Shenzhen Lions club has achieved another success in shenzhen Care Action

Shenzhen Lions club has achieved another success in shenzhen Care Action

  &naction是什么意思英语bsp;         "Notice on Commeaction翻译ndation of the 9th Shenzhen Care Action Adactiongirls女兵人vanced Collectives, Advanced Individuals and Excellent Projects" by Shenzhen Csuccess可数吗are Action Organizing Committee, April 2012, in & LDquo; The 9th Shenzhen Care Action & RDQUO; Shenzhen Lions Clubclubman是什么牌子车 won the awalions读音rd again. Excellen深圳市最新疫情t organizational unit & RDquo; Awasuccess可数吗rd, & otlions音标her; Love student travel, observe the teaching camp & RDquo;club Aclions读音tivities,深圳市最新疫情 donations & LDquo; Spring Bcarefulreeze Library &rdquoachieved翻译; Activities, & other; Helpinganother是什么意思 studeclubmed官网预订nts, Assisting深证指数 the disabled and Respecting the elderly & RDquo; Donation activities, & LDquo; Red action &rdsuccessfulquo; Lion blood donacarelesstion moclub怎么读nth, traf深圳风险等级fic police care project won & LDquo; 100 Best Citizen Satisfaction Projeachieved什么意思ct & RDQUO; In the activity, Gaozhou Lion brother won the award of advanced Worker.

            Reaction翻译lated link: Notice on Commendation of advanced Collectivanother和other的区别e, Advanced Individual and Excellent Project of the 9th Shenzhen Care Action by Shenzhen Care Network

      &深圳疫情nbsp;           http://www.szgulions英语怎么读


By Ma Huijuan

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