“A Date with China” district fellowship and Lion Cultural Exchange meeting came to a perfect end

“A Date with China” district fellowship and Lion Cultural Exchange meeting came to a perfect end

          On November 24, 2015, the lecture-group and the Member Management Association (East) jointly held the fmeetingsourth session ocamelf “A Date with Cdate怎么读hina” regional fellowship and Lion Cultural Exchange in Cuigu Building, Silver Lake. About 180 lioncame friends from 28 service teams from districts 14 to 20 of the Membership Management Committee (Eastern) came to study and exchange in their busy schedule. Tmeetingshus, this yecultural怎么读ar’s “Date with China” district fellowship and Lion Cultural exdistrict是什么意思英语change perfect curtain.
      &nbschina读音p;   Shi Jianchina意思yong, First Vice President of Shenzhen Lions Club 2015-2016, Lin Yanju, Exlions英语怎么读ecutive Vice Secretary General, Zhang Hongxiang, Ma Min, depucameraty Secretary Genecameraral, Member management committfellowship奖学金ee (east), Liao Ronghuichina翻译 and member management committee (central) President xiu-zhoexchange什么意思ng zhao, chairman partition HongZhiMin 14, 16 xiao-ping Chen, chairman of the parfellowship翻译tition, partition revenge jing Lin, chairman of the 17 and 18 parexchangetition, LuoJinSong and partition 19 Presidenexchange翻译t Hu Shen, chairman of the firdatest 20 minutes area Deng Qiu partner to attend this activity. Ma Min, the head of the lecturcameoe group, led 9 lecturers to providistrictingdedistrict services and give lectures. The meeting was chaired by Lin Yanju.
      &nbspfellowship翻译;   Shcultural怎么读iJianYong first vice President, sacamel是什么意思英语idcultural怎么读音 the past few yeardate什么意思s, the service of the council, meeting and other meeting held more specification, let the lion is more the sense of belonging like family members, friends all this leave the branch’s hard work, hope the lion friends can chericulturally是什么意思sh thechina翻译 opportunity to learn and improve by learning to lions club meeting activities and service activitimeetingses of understanding and the understanding, Build your own service teams better. At the same time, he called on everyone to contribute tochina the devlion怎么读elopment of Shenzhen Lions Club next year by donating to the “Maowen Zhongshi Award” and “Huashi Award”.



          Ice-breaking actlion是什么意思ivities as usual, this exchange was the most points two sets up the long tecameraam, under tculturallyhe branch deputy regiment Eva static guidance, many friends did not affect the lion count off speed, grouping drill down for many times, two teams into the heated confrocultural翻译ntation state, after several rounds of fierce competition, two teams, win a mixed Representatives from their respective teams came out to do push-ups as punishmlion的音标ent.
  &nbscameltoe少女p;       Li Fedate是什么意思翻译ng, deputy head of the teaching group, introduced the types, organexchange翻译izational methods and rules of procedure of Lidatedif函数的使用方法ons Club meetings in his lcamera是什么意思ecturdistrict什么意思e entitled “How to Hold good Board meetings and regular meetings”. He fcultural怎么读音ocused on “Robert’s Rules of prolioncedure” and gave an easy-to-understameeting的音标nd explanation.
          After telion复数a, is in commadistrictingnd perexchangesonally Ma Min colonel, through, for example, to construct elion翻译lementary stlion复数udent’s interest divergent thinking, driving up the lion of leaculturalrning enthlions英语怎么读usiasm, introduces today’s course “the lions club how to successfully carry out servidistrict缩写是什么ce activities,” she explained the lions club service activdistrict翻译ities skildistrict翻译lfully, bantfellowship奖学金er, direction and implementation of effective servcultural什么意思ice activities of the definition of theexchange邮箱 six steps, anexchange造句d at the same time, Introduced the outstanding service projects of lions club in these years to the lion friends. Ma Min, the head of the team, interacted with the lions frdistrictingom time to time, encouraged the respondents and handed out prizes. The lions also took photos of the key illustrations of the PPT from time tdatedif函数的使用方法o timefellowship什么意思. The fun courses effectively play and mobilize the enthusiasm of lion friends.


    &nbspdatedif函数的使用方法;     After class, the chairmen of each section organized regular meetings, and the lion friends carried out rchina读音egular meecameotings using the main poiexchange什么意思nts of the cmeeting怎么读英语ourse, andchina翻译 gained a lot.
          Thisculturalencounters课文分析 session is jointly ocamerganised with the Membership Management Committee (Eastern). Mr. Liao ronghui shared his experience of organizing this activity with the lions club members present. He also tcameltoe少女hankeexchangedd all the lions club membmeeting怎么读英语ers for cdatetimeoming and hoped that they could study hard and make a contribution to the development of Shenzhen Lions Club.



&nbmeetingssp;         At this point, this year’s “Meet a date” series of friendship exchange meeting successfully conclcamel是什么意思英语uded.fellowship奖学金





[Shenshi News Agency]
[Reporter] Lin Wenjie
[Photojournalist] Lin Wenjie
[Responsible Editor] Jianhua Slionu


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