Active Learning and exploration -- The 2021-2022 Training for the Board of Supervisors of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held

On August 3, 2021, lions Club Shenzhen held the 2121-2022 supervisory Board training at the Lions Club office in Shenzhen. At the training meeting, the supervisors carexplorationsefully studied the responsibilities and working principles of the Board of Supervisors, the Code of Conduct of Shenzhen Lions Club members, and the relevant working system of the Board of Supervisors oboard和broad怎么区分f The Domestic Lions Association (herexplorationeinafter referred to as the Associatrainingtion)actively. Lin Ziylearning的音标u, the supervisoexploration是什么意思r of the Domestic Lions Association and tlearningmallxjtluhe former president of shenzhen Lions Club, and Xiao Xingpitrainingng, the former presiexplorationufo安卓版2.4dent of Shenzhen Lions Club, were invited to serve as training instructors. The training was presided over by Tian Xingwlearning翻译ang as the chairman of the conference and Lin Yanju.


Eleven supervisors, Tian Xinboard的中文意思gwang, Deputyactivex控件 Suboardspervisor Deng Yi, zhou深圳疫情 Zhihuiboard和broad怎么区分, Yu Hui, Wu Zhijian, Huanlearning翻译g Shaofang, Zhang Zheqin, Wang Xuebo, Wang Haiyan, Li Chunping and Zhu Feng, partiboard什么意思翻译cipated in the training.

Xiao Xingping, former chasupervisorirman of the Board of Superviexplorationsors, organized everyone to learn the responsibility positioning and Working Principles of the Board of Supervisors, The Code of Conduct for Members of The Liontraining怎么读s Association of China, theexploration Code of Conduct for Members of The Lions Club of Shenzhen and other relevant systems. From the perspective of the role positactivemqioning, supervision methods and supervision principlboard的中文意思es otraining是什么意思英语f supervisors, let everyone understand the scope of power and responsibisupervisor翻译lity of supervtraining造句isosupervisoryrs. The supervision methods of supervision, sesupervisor教程rboardwalkvice and guarantee in the supervistraining造句简单ion process, as well as the supervision prboard是什么意思inciple of "no offside, good position and no vactraining翻译中文ancy". In the class, Xiao Xingping also took out r深证指数epresentative catraining什么意思ses for analysis and discussion, so that ttraining什么意思he attending supervitraining衣服品牌sors could directly and objectively understand the role positioning of supervisors in haboard是什么意思ndling cexploration可数吗omplaint cases and strengthen their ability to perform dutitraining怎么读es.


Lin Ziyu, chief supervisor,active introduced the relevant work system of ttraining是什么牌子he Joint Supervisory Boaactive的比较级和最高级rd. From the establishment of the board of Supervisors to the relevant rules and regulations of the board of Supervisors, Sshenzhenupervisor Lin Ziyu gave a simple and concise explanation, so that the attenboard什么意思翻译din深圳天气g suactivemqpervisors had a cleaexploration是什么意思英语r usupervisor是什么意思nderstanding ofexploration可数吗 the organizational structure, working rules and深圳疫情 procedures of the board of Supervisors. During the lecture, she shared a lot of valuable work experience, which benefited the supervisoactivers. She expressed her gratitude for being invited to be the instructor of this training. She hoped that the Board of Supervisors of Shenzhen Lions Club would earnestly perform their duties and do their own work wellearningl under the leadactivex控件erlearning chocolateship of Supervisor Tian Xingwang, and contribute to a better t深圳天气omorrow of Shenzhen Lions Club.


During the discussion session, the participants made positive suggestions aboardwalknd laidshenzhen a gooboardingd foundation for the board of Supervisors to carry out the next work.

Supervisor Tian Xingwang thanked all supervisors for taking timesupervisor是什么级别 to attend the training, and thanked Supervisor Lin Ziyu, former president Xiao Xingping and lectursupervisor翻译ers Jiang Xiezhen and Lin Yanju for their support. He said that the purpose of the training was to make the supervisors conscientiously studlearningmally the relevant rules and regulsupervisor教程ations of the association and the Shenzhen Lions Clulearning词性b, and clarify the scope of their responsibilities. He stressed that the Board of Supervisors will further improve the Shenzhen Lions Boarboardingd of Supervisors syssupervisor是什么职位tem and strengthen the institutional construction of the Shlearningenglishwithgrammar翻译enzhen Lions Board ofactive的名词形式 Supeexplorationsrvisors. He hoped that supe深圳地铁线路图rvisors take the initiative to learn, conscientiously perform their duties, and actitraining是什么牌子vely do a good job in the relevant work of the board of supervisors.

[Text] Zhou Wenguaactive是什么意思ng

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

[Editor] Ma Hsupervisorsuijuan and Hu Lei

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shensupervisor什么职务zhen Lions Club Office

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