A proposal on pledging “Huashi Award”

A proposal on pledging “Huashi Award”

Dear Lion friend,
          In order to better raise funds for service, encourage and commeproposal什么意思nd members to carry forward the lion spirit of “weproposal什么意思 serve”, Shenzhen Lions Club decided to establish the “Chinese Lion Award”, referred to as the “Chinese Lproposalion Award”, after deliberating and passing the resolution on the establishment of the “Chinese Lion Award” at the district annual meeting in 2004. In Juproposal什么意思ly 2008, The Lions Club of Shenzhen passed the resolution on the pledge of “Hua Shi Awardpledging“. In August 2009, The Lionsproposal什么意思 Club of Shenzhen revised tpledgingheproposal用法 r画世界esolution on the Pledge of “Hua Shi Award”.
          I. Purpose of huashi Award:
  &nbspawards;         The funds raised by the “Lion Awards” will be画时圆写时方冬时短夏时长谜底是啥 used for the lions Club of Shenzhen to co-ordinate various service activities and support the service team to carry o华氏度ut communitaward的用法和搭配y service. 70% of the service funds raised through huashi Award caawardn be withdrawn for the preparaward的用法和搭配ation of 2016-2017 expenditure b花事了明开夜合udproposal写作格式get, and 30% must滑石 be withdrawn into the diproposal翻译strict Council service fund. Oveproposal造句r thaward的用法e years, “Lion Awards” has provided a strong financial gproposal怎么读uarantee for the development of liproposal用法ons Club, and played an important raward和reward区别ole i花事了明开夜合n the social services of Sproposal写作格式henzhen Lions Club.

&nbproposal造句sp;     &nbsproposal造句p;   Ii. Pledge method of “Huashi Award” :

  &n画师联盟bsp;       1. Any lion who makes a donation of RMB 5000 to the Shenzhen Lions Club Sawardervice Fund will receive a “Lion Hua Award”.
            2. All the current membe画世界rs of the service team can fully doaward和reward区别nate the Chinese Lion Award, and the serviaward是什么意思英语ce team will be awarded the “100% Chinese Lion Award” serawardvice team.
        &nawardsbsp;   Iii. “Huashi Award” Aawardward method:
            1. Different awards will be given according to the amount of “Huashi Award” pledged:
&nproposal什么意思bsp;     &华氏度和摄氏度的换算nbsp;     1) For the first time, those画时圆写时方冬时短夏时长谜底是啥 who pledge and donate画时圆写时方冬时短夏时长谜底是啥 one Huashonawardedg Award will receive one Huashong Award medal anawardsd one Huashong Aw画师联盟ard medal.
    &nawardedbsp;       2) Those who plawardsedge 2 ~ 9award什么意思 Hwa Lioproposal是什么意思英语n Awards in total will get a hwa Lion Award medal inset with 1 ~ 8 diamonds successively.
    &nbspproposal虚拟语气;  award和reward区别   &n画世界bsp; 3) Those who pledge 10 huashi Awards will receive a huashi Award medal wi化石th a red dia滑石monproposal造句d.
        &nbspproposal是什么意思英语;   4) Those who pledgeaward是什么意思英语 20 huashong Awards will receive a huashong Award medal with two red diamonds.华氏度和摄氏度的换算
            5) When all the current me华氏度和摄氏度的换算mbers of the service team have pledged “China Lion Award”, the service team will be awarded “100% China Lion Award” and will receive a “100% China Lion Award” medal.
            2. The donor’awards name will be engraved in the Lions Club office in Shenzhen.
            3. The “Contribution Award of president” will be awarded to those who donate one or more lion prizes.  
            4. Awproposal造句ard the “Outstanding Service Team Award” to the top 10 service teams who have pledaward和reward区别ged the “Outstanding Service Team Award”.
    &award的用法和搭配nbsp; &n花事了bsp;   In order to play an exemplary role, we hope that the mem华氏度bers of the Shenzhen Li华氏度和摄氏度的换算ons Club District Council, the chairman of the committee and the members of the Service Club Council will take the le华氏度ad iproposal写作格式n pledging the “Hua Shi Award画世界“.
          On March 13, 2016, “award和reward区别China Lion Festival” will hoaward的用法ld a special award ceremony fawardsor the lion friends who have pledgeaward翻译d to “Caward怎么读hina Lion Award”, and will award certificates and MEDALS to each lion friproposal写作格式end who has actively participated in theproposal的动词 “China Lion Award” pledge in 2015-2016.

&nbsawardp;         Compassio画世界n, kindawardsness, let u花事了明开夜合s useproposal英语 the most simple, the most sincere kindness, promote the development of the lion cause. Shenzhen Lions Club, our common home, pledges to “Hua Shi Award”, looking花事了明开夜合 forward to the active participation of lion friends!

          Note: In order to give commendation in the special issue of the New Year charity gala on December 23, the deadline for donation is before December 8. Donations can alaward和reward区别so be made on-site and can be displayed on the biproposal什么意思g scrproposal写作格式e滑石en. Pleaaward和reward区别se send your standard ID photo to the district Council email boxszlions_puaward怎么读b@1滑石63.comIn order to create a live honor roll. Thank you for your selfless dedicatiawardingon!


Shenzhen Liaward什么意思ons Club “proposal虚拟语气Hua Shi Award” pledge account
Account: 7692 5862 0855
Bank name: Bank of China Haward的用法和搭配uayuan Branch
Office contact: P画世界eng Li, tel: 25688519


Shenzhen Lions Club
November 30, 2015



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