Shenzhen blood Bank donated 590,000 ml of new blood in half a month (source: Shenzhen Evening News A25 edition)

Shenzhen blood bank donated 590,000 milliliters of new blood in half a month

The fifth & other; Red action ”donated Pengcheng blossomed everywhere

          Shenzhen Evening News (reporter CAI Zhijun) this is a red flame. — December 27, Baoan Longcheng; On December 26, in the Guangming Ne深圳市最新疫情w D马来西亚istbloodyribank是什么意思ct Public Security Sub-bureau mobile training brigade and nanshan Science and Technology Park aebloodmalletrospace mbloodyicro research building; On December 25, in Xinzhou Influence hairdressing andnew怎么读 beauty institutions and Nannewshan Science and Culture Square Yulanbao; On December 21, at Shekou Sea World Square ahalfwaynd Longhua China Resources Vanguard Square; Dec. 18 at The Times Of Excellence Square and The Shiyantong Rich Industrial Zone; On December 17th, shenzhen College of Information Technology and Excellence Building & Hel牧龙师章节目录lip; …

&nbhalf的复数sp;         Since December 12th, ldQUO has been t深圳风险等级he 5th annual event organized by Shenzhen Lions Club a马来西亚nd Shenzhen Blood Center. Red action ” Since its inception, there have been 18 blood donation activinews可数吗ties organ牧龙师章节目录ized by lions Clubs in various parts of the city, with more than 1,600 people participadonatedtin深圳疫情最新消息g in voluntary blood donation and donating a total of 590,000 ml of blood. “ Red action ” Like a red flame, burning in pengcheng earth, lit up the entbloodstreamhusiasm of shenzhen people free blood donation.

Forty blood donation events were held

      &深圳疫情nbsp;   The fi深圳fth edition this year. Red action ” The an木兰诗nual theme is: “ Because of the futu深圳天气re,板框压滤机 the transmission of love. . The annual goal is to orgnewgroundsanize more than 40 blood donation activities within two months (Lion Blood Donation Month), and strive to organize more than 3,000 peop木兰诗le to donate blood. More than 10 service teambloodys have launched and organized blood donation activities, inchalf pastluding Pengzheng, Central District, Zimeng, Bo ‘ai,half Zhuhui, Mile麦粒肿, Binhe, Sweet Honey Lake, Tibloodanen, Xiaotong, Hand in Hand, Xin ‘an, And Sea Sky. Next, there were many blood donation activities organized by service tnews可数吗e木兰诗翻译ams such as Longcheng, Fuai, OCT, Shangshan, Hongli, Xianhu and Bagualing.

          December 27, in baoan Port long city business center squarbloodbornee, dri坂口健太郎zzle c牧龙师an not stop the enmlthusiasm ofhalf past blood donors, in the Lions club new Security service team organized & LDmlquo; Red action ” A total of 186 peoplnewspapere donatshenzhenebloodstreamd more tbankruptcyhan 63,000 milliliters of blood that day. Inspired by lions club and Lion Friends, employees from more than 10 enterprises in Bao ‘an district donated blood on the same day, anbankruptd shenzhen Light Up Life Disabled Art Troupe also came to perform. The wonderful and shocking art moved people.

Voluntary bnews可数吗lood donation dbankeremonstrates the spirit of urban volunteerism

          On December 25th, under the leadonate的固定短语搭配dership of President Huang Qiuyan and vice President Yu Jianjun, xiaotong Service Team organized many enterprises and students of Shenzhen Uni板框压滤机versity to donate blood in nanshan High-tech Zobank是什么意思ne. Companies such as Tencent Technology, ZTE, Xingfei Technology and Yulanbao Beauty and Health Care Co have organized large numbers of employees to donbank怎么读ate blood. At Shenzhen Universitydonate的意思 across the way, many students came to donate blood even though it was the day of final exams. Xiao Yang, a student from shenzhen Unbloodyiversity’s Student Union, said that they set up a crowd of 100 for the blood donation campaign, which soon became full. The second crowd was set up, which was also cbloodshedlose to full, indicating the e深圳风险等级nthusiasm of college students to donate blood. Officials from Xingbloodfei technology said thdonate读音ey had mobilized 35 employees to volunteer to donate blood in two days, with some even askinhalfg if they cobloodyuld donate bloblood怎么读od if theynewgrounds caught a cold.

          On December 25, there was also a race organized by Mbloodc剧情介绍ile Service team Wang Shu shi Jie. Red ahalf的复数形式是什么ction ” Held in Xinzhou Carrefour Square麦粒肿, Wang Shu shi Si深圳市最新疫情ster in the influence of beauty salon many employees havebloody participated in the past sessions & LDq深圳市最新疫情uo; Red action ” , this time also unwilling to lag behind, have stepped on the blood collection car. To carrefour shodonate的用法pping citizens also have a lot of volunnew balancetary blood collection vehicles. For manewgroundsny people in Shenzhen, donating blood without pay has become a huge act of volunteerism, demonstratibankruptcyng the city’bank是什么意思中文s spirit of volunteerism.

To give a card to the enterprnew是什么意思英语ise which is enthusiastic about blood donation

I am proud to donate blood


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