Red Action donated millions of milliliters of blood to shenzhen Blood Bank

Red Action donated millions of milliliters of blood to shenzhen Blood Bank

          &actionablenbsp; Shenzhen Evening News (reporter CAI Zhijun) Kangdar’s eldonate的名词der brothers a call, g深圳风险等级reen in the roadside neatly lined up; The boys of SF Express ardonate的意思e practical and simple, silently calling one friend after another. A handso坂口健太郎me man came to donate blood himself at the same time, but also bring his girlfriend; An old volunteer who joined the voluntary blood donatbankruptcyion team in 2011 walked on the b深圳天气lood donation car parked at the Domestic Economic and Trade Building for the fifth time. On the blood collection truck at the gate of Thered Overseas Chinese Town Jingjred是什么意思i Bina Rainbow shopbankping mall, a hero who donated blaction是什么意思英语ood for 109 times & Hellip; &millions是什么意思hellipmillion是多少; So far this winter, more than 2,600 people have walked. Red action ” More than 1 million mbloodilliliters of blood were inbloodcjected into the blood bank of Shblood怎么读enzhen by the blood donation cdonatedar. It’s really not too cold this winter.

            The 5th edition of ldQUO,actionable organizedactions by Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Blood Center; Red action ” Since its launch on Decembactionscripter 12, 2014, enteractionsing the Nmillions是什么意思ew Year, it remains the same. Red & throughout; Moveaction翻译 Shenzhen, blood boiling.

            January 8, mileage service team led into Longhua; Onbloodmallet January 9, the fuai Service team led us into the bamboo forest. On January 10, the Oct Monk service team led into Shahe Rainbow,bloodc剧情介绍 mileage service tbloodmalleteredmiam led into Shredmi是什么手机ajing Jingji Baina, re深圳风险等级d li serv板框压滤机ice team led into dongfeng Yupeng 4S shop; On January 11, the mileage service板块 team led the way intdonate的名词形式o the Wanfu Square, donated 99,000 ml of blood, and raised ovaction翻译er 12,000 yuan for the charity sale for poormillions翻译 children.

            According to statistics, “ Red action ” Twenty-seven events have been held, with a total of 2,621 peodonate的意思ple donating bloodaction and 1.04 million milliliters oaction对魔忍f blood collected.

          &nbspblood; Next week, there will be three more. Red action ” Enter. Bloodred volume over one million miaction是什么意思英语lliliters is expectbank是什么意思ed. Shenzhen bbloodclood Center said, because &LDquo; Red acaction是什么意思英语tion ” Shenzhen wintermillion什么时候加s has bid farewell to the blood shoaction的动词rtage.


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