Shenzhen Bay Service Team: held the seventh regular meeting of 2016-2017

Shenzhen Bay Service Team: held the seventh regular meeting of 2016-2017

On the morning of March 12,heldback 2017, the sev八月未央enth regular meeting of Shenupheldzhen Lions Club shenzhen Bay Service Team for 2016-2017 was successfullyservice是什么意思中文翻译 held in Tonghu Baimu Farm, Dongguan. Shenzhen Bteambitionay Service team captaiservice的名词n Chen Zhengfang, last captain Zhang Guoxiong, first vice captain Liu Zhiyou, second vice captain Liu Xiaohua,teams会议 third vice captain Zhuang Hanqiu, secretary Peng Canho八一影院下载安装ng and other 25 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yi Dongsheng.

Capseventhepeopletregular翻译ain Chen zhengfang summarized the work in the first half of the yseventhepeopleear and made arrangements for the next step. Under the auspices of the former captain Zhang Guoxiong, the lioseventhmonth是什么意思ns voted for the new members of the board of direteamscteamstors of shenzhen Baheld过去式和过去分词y Servicservice是什么意思中文翻译e Team and finally confirmed the members of the board of directors of Shenzhen Bay Service Team for 2017-2018. Lion friends to the warmest applause to congratulate the new boaservice翻译rd of directors. Later, Captain Chen zhengfang commended and congratulated zhang Guoxiong and Li Shan, who received the Lion Friends Silver medal of lions Club International centennial Celeteam什么意思bration.

Finance Yang Liufen summarized and reported the recent financial situation of the service team, so that lion friends timelregular什么意思y uteamsnderstand the financupheldial situation and achieve a fair, open and transparent financial. Captain Chen zhengfang mobilized for the registration of the Huashi Festival and the 100th International Annual coregularlynference. Everyone had a heated discussiseventh怎么读on and expressed their enthusiasm to sign up and participate. Yi Dongsheng shi Brother explainservice是什么意思ed and shared lion culture for lion friends,meeting怎么读英语 answered questions and solved puzzles with lion friends on the spot, lion friends deepened their understanding of lion culture through深证指数 mutualseventhirty是什么意思 questions andmeetingyou是什么意思 answers.

In the disregularly意思中文翻译cussion aboseventh是什么意思ut the constregular是什么意思英语ruction of the service team, the lion friends participated in the meeting spoke enthusiheld是hold的什么形式astically and offered suggestions, affirmservice的名词ed the achievements, but also put forward shortcomings. Achievements belong tmeeting翻译o the past, and the future has a long way to go. Shenzregularlyhen Bay Service Team is about to usher in a New Year. I hope that all lions members will uphold the spirit of lions Club, stay true to theserviceir original aspiration and work together to create a better future.

Photo shenzhen Bay Service team

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