New Year’s Message from President Lin Ziyu

 Pass on lion love
— — New Year message from President Lin Ziyu
Dear lion friends, friends,

&nbs子欲养而亲不待p;       Everybody is good!
        As a New Year begins,year怎么读 everythpresident是什么意思ing looks new. Today we are in a joyous mood to welcome the arrival of the annual New Year’s Day festival. Unusual at the end of 2014, it’s full of hope is walnew的反义词king toward us, in 2015 the nice time in tnew怎么读hpresident翻译is new, please allow me, on behalf of shenewlynzhen lions, lions club to sup林云port and care have been shenzhen develo林云免费阅读全文pment of leaders at all levels, distinguished guesmessages什么意思ts, friends and dear lion and sociziyual people from all walks of li临沂天气fe to extend season’s greetings and cordianewlyl greetings and sincerest gryearatitude!
        Under the leadziyuershimessagep of China Disabled Persyearcon是什么牌子的ons’ Federation and Lions Association of China, under the supervision and management of the Citizens’林俊杰 Administration bureau and the business guidance of灵境行者 the City Disabled Persons’ Federation, Lions Club of Shenzhen in the first half of 2014-2015 has been centering on the annual theme & LDquo; Passing on love ” , focusin紫玉兰g on team building, community servipresident翻译ce, lion service standards and cultural communication, it has carried out fruitful work and achievedpresident什么意思中文翻译 gratifying results, which fully embodies responsibilimessageboxty,紫云英 inpresident是什么意思中文heritance and sustainable develo林北林天策pment. In terms ofyear函数 memberyear怎么读ship retention and development, it has achieved a historic record of membership retention rate of over 96% and net membershmessages下载ip紫云烟 growth rate of 30%. Be proud of the lion. Gold medal and two & LDquo; Golden lion claw & throughout; Award; In terms of service team construction, more tha凌天战尊n 10 new service teams have been successfully established thismessage翻译 year, and through efforts, the proportion of abnormal service teams has decreas紫云英ed from 12.5% at the beginning of the year to 1% at present. Anew的反义词t present, the on-time service te领克am rate of Shenzhen Lions Club has reached 99%. Under the unified deployment of the district council, the service teams carried ou紫云英t more than 100 rouyear函数nds. Passing onew是什么意思n lyearnove &rdqunew的反义词o; The community Themyear翻译e Service Month greatly enhanced the influence an紫云英d reputation of Lions club in the local community. In thziyue system construction and standard lion business management,president是什么意思 revised and improved thyearcon是什么牌子的e rules and regulations on member development, organization construction, confmessageboxerenceyear造句 management, financial man凌天战尊agement, f紫云烟oreign affairs management, publicinewspaperty and service activities, and effectively promote the impleziyumentation of the rules andyearning regulations; In the aspect of lion culture communication, it has made positive contributions to promoting lion culture and inheriting lion spirit by strengthening lipresident怎么读on service trayear翻译ining. In adpresident前面加the吗dition, the organi灵境行者zation of the implementation of sichuan Ya ‘an, Yunnan Ludian disasternew是什么意思 relief and reconstruction projects, to carmessages翻译成中文ry out bright action, low vision remessageboxhabilitation, red action, Phoeni林云x Mountain Lion Forest, Spring Brpresidentialeeze Li林云brary, spring multimedia classroom and otheryear造句 brand service activities, also a资源猫chieved good results, effectively implementmessage造句 & LDquo; Sustnew是什么意思ainable developmemessageboxnpresident和chairman区别t, happy service, standnew的反义词ardized managemeyear是什么意思nt, spread love &new怎么读 RDquo; The slogan of the year. The rmessageesults are hard-won, condensed everyone’s too much bloo资源机是什么d and sweat,message软件下载 fully r林云免费阅读全文efleyearcon是什么牌子的cts the positive & L子欲养而亲不待是什么意思Dquo; Out & throughout; , & other Wepresidential是什么意思 serve ” Here, on behalf of shenzhen Limessage造句ons Club, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all th资源机是什么e lion friends for their ha资源网站都是在哪找的rd work!
        A thousand boats compete. In 2015, the 10th anniversary of the founding of lions Club in China, lions clubs around the country are developing rapidly, andmessage英语 yunnan and资源机是什么 Hainan lions cluyear造句bs under the guidance of Lions Club in Shenzhen will also自怨自艾 set up successful teams. We feel deeply the responsibility and challenge on our shoulders. We n林俊杰eed to pool the strength of all sectors to promote the all-roundnewspaper development of the lion cause. 2015 is an important year for Lio灵境行者ns Club shenzhen to embapresident怎么读rk on a new journey and make new strmessages翻译成中文ides. I hope all the service teams and fellow lions will make persyearningistent efforts to create brilliant future together!
        Looking back,临渊行 it is encouraging;lin Looking forward to the future, the blueprint is beayear翻译utiful. The Ne紫云英w Year brings us more longipresident什么意思中文翻译ng and expectation, but also brings us more opportunities and challenges. In 2015, under the guidance of the Domestiyearc灵境行者 Lions Association and the competent departments of business, under the care and support of all walks of life, we will furth林俊杰er emancipate our minds and innovate. Through the joint efforts of all lions friends, Shenzhen Lions Club will creat紫云烟e a more brilliant tomorrow! Best wipresident是什么意思中文shes to all limessage用英语怎么说on friends in the New Year to spread love, share love, harvesmessages翻译成中文t love!
&nb领克sp;林依晨为怀孕把该试的方法都试了       Fyearinally, I sincernews可数吗ely wish you all good health子欲养而亲不待, smooth work, family happiness, career progress and all thenew怎么读 best in资源机是什么 the New Year!


  Lions灵境行者 Club of Shenzhenpresident怎么读 2014资源猫-2015 & NBSP;
President & have spen领克t Lin Ziyu & have spent  
December 31, 2014

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