Shenzhen Lions Club “Passing on love? “Embrace angels” community Disability Service Month event presentation

Shenzhen Lions Club & LDquo; The Transmission of Love & Bull; Embrace angels ” Bulletin of Community Handicap Service Moncommunity怎么读th activities

        &npassenger怎么读bsp;     Shenzhen Lions Club & LDquo; The Transmission of Love & Bull; Embrace angels &深圳市最新疫情rdquo; Since the launch of theangels摄影集james Community Handicap Service Month on December 3, 2014, nearly 50 servicommunity是什么意思英语ce t深证指数eams have gone to docking in just onclub是什么酒e month. Red lion suit & bull; Assistive standingcommunity复数 throughout the &; Street vocational healtlions翻译h centersdisability, schools for special chbypassingildrembrace是什么意思en, communities and other places carried out activities for the disabled. More than 1,000 liocommunity collegen fripassing翻译ends dressed in red lion costumes provided 61 service activities for the disabled, such asclubman是什么牌子车 holiday sympathy, lion love lunch, skill training, cultural and sports fellowship, cataract recovpassingery, etc. The service funds were over 1.3 million yuan, benefiting more than 5,500 people.
          “love最新版官方下载 Passing on love &rembrace的中文翻译dquo; Community subject service month activities is oclub是什么意思ne of the lions club in shenzhen 2014-2015 annual key worcommunity怎么读音k, strangels简谱ive to on the basis of the t深证指数raditional community brand project, through integration, upgrade, build a bepassengers中文意思neficiary, services more widely and more persistent stronger service brand, activity is composed of four parts, the community of assistive service month activity is one of the second eangels是什么意思vent.
            On December 3, community assistance service month was officially launched in the building of shenzhen Comprehensive Serlions怎么读vice Cpassenger造句enter for the Disabled. On the same day, the service team of Mile, Silver Lake, Binhe and Central District donated rice, oil, quilts and other daily necessities wpassing是什么意思orangels肯豆原图th about 40,000 yuan to the disabled friends of The Vocational Health Center. Dalovely什么意思tong Servicelions翻译中文 Team donatembrace的用法与词组ed 30,000 RMB to Sheshenzhennzhen Club for Parenlionsts of Autlove is gone英文翻译istic Children, which was used to hold seminars and exchanges for aucommunity servicetistic children. The Lions Club of Shenzhen donated 40,000 yuan for treatmelion是什么意思中文翻译nt andcommunity是什么意思英语 transportation expenses to patients with low vision in Shenzhen, and the total servcommunity复数ice expenses exceeded 110,000 yuan.
            The Shenzhen Liangels摄影集肯豆照片ons Club also started. Tangelshe transangels翻译mission of love lights the l深圳疫情最新消息ight. By May 30, 2015, 500 poor elderly cataract patients who are not registered resangels摄影集肯豆照片idents in Shenzhenpassenger will reangels简谱ceive free cataract surgeries to help patients regain their sight. The total service funds arelions英语怎么读 about 400,000 yuan.
            At noon on December 11, riverside service team wentlions的音标 to huangbei Street Job health center to carry out & LDquo; Langelsions love lunch ” In the service activity, lion friencommunity造句ds packed the selected dishes anlovely翻译d sent them to the Vocatilions英语怎么读ona深圳天气l Healthangels摄影集james Cenangels肯豆原图ter, and accompanied foD to have dinner. The service will be held at noon on the second Thursday of epassenger怎么读英语aclove直播破解版h month.
            On December 20, the Hualei service team carried olove直播软件安卓下载ut an activity to assist the disabled in huayang Special Children’s Rehabilitation Center. They played games and celebrated birthdaysclubmed with the disabled children in the center, and donated 20 beds for the diclub翻译sabled with a service fund of about 25,000 yuan.
  &nbembrace的中文翻译sp;         On December 27th, 2014& LDQUO was held in Longgang Universiadembrace和hug区别e Pangels是什么意思ark by Hualin and Youting Service Team, together with Shenzhen Zhikang Slions怎么读ervice Center for the Disshenzhenabled and other units. JianYi cucommunity英语p & throughout;lions翻译中文 Guided treasure hunt competition for disabled persons, nearly 200 disabled persons from all districts of the city are divided iangels简谱nto gropassengers中文意思ups, under the leader深圳疫情最新消息ship of each group leader, according to a treasure hunt map and mi深圳ssion book, work together to enter the pass, the vast majority of teams successful深圳地铁线路图ly returned toclub the end point within 2 hours, successfully completed the directed tre深圳疫情最新消息asure hunt task. The activity cultlovely翻译iclub用英语怎么说vated and exercised the indomitable struggle and team spirit of the disabled.
&nbembracedsp;           During thlion是什么意思e month of December, Son, joint, the sea, the four seas, matangels翻译suoka, before oct, grace, relevant, fu, tightsen, shun hing, love, the earth, the color f深圳ield, happiness, taian, bijia mountain, ovaltine, bagua ling, Mr Fukuda, gold, dahuang, inscription nonyl, baoan, phoenix, liuzhou, red li, xiangshan, sail, tiande, spring breeze, the east, the south China sea, jiangshan, xixiang rose han and other service in shenzhen, China Various kinds of activitiangels怎么读es will be held to help people with visual, hearing, speech, physical, intellectlions英语怎么读ual, mental, multiple and otlions翻译中文her disabilities.
            Lin Ziyu, president of Shenzhen Lions Club深圳, introduced that shenzhen Lions Cclub用英语怎么说lub launchpassing是什么意思ed this service month activity on the International Day of深圳地铁线路图 Dis深圳天气abled persons, and organized all lion friends to carry out activities to help the disabled, presenting a holiday gift to the disclubabled friends. Alove直播手机版app下载t the same time, we also hope to insplove is gone英文翻译ire more caring peopclub是什么意思le to pay attention to the disabled as a special group, help them improve their quality of life, integrate into society, and share the fruits of social civilization and probypassinggress.
            It is undecommunity是什么意思英语rstood that “ Passing on love ” The community Theme Servicembracede Month activities are divided into four parts. Part I & LDquo; The Trlovelyansmission of Love &深圳大学 Bull; Lilove直直播appght up hembrace是什么意思ope ” There were 55 activities for community poverty alleviation services, wiembrace的中文翻译th a service fund of more than 1.3 million yuan, beclubsnefiting more than 5,200 people. In addition, it will lauembrace和hug区别nch in深圳大学 Februarembracey 2015. The Transmission of Love & Bull; Guard the sunset ” Community theme Service Month, laangels歌曲unched in May 2015 & LDquo; The Transmission of Love & Bull; Grateful mother ” Community Theme Service Month activities. These activities all by shen深证指数zhen lions uniangels摄影集jamesfied planning, and funding support, participation, the service in the integration of shenzhen lion traditional assistive, poverty alleviation, on the basis of the respect such as community service brand, try to carry out the care dclubiffilove直播软件安卓下载cult activities such as a single moembrace怎么读英语ther and take care of childrenangels是什么意思 with autism, at the same time, the traditional assistive project to make the brand upgrade, explove直播软件安卓下载and the support groups, improve service levels, Enrich branpassing是什么意思d content, enhance community influence, enhance the cohlions怎么读esion of lion friends.

Article by Su Zhuangbin/correspondents ofembrace怎么读英语 each service teamclubmed&lovealarmnbsclub是什么意思p;

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