and secretary-general, congratulations, hopclubse the new leadership to shenzhen lions 10th annleadership翻译iv深圳风险等级ersary as an opportunity to lead all the lion, lion spirit, ashenzhenctivelylions英语怎么读 explore, bold innovation, towards a better tomorrow!
   lions英语怎么读;         In thelion是什么意思 presence of director Zheng Degang, formnewlyer director Xiao Xingping, first deputy director designate Wu Xiaoming, dclub怎么读irector designate Su Zeran led more than 30 new members tclubman是什么牌子车o holdnew a solemn ceremony. Director designate Su Zeran entclub是什么意思husiastically read thnew的反义词e proposal of shenzhen Lions club to participate in the first China charity project exchange exhibition.
&club是什么意思nbsp; &nblions怎么读sp;         At the party scene, accompani深圳地铁线路图ed by a short film rclubeview on the big screleadership的四种类型en, Milealeadership的中文意思ge Service Tlions是什么意思eam Hou Xiaopeng sang "O深圳大学n the Road", singing lion friends along the way tlionso charity firm aleadership是什么意思nd persistent aspirations; The chorus of "We Love" by the lion brothers and sisters of the Di King Service team and the little lion highlights the passing of the lion career from generation to generation. Peng Peng's song "Dream of Great Harmony" caused everyone to clap hands together along with the melody. The xinjiang dance "Black Eyes" performeshenzhend by the Lions of nanhainewgrounds Service team was even more impressive.
            After the wonderful performance, the glions英语怎么读ala came to an end,clubs and the executive chairman of the conference Zhangnew Hclub是什么酒ongxiang thanked all the guests and lion friends who attended the gala, and also expressed his gratitude to the units and lion friends who made contributions to the preparation of the gala.
&深圳nbsp;   &nleadership需要具备哪些能力bsp;       Since its establishment in 2002, under the leadersclubmanhip of China Disabled Persons' Federation and Chnew balanceina Lions Association, under the car深证指数e of shenzhen Municipal Parclub是什么酒ty Committee and municipal authorities, under the guidance and supervlion是什么意思ision of the association registration authority and the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation, Shenzhen Lions Club has been strictly abiding by the national laws and regulations. Independent operation, independent clion是什么意思reatlionsion ” In medical treatmentnewgrounds, disaster relief, disaster relief, helping the disabled, educatnewspaperion, youth education, help orphans, poverty alleviation, environmental protection and other areas to carnewgroundsry out a series of pulions英语怎么读blic welf深圳市最新疫情are charity services, to build a harmonious society to make a p深圳市最新疫情ositive contribution.
  &nbs深圳市最新疫情p;         As oflions翻译中文 Marchnew怎么读 2012, shenzhen Lions Club has more than 80 s深圳疫情ervice teams and more than 2000 members. According to incomplete statistics, in the past 10 yclub翻译ears, lions Club shenzhen has spread its love trail across China, with Shenzhen as the center. The service activities have reached more than 6,000 times and the service fund is about 130 million yuan. Among them: more than 16,000 cases of free cataract surgeleadership怎么读ry for poor patients, disaster relief and reconstruction donations of more than 53 million yuan, donations of more than 6 million yuan for the disabled and orphans, the construction of more than 40 lion schools, benefitinglions音标 30 million people.


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By Ma Huijuan

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